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Lucas Hernandez
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org France National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich
  Atletico Madrid


Agent Manuel Garcia Quilon

2019 07 08 Retrieve

[Lucas Hernandez would be keen to see former Atletico Madrid team-mate Antoine Griezmann join him at Bayern Munich] [Griezmann] is a big player and many clubs would like him. Of course, it would be great to have him here, although I do not know if the club are interested in him. I do not know if Barcelona would be perfect for him, but if there was a chance he could come here, he might become the best player in the world..

[Lucas, introduced as a Bayern player on Monday after completing a £68 million ($36m) move from Atletico earlier in the year] Bayern are one of the biggest clubs in the world - and it will always be like that, everyone knows. They compete for the league every year and are always in the Champions League. Everyone in Italy, Spain, France and all of Europe sees and knows that

[The World Cup winner is taking Bayern great Philipp Lahm’s number 21 shirt and acknowledges the need for him to subsequently deliver] That’s a historic number. A great former player like Philipp Lahm has worn it. Of course, it is an honour to be able to wear this number here and I will try to reward the club as much as possible

2019 08 09 Retrieve

[Lucas Hernandez said he is feeling 100 per cent after making his long-awaited debut in Bayern Munich’s 23-0 win over local side FC Rottach-Egern] I feel very well, I’m at 100 per cent. I have no discomfort, I feel physically very well and I’m ready to compete 100 per cent

I work, as I said before, to be able to play my first official match with Bayern and hopefully I can arrive in time for Monday

My personal goal is to win it all. Everything we play, I want to win. I come here to win titles and I hope that this year we can win as much as possible

2019 08 26 Retrieve

[Lucas Hernandez has expressed his desire to win everything at Bayern Munich, insisting the club is still one of the biggest in world football] You do not have to be here long to understand the dimensions of this club. You get the hunger for success from day one and that’s exactly what I’m pursuing. I want to win everything with Bayern, that’s why I came here. The season has just started, I know, but hopefully, we can be in the competition until the very end

[The France international opened up further on his decision to leave Atletico Madrid] I spent half my life in Atletico Madrid. Honestly, it has to be said that Atletico’s new project has also been very promising. In the end, you make such a decision, not alone, but with the help of your family. We all thought that a change of scenery would not hurt us. We had and are very eager to get to know a new country and a new culture. I too wanted to prove myself in a new league and a new club. Bayern is one of the five biggest clubs in the world and I’m here to win

[Niko Kovac’s side secured a 3-0 win thanks to a Robert Lewandowski hat-trick, with Hernandez granted 80 minutes of action on his Bundesliga debut] We had a very good game, especially in the first half. It was clear to us that we had to go through everything from the start, which we succeeded very well. In the second half it was to be expected that the rhythm would not be quite as high, but we still take the three points. I’m happy about the win and the fact that I played. After such a long downtime, it is normal for it to take some time to get back to normal levels. Today I played for almost 80 minutes and felt well on the pitch, which is another step forward. Little by little I will find my way back to my old form

2019 09 07 Retrieve

[Lucas Hernandez says the pressure of a club-record transfer fee at Bayern Munich isn’t on his mind as he enjoys his long-awaited return from injury] It wasn’t easy to leave while injured and without finishing the season. But I really shot my knee in October and November to go as far as possible with Atletico. I played six matches with a hole in the ligament. That’s what the surgeon told me when they operated

[Now, the challenge for Hernandez is to establish himself in Niko Kovac’s side and pay back the faith Bayern have shown in him] I never put myself under pressure, but I am aware of all the financial effort made by Bayern to bring me in. They’ve paid for a defender. Football today is full of these crazy sums, I know the reality. That’s why I worked like crazy and made every effort to get myself match-fit quickly. I don’t want to disappoint Bayern or the supporters. I’m on schedule, and I’m almost 100 per cent after two Bundesliga games.

Bayern did everything to get me, and to make sure everything went well. Of course I will do everything for them. I started speaking German pretty quickly. I’m not a complicated person - I’m actually pretty nice! I integrated quickly. My French team-mates have been great. There is a strong French culture in Munich, with all the great players who have been here like Bixente Lizarazu, Willy Sagnol or Franck Ribery. He’s an idol here! Bayern is a big club but a small family

2019 09 22 Retrieve

[Lucas Hernandez has appreciated having Benjamin Pavard around as he has settled into life in Bavaria, and he has no doubts about his quality] He’s a great player. He has shown that in the national team, and now in our Champions League match. He is a very good defender who can play almost any position in the defensive line. I really appreciate him, we have been playing together in the national team for a while now - and luckily now for our club as well

2019 10 01 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez has opened up about the complicated childhood he had with his brother, Theo, after their father left his family] I never tried [to contact him]. Of course, when I was young, I thought about where he could be and would have liked to know more about it. However, the more time has passed, the less that was part of my thoughts. I thought more about myself and my life when I grew up. It finally became clear to me that he left because he did not love us. And if he did not love us, then it was better that he left. I am 23 years old now and I was five or six years old [when he left]. It would now have been about 16 or 17 years since we have heard nothing more from him.

I don’t know where he is, what he does, whether he is still alive or not. Meanwhile I have started my own little family. Since he has not contacted us so far, he will not be interested - or he simply does not feel like joining us

[Lucas counts himself lucky as he says his mother managed to fill both parental roles and did a fine job raising the two boys] My mother, brother and I soon became a sworn trio after the split. Theo and I always had a football with us - morning, noon and night. We played together all the time. My brother is my best friend, we are very close. We never understood why he left. So we just grew up with our mother. She lived, worked and gave everything to us. We did not miss anything

Now Theo and I have become professional footballers, so she can sit back and enjoy her life a bit. She told us what happened: that they broke up. One day my father was suddenly gone, we never heard from him again. Of course that was a bit complicated without a father at our side. But my mother has been very successful in fulfilling both mother and father roles. My brother and I had a complicated, but beautiful childhood

My grandfather and my grandmother supported us financially so that we could live in a house and go to school. That’s why I say that my grandfather is like my dad and my grandmother like my second mother. They have made the most of our economic efforts and helped us a lot with everything

[Hernandez says that he is proud to be a club record signing for the Bundesliga giants and is determined to show he is worth it] After all that I experienced with my mother and brother when I was little, it makes me proud that a club pays such a large sum for me. It’s not only pride, but also a responsibility. The transfer fees have recently become increasingly exaggerated. You pay incredible sums. Because of all the confidence the club has put in me with this fee, it is up to me to repay it on the field and give my all. The club should also be proud of having spent this money on me someday

2019 10 14 Retrieve

[Lucas Hernandez joined Bayern Munich to escape ‘comfort zone’ at Atletico Madrid] There were other interested clubs and I had everything I needed in Madrid. I put everything on the table. I thought about it; I spoke with my family. In the end, it was the right moment for me to change life, city, culture and country; to see something else. Bayern corresponds with who I am, my mentality, my ambitions. The club representatives and the players told me that I was going to be joining a family. That is the truth.

Bayern is an historic club. It represents so many things in the world. I have already had a nice little experience and a list of achievements, but I am a big competitor and I want to win even more titles. Bayern is a winning machine. That was perfect for me. This is a real step forward in joining Bayern. I wanted to go to the next level. By joining Bayern, I have arrived in one of the best clubs in the world. I wanted to put myself under a bit of pressure, join a different club, where the language and culture is different, to put myself in danger, not stay in my comfort zone in Madrid

When they show you everything that they’ve won, it is impressive. Then there is the dressing room. In your head, you say to yourself, ‘Wow, this is going to be incredible!’ You have stratospheric players like Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Muller, who have played it all, won it all. And then you quickly realise that it is a normal dressing room, where everyone is relaxed. It is not a dressing room with a clan mentality. Everyone speaks with everyone. The guys are really simple

2019 10 15 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich centre-back Lucas Hernandez has admitted that he was once subject to interest from Real Madrid, but he has said that he could not have signed for the Bernabeu club] Real had already made a move for me, it’s true, but not this summer. And I wouldn’t go there. Not after having worn the colours of Atletico for such a long time

When we were in discussions, they asked me what number I wanted. I told them I would have 21. I won the World Cup with the No.21. At Atletico, when I took the No.21, we won the European Super Cup. I told them that this was the number I wanted and, if they could give me it, that would be good. They told me that was Philipp Lahm’s number and that no-one had worn it since he had retired, but they told me they’d give me it if I signed for them. It’s just one example of the confidence that they’ve placed in me

I’m not going to put pressure on myself. But I’m conscious of the efforts that Bayern made to recruit me. Because of that, I don’t want to let down the supporters and the club. It’s up to me to be worthy of their confidence. But I’m someone who gives everything all the time, during a match or at training.

2020 04 12 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez has expressed his belief that it will be ‘impossible’ to complete this season’s Champions League] It’s going to be hard to cram all this in as well as a possible end to the league. The Champions League concerns all the countries affected by coronavirus. It will be difficult to get everyone out of lockdown, to be in similar condition but also just to meet up, to travel to Italy, Spain, England or France. You have to be realistic. I think it will be impossible to finish in the Champions League in these times, especially if we favour ending the domestic leagues

[Bayern kept players in separate small groups to adhere to social distancing guidelines after beginning training at Sabener Strasse] The conditions are very strict. We are in small groups of four. We do not meet the others. We train at different times to avoid contact. The changing rooms are also arranged differently. We don’t occupy the same pitches. But as soon as it’s over, we’ll quickly go and shower and eat at home. This is another way to get the machine up and running again

2020 04 18 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich and France defender Lucas Hernandez speaks with L’Equipe about the COVID-19 crisis] Peoples’ lives come before football. We see everyone is the same in the face of this virus, footballer or not, rich or poor. Everyone has to be united more than ever.