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Name Malcom
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Brazil National Team
Club as Player Zenit Saint Petersburg
  Barcelona FC

: 2019 07 25 Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund are negotiating the transfer of Malcom, which would see the Bundesliga club pay €42 million for the Brazilian winger

: 2019 08 02 Zenit St Petersburg have signed Barcelona winger Malcom for a fee of €40 million, plus €5 million in add-ons. The Brazilian leaves the Camp Nou just a year after joining the club from French side Bordeaux

2019 08 04 Retrieve

[Malcom has been greeted at new club Zenit St Petersburg by a banner that has been deemed to be racist. A section of the supporters took the opportunity to sarcastically applaud their team’s adherence to what they view as a traditional refusal to sign black players] Thank you leadership for loyalty to traditions

[The fans statement insisted they were not racist, but that the imposition of black players would inevitably cause a backlash] We are not racist and for us the absence of black players is just an important tradition, empahasising the identity of the club and nothing more. We, as the northernmost club of the major European cities, have never been mentally connected with Africa, however, as with South America or Australia or Oceania. We have absolutely nothing against the inhabitants of these or any other continents, but at the same time we want players who are close in spirit to speak for Zenit. Now, black players for Zenit are being forced almost by force, and this causes only backlash. Let us be what we are

2019 08 21 Retrieve

[Former Barcelona attacker Malcom insists that he was perfectly happy at Camp Nou despite moving to Zenit in the summer after failing to nail down a starting spot in Spain] I’ve always tried my best, because in a club like Barcelona you have to be always ready. And everytime I was called to play I gave my maximum. Football is like this, you have to grab your chances. Zenit made a great effort to hire me and they made a very good proposition. I was very happy at Barcelona and I’m sure I will be happy here at Zenit

When you score important goals you leave your mark in the supporters’ memories. I’ve always worked hard to play well and to help my team, and that’s the way to build a career. You have to show all the sweat and dedication for the supporters to respect you. Of course, playing well is important, but the dedication also counts

[Malcom also revealed his admiration for Barcelona star Lionel Messi] Messi is an exceptional player, a great person, great team-mate and a very good person. He respects everyone, we got on very well. He’s world class and deserves all his success

2019 08 22 Retrieve

[New Zenit signing Malcom has played down the firestorm over a racist banner that greeted him upon his arrival to Russia] To be honest I just felt affection and a lot of respect here at Zenit. The show they’ve made during my presentation and during my debut motivates me even more. That’s all that counts for me. Our supporters can count on me paying back the affection I’m receiving from everyone here at Zenit

[The 22-year-old did concede that he has had overcome plenty during his career, and has used his detractors as motivation] I do my work, and everything that I’ve faced during my life was fuel so I could reach my objectives, both in sport and in my private life. That’s how an athlete’s life is, you can’t stop to grieve at each situation. You have to focus on your objectives

[Malcom had plenty of suitors for his services, but says that he chose Zenit due to the success previous players have enjoyed at the club, including a fellow Brazil international] Lots of players, like Hulk, have come into here and achieved a lot, and I think that if I play well and keep my level high it will be all that matters. I had the chance to choose and I chose here because I know it will work

[Having made two appearances for Zenit thus far in the new season, Malcom has underlined his desire to repay the club’s investment and faith in him] To play well and help my team-mates and coach so we can achieve good results and titles. That’s how I can be useful and I will give 100 per cent to contribute to Zenit. I’m a very disciplined player and I know my responsibilities and the effort made by Zenit to sign me. So I must give my response on the pitch

2019 11 24 Retrieve

[Zenit Saint Petersburg forward Malcom has revealed he has received messages from Barcelona fans asking him to return to Camp Nou] I can say that I receive messages about returning to Barcelona. Every time the coach gave me an opportunity to play, I did my job and I think I did it well. That’s why the Barcelona fans love me

No, I don’t regret it. I’m young and I want to play anywhere, because I like football. Zenit are the team who gave me the opportunity to play football

2020 02 14 Retrieve

[Malcom admits Lionel Messi’s quality does cover up problems at Barcelona] Yes, some of them, yes. But with Leo, there’s Luis Suarez, Antoine Griezmann, Ivan Rakitic, Frenkie De Jong, Arthur Melo, Arturo Vidal… lots of other players, too. It’s not just Leo, it’s the whole group. Leo is the best player in the world; sometimes he does crazy things and helps Barcelona out a lot. That’s why sometimes when they speak about Barcelona, they speak about Leo. It’s normal because of everything he does

Barcelona have great players. They can be calm because whoever plays is a good player and there are only great players there. At Barcelona, players come in, players leave and players stay. It doesn’t matter. Barcelona don’t change much, the system doesn’t change much, it will always be a great club

The only thing that stays [with me] is that each time I had the opportunity, I was ready to play - no one can say otherwise. When I was on the pitch, I gave everything; I did well, I gave the game a bit more energy. I left a bit sad, but I knew that I’d fulfilled my dream. I played in the Champions League, I scored against Real Madrid in a Clasico and I left with a calm head because I did a good job

2020 03 21 Retrieve

[Malcom would ‘love’ Barcelona return despite struggling during initial stint at Camp Nou] I got along very well with [Ernesto] Valverde, he is a good coach and a good person. He never explained why I didn’t play, but it didn’t bother me, because we are professionals and this is how it works. I never stopped working and when he gave me minutes I played well and helped the team. You never know, maybe in the future I can return, I would love it! But now I think of Zenit. When the offer came, I didn’t think about it much because it is a team that plays in Europe. I want to win everything here