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Name Ledley King
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc Arguably the most naturally gifted defender of his generation. What a shame his was a career blighted by injury. When asked what defender he most disliked playing against, Thierry Henry once replied: ‘Ledley King was the best defender I’ve played against and the only one that didn’t have to foul me to get the ball’


Org England National Team
Club as Player Tottenham Hotspurs

2019 08 06 Retrieve

[Tottenham Hotspur legend Ledley King believes new signing Tanguy Ndombele can make things happen at White Hart Lane this season] There’s no doubt he’s a talent. I think he’s still adjusting to the style of play and the tempo that the manager demands, and he’s a young player so it’s important to give him time and let him develop and get an understanding of what the manager wants. But without doubt he’s a talent, he’s got an eye for a pass, he can definitely make things happen so I’m looking forward to seeing him throughout the season

Of course, every season is different. We’ve seen what Leicester did with a steady squad, so you go into every season believing. I think that Liverpool and City probably won’t get the tally that they did last season and if we can pick up a few more points, at home especially, then you never know how the season might pan out. The players will go into the start of the season looking to perform as well as possible and put themselves in a position to have a chance. I think last season was a difficult situation, moving stadium, so I’m hoping we can make our new stadium a fortress this season and I’ve got no doubt that it will improve the consistency levels of the team throughout the season. I’m hoping it will have a major impact on the season and we can try to bridge that gap between ourselves and Liverpool and Man City.

2019 08 15 Retrieve

[When asked whether another season without a trophy would be considered a failure] No, it is important just to improve. We all want to win trophies, every team wants to win trophies, but it is not a given. It is very difficult and no-one has a given right to win anything

The team will be trying to compete on all fronts to win anything, but I don’t think you can judge the season on not winning a trophy. We will be able to look at the season as a whole and see what we have done. Last season was great for the club but we didn’t win a trophy, so I don’t think it can be judged like that. We all realise how difficult it is to win trophies at the moment – Manchester City won three last year, so the competition is very tough. The players want to improve and they will be looking to try and compete and, until they are out of a potential title race, they will believe they can be right up there amongst it

[Next up is a trip to reigning champions Manchester City, with King looking forward to see Pochettino’s side try and put down another marker] It is very early in the season, but it is a big game for both teams. Both will want to lay down a marker to say ‘this is where we are at this season’, but of course we all know there is such a long way to go, so many twists and turns. But in terms of trying to show you mean business this season, both teams will want to do that

2019 12 22 Retrieve

[King hoping experience will pay off for Spurs] Having been a club that’s been in the Champions League for the last five or six seasons, I’m hoping that we can use that experience to get through tasks like this against a team that are relatively new in the Champions League. It will be a tough task, but I’m quite confident that we can get through. The manager’s been and done it, he’s won the Champions League, and his experience will rub off on the players and hopefully help them through

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[Ledley King admits Gareth Bale was left feeling quite down by the winless run which opened his spell at Spurs] Gareth Bale was really starting to show what he could do. I remember him being quite down earlier that season. We spent a bit of time together in the gym when he was recovering from injury. He had that record where he’d played without winning a game, that affected him at the time, but he had that belief in himself and we all saw what he was capable of once he had a consistent run of games