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Name Marco Giampaolo
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach AC Milan [Head Coach]

2019 08 22 Retrieve

[An illustration of just how highly Daniel Maldini is regarded by former Sampdoria boss Marco Giampaolo came in Cardiff in early August as, after a 2-2 draw with Manchester United, he was selected to take the fifth penalty in the shootout against the Red Devils. His effort from 12 yards was saved by David de Gea, allowing Daniel James to seal victory for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side] It was right that he took that penalty. I appointed him as the fifth taker, but unfortunately he missed. It is a useful path for him. The boys need matches to grow and if they don’t get them, they don’t grow

2019 08 26 Retrieve

[Udinese (1) vs (0) AC Milan. AC Milan manager Marco Giampaolo demands attacking improvement after losing start to Serie A campaign] The match speaks for itself and it’s not good when AC Milan lose. I picked up on many things today, beyond that of just the result. The team tried to do what I asked of them, looking to impose themselves and take the game to the opposition. We must work on our offensive play because we struggled in that department. It’s not just the lads’ responsibility but more a matter of specific characteristics. I must go beyond the result in understanding how we can be at our best. Maybe I asked them certain things but they have different characteristics. Up until now, the lads have shown me great willingness. I must now find the best solution according to the characteristics of certain matches

[Milan were denied a penalty when Alessio Romagnoli’s header hit Samir Santos on the arm and no spot-kick was awarded following a VAR check] We’re annoyed by the result, but my evaluations wouldn’t be different if we’d have equalised from the penalty spot. I must make some serious analysis, looking to understand where the team must improve and what works well. I must be objective. It may be that they award the penalty for an equaliser but this wouldn’t lead me to any different evaluations. When you lose, it’s only right for there to be controversial issues, but we must focus on ourselves - looking to play better football than we did today and without losing sight of being protagonists. We’ll only achieve this through hard work

2019 09 01 Retrieve

[Giampaolo defends his decision to benching Krzysztof Piatek] Every game requires its own choices and in this one I chose Andre Silva and Ismael Bennacer. Milan have a strong squad, so I have the option to choose between various alternatives. I don’t know if Andre Silva is leaving before the transfer deadline, but he is a professional, he is at our disposal and therefore he can play

Piatek is a great player, but if he is on the bench occasionally, the world isn’t going to end. Players must think only of giving their all for Milan, then I’ll make my decisions. Maybe I saw he wasn’t quite as sharp during the week in training as some others

[Giampaolo defends his decision to benching Lucas Paqueta] In the way I see things, Paqueta can be an excellent mezz’ala. He just needs to learn to be a little less Brazilian at times, more solid and less playful. I think he can be a mezz’ala, but then in the final 10 minutes, in some situations, he could be used as a trequartista, but I like a player who is more attacking in his characteristics

2019 09 30 Retrieve

[AC Milan struggle to worst Serie A start in 81 years] I take responsibility, of course, but I go forward because I believe in my ideas. The thing that annoyed me was the team looked like it turned up to San Siro without ever having a training session together. You can lose, but not like that. Up until three days ago, I liked the performance and saw good responses against Torino [in a 2-1 defeat]. Tonight, the pressure got to them, they felt the absolute need to win and I told them to play with all the right ingredients to win, not waiting for events to happen. We had to create the events ourselves. Instead, the pressure weighed on us, we were tense, not reacting quickly enough and evidently feeling the pressure

2019 10 06 Retrieve

[AC Milan coach Marco Giampaolo says the club must ‘never bleed in front of the sharks’ after coming from behind to beat Genoa 2-1] The game was difficult. We went underwater and then in the second half the team pulled out their heads. The pressure was so great, the team was good. The praise I give to the boys is that of not giving up anything. The important thing was to give a character response. I wanted the team to come out head-on. Never bleed in front of the sharks. This game had to be played by the most responsible players, then it was right that the lighter ones came in. Many are talented players who must mature, that will be my task. The fact that the team is very young is indeed affecting us. It takes time and you learn to play even under pressure

Even Paolo Maldini told me that it was not easy to play at the San Siro when things were not going well. This is a very young team, perhaps the youngest in the league. I liked the spirit tonight and that’s the only thing I asked for

2019 10 08 Retrieve

[AC Milan have parted ways with head coach Marco Giampaolo just four months after his appointment in the San Siro dugout] AC Milan announces that it has relieved Marco Giampaolo of his role as coach of the first team. The club intends to thank Marco for the activity carried out so far and wishes him the best professional successes