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Name Mario Gomez
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc Only 18 players have ever scored more than 100 goals for Bayern Munich and Gómez is one of them. At the heights of his powers in Bavaria, he was one of the most feared strikers on the planet


Org Germany National Team
Club as Player Wolfsburg

2014 09 13 Retrieve

[Mario Gomez on being booed in Germany’s defeat by Argentina] I don’t think the fans’ reaction is so dramatic. I had chances – I have to take them. We lost the game because I did not score

2016 09 09 Retrieve

[Wolfsburg striker Mario Gomez on new national team captain Manuel Neuer in an interview] He is the Messi among the goalkeepers. Someday, I will tell my children that I have played together with Neuer. He is actually a football legend

2017 09 09 Retrieve

[Mario Gomez talks about the potential and importance of 21-year-old striker Timo Werner] He will dominate the attack for Germany for the next ten years. It is likely he will do the same in Europe, if he continues like that. He is level-headed and does a fantastic job. We need someone like Timo in such a form if we want to be world champions

2020 04 23 Retrieve

[Mario Gomez retires from international duty] … now is the time to make way and give the many young and highly talented lads the opportunity to fulfill their dream

[In a Facebook post, Gomez said] For me, a huge dream has come true with the World Cup in Russia. Even if the cut-off and the pathetic departure in the round-round, we all failed. My entire career, I was allowed to play for the German National Team.

With the 2016 Euros and the 2018 World Cup, I was allowed to participate in two other big tournaments I feel the greatest gratitude for this, even if the expectations of the last tournament could not be met. You can’t always go out as a winner

My time in the national team was sporty not always easy, not always successful and yet beautiful! I’ve met a lot of people with whom I will be very connected.

Now it’s time to make room and give the many young and highly talented boys the opportunity to fulfill their dream, prove themselves, collect experiences and reach the best for Germany. The quality has each of these players who will come now!

I will always stay connected to the team and am like all Germans, now big fan of this team. For that I wish the team, the coaches and the whole team about team only the best!! I will enjoy the time during the matches with my family and fingers crossed. Even if it feels different for a lot of fans at the moment, this team will soon get us all a pleasure

2020 06 28 Retrieve

[Former Germany and Bayern Munich forward Mario Gomez says he will probably retire after helping Stuttgart earn promotion back to Bundesliga] It was my absolute goal to say goodbye here as a first division player. I was sure at the beginning of the season that we will go up. So I decided that this will be my last year at Stuttgart, in Germany and probably as a football player

2020 06 28b Retrieve

[Mario Gomez announces retirement] I’m very grateful for the time I had at Stuttgart. It was always my biggest dream to give something back and to end my career, that I couldn’t have imagined, here