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Name Laurent Koscielny
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
  Arsenal Captain
Desc Laurent Koscielny damaged his standing with Arsenal supporters in the summer after effectively going on strike to force the club to sell him to Bordeaux. But the Frenchman provided nine years of excellent service to the Gunners and that must not be forgotten


Org France National Team
Club as Player Bordeaux
  Arsenal FC

2018 10 20 Retrieve

[Laurent Koscielny on missing out on Russia 2018 glory] The World Cup will remain a dark spot of my career. The injury was hard to accept. The result was even harder because they won the World Cup. I have a selfish side. I tell myself that I could have been part of the adventure and won the Cup. And I would have it in a corner of my head for the rest my life. It’s difficult and no one can put themselves in my shoes. I was really happy for them, but also disgusted. You can not feel like a world champion, as the 60 million French could. It’s a strange feeling that during the tournament I wanted them to qualify, but at the same time I wanted them to lose. That was my feeling at the time

2019 08 06 Retrieve

[Laurent Koscielny says he decided to leave Arsenal months ago after much consideration as the centre-back completed a €5 million move to Bordeaux] As you know I engaged with [Bordeaux]. After nine years spent at Arsenal, I took the decision to leave. I have spent wonderful years with this club, nine years during which I learned, evolved, grew up. This experience made me the player I am today. My decision to leave has been discussed for months with my club, my team-mates, my coach, and it has been a well thought decision. I see this departure like a new turning point in my life as a player but also in in my life as a man and a family man. However I hope you understand, and in any case I cannot be thankful enough for these years past at Arsenal. I am aware of everything that the club and you supporters have brought to me. But it is time for me to go home so today my will is to join [Bordeaux]. This is a new challenge that I count on taking with determination

2019 10 05 Retrieve

[Koscielny reveals why he quit Arsenal as he responds to Ian Wright over ‘shame’ comments] A Premier League season is very long. It requires a lot physically and mentally. I didn’t feel I could play 40-50 matches and I didn’t want to end my career with injuries. I’ve gone down a level, but to take more pleasure. Either I finished there or changed clubs. With my family, we felt it was time. Everything was in my thinking: football, my physical state, my wife, my children, the daily life we could have. I can only say that I left with my head held high. All of those I worked with for nine years… everyone respected my decision to return home with my family.

[In a clip released on social media following his switch to France, Koscielny is seen removing the Arsenal shirt to reveal the Bordeaux jersey he’s wearing underneath]

I’ve always been upstanding, respectful and loyal. I always gave my maximum. I spoke with the coach, who was understanding. And as for the rest…

2019 12 08 Retrieve

[Laurent Koscielny has spoken about his reasons for leaving Arsenal in the summer] I can understand that Arsenal fans did not expect me to leave. Nobody expected it. To put it simply, I was not happy as I was on the first day I signed. And with my family, we needed to go back to France and have a new challenge

I’m happy for Aubameyang, and for his role as captain. I wish them all the best, even if they are in a difficult period. But this is where we see a team and a collective ready to fight together and bounce back

To be a coach in the future? You have to test it out. I feel very good in the world of football, so why not take the clause of my sporting director (to be a coach after the end of his career)? What is sure is that I will not be a pundit!