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Name Les Ferdinand
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc The eighth highest scorer in the Premier League with 149 goals. Prolific for both Queens Park Rangers and Newcastle, while also becoming hugely popular at White Hart Lane


Org England National Team
Club as Player Queens Park Rangers
  Newcastle United
  Tottenham Hotspurs

2015 08 20 Retrieve

[Les Ferdinand on Thierry Henry] He has the rare ability to both make goals and score goals out of nothing

2016 02 14 Retrieve

[On Gianfranco Zola] I played against him a few times and he is one of the best imports our game has seen. So skilful, yet so committed. He was a credit to the Premier League

2016 02 17 Retrieve

[on Tony Adams] If you are looking for leaders in your team, Tony Adams is your man – he was a leader among men and a great defender. Very difficult to outwit

2016 02 18 Retrieve

[Quotes on Paul Gascoigne] Quite simply the best midfielder I’ve ever played with. In fact, he had the ability to be best player in the world. Unfortunately we know what happened to him with injuries and whathaveyou, but on his day he was unstoppable with the ball at his feet

2016 03 21 Retrieve

[on Harry Kane] I’d call Harry a nine and half. He can hold up the ball, back to goal as well as any. He’s very dynamic in his movement, wants to be heading towards goal every time he gets the ball. But if he needs to drop back and thicken up the midfield, play as a No10, he has football intelligence to pick up right positions. He has got in great shape. If you’d have asked me three years ago what was his drawback, I’d have said maybe he lacked a bit of pace. But you wouldn’t say that now watching him in the Premier League. He’s found a way to work. He knows where the goal is, knows what he wants to do, knows how to get there. I tell you what Harry Kane is, he’s the thinking man’s player

2016 03 21 Retrieve

[on Harry Kane] We worked a lot on his shooting. I always said to Tim [Sherwood, then Ferdinand’s colleague working with the Tottenham u-21s], his movement reminds me of [Teddy] Sheringham, in that he drops into holes and automatically takes up clever positions. But he strikes ball like Alan Shearer. Look at Alan’s goals, a lot of them are hit with pure venom. He very rarely tapped in. Harry’s like that. When he hits them, they’re going in

2016 03 22 Retrieve

[on Harry Kane] For me, the quality that made him stand out as a youngster was this incredible self-belief. What he was he was very single minded. He always knew precisely where he wanted to go

2016 03 24 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] You try and go through the different eras of players, and there were great players, but Alan is certainly up there with the best of them

2016 03 25 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] The best goalscorer in the history of the Premiership [. . .]. For a while we formed an awesome partnership at Newcastle

2016 03 26 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] [He was the best striker I played with] just by the sheer number of goals he scored; just a phenomenal player. While lining up alongside him, I felt we could win every game, because I knew he was going to score

2016 03 27 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] He was an all-round center-forward. He could do everything

2016 10 10 Retrieve

[Les Ferdinand on Tony Adams] If you are looking for leaders in your team, Tony Adams is your man – he was a leader among men and a great defender

2017 08 20 Retrieve

[Les could not stop laughing when The Sun asked him about Gazza’s claims that Paul Gascoigne says he used to touch Les Ferdinand’s willy before matches] That’s absolute nonsense. That never happened – I think he’s away with the fairies on that one

2020 02 27 Retrieve

[Les Ferdinand says Tottenham ‘naive’ not to sign Harry Kane cover] I think they tried and who they tried to get they weren’t able to. There’s not a great deal out there that you’re going to bring in to make you much better. But people probably look at that and say, ‘Why didn’t you go and buy one?’. Yes, Son was on fire at the time, so perhaps they were thinking that it wasn’t too much of a problem. But, unfortunately, he’s got injured and now it seems a little naive

Listen, football’s changed. In the past, when I was at Newcastle and I played with Alan Shearer, when I went back to Tottenham and I played with Teddy [Sheringham], most teams were playing 4-4-2. Now they’re playing with that single striker. But you need to believe in your own ability that you’re good enough to go and play. I always think if the two strikers are good enough they’re going to play anyway, you’re going to find a way to get them into the team

2020 03 05 Retrieve

[Les Ferdinand says Eric Dier crowd altercation understandable] It was dangerous for himself and his family. But when you see your family getting abused or something going on, you can understand. Especially if it is the younger brother. You can understand the frustrations, making sure he protects his younger brother. As a professional footballer it is not the done thing. We have not seen that on many occasions. Sometimes the red mist come up and all you think about is protecting that person in the stands. There were too many fans shouting in my time. I would probably have got beaten up if I had gone in there. Of course there are frustrations. You are meant to keep your cool. Try your best to keep your cool and sometimes now and then you see an incident like this

2020 05 12 Retrieve

[Former England striker Les Ferdinand has challenged social media giants to tackle racism on their platforms] One of the things I’ve been looking at, with all this Covid situation, I’m seeing things taken down off social media where people put an opinion about what they think COVID-19’s all about, and that’s been taken down off YouTube, that’s been taken down off Facebook. All this sort of stuff has been taken down, but they allow racist abuse to float freely through their channels. Until these people decide to do something about it, this problem will remain

You can set up a social media account with it being [identifiable as] you and you can racially abuse people. Let’s remember some years ago it was seen as part of parcel [of football] for people to go into a stadium and racially abuse people of a different background to them and it was accepted. People could do monkey chants and people could throw bananas on the pitch and then walk out at the end and that was it. This is another avenue. They can’t do it in the stadiums too freely now because you’ve got CCTV cameras and we have people who may do something about in it in the stadiums. But from sitting behind a keyboard it’s easy to throw out these things - and I continue to say racism isn’t a problem in football, it’s a problem in society.

Football has just been a medium in the past where people go and vent it without any repercussions. So those same people that were doing it back then - okay, generations have changed, but there’s still racist people in society and they’ll find a way to be racist, and this is the easiest way to do it without any identification going back to that person

2020 05 14 Retrieve

[Les Ferdinand says Tottenham must win trophies to keep Kane] As a fan, I don’t want Harry to go anywhere. I want him to stay at Tottenham and end his career at Tottenham, but we have to be realistic. Players now earn the sort of money that life shouldn’t be a problem for them when they finish playing. So they get to a stage where they achieve that goal and they say: ‘Right, okay’. But then there’s a situation where when you finish your career, the biggest thing for me now is looking back at my career and saying: ‘Yes, I did okay, but what have I got to show for it? Where are the medals?’ And that’s what you want. Every single player is the same. If Tottenham can match Harry’s ambitions to want him to win most things, then he’ll stay at Tottenham for as long as they can match those ambitions. If he feels like they can’t, and they won’t, then that’s the time I think Harry will say, ‘Look, I want to go and win things’. I don’t think people would deny him that opportunity. Let’s hope that Tottenham can get to a stage where they’re in a position to do that, because like I said, no one wants to see him leave but I certainly would understand the situation.