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Name Mark Lawrenson
Gender Male
Ethnic Irish
Job Irish Footballer
  BBC Football Pundit
Desc xxx


Org Ireland National Team
Club as Player Liverpool FC
Media BBC

2015 03 13 Retrieve

[Mark Lawrenson on Mario Balotelli] Mario Balotelli is an absolute waste of time. He shouldn’t be anywhere near this team. 99 times out of 100 he will let you down

2017 03 08 Retrieve

[Quotes on John Terry] For most of his career at Chelsea, anyone could play with him, he was that good

2018 09 08 Retrieve

[Mark Lawrenson reveals how a viewer alerted him to get treated for a cancer scare] Towards the end of last season, the editor of Football Focus received an email from a viewer saying they had seen me on TV and noticed I had a bit of dark skin on the left side of my face. Their message was I needed to get rid of it, or at least get it checked out urgently. I was already aware of the blemish and was planning to get an appointment about it, but like a typical 60-year-old bloke, I had been putting it off rather than sorting it out. That email was the kick up the backside I needed. I went to get it looked at immediately, and it was cancerous, so I had it whipped out straight away. I would urge anyone with any similar doubts about a mark on their skin not to wait, and to do the same

2019 08 05 Retrieve

[Mark Lawrenson says Jurgen Klopp could get the best out of Gareth Bale at Liverpool] I think Klopp could get the best out of him. The only problem is would he fit into that front three but you could even play him on the left of the three in midfield and let him bomb on. He’s such a good player and such a talent. He just needs to be loved and Klopp would be the perfect fit to do that. People say he’s got injury problems and all that but Klopp would get him mega fit

2020 03 07 Retrieve

[Man United vs Man City] Man Utd look a lot better recently, and they have a realistic chance of finishing in the UEFA Champions League spot. City have been impressive too with Kevin de Bruyne’s form is a big reason I am expecting Pep Guardiola’s men to do well from this moment still the rest of the season.

I am expecting midfields of both sides to be the key to the game. But with McTominay and Matic fit, and Fernandes giving the flavour, I have a feeling the Red Devils will be competitive in there, and this should be a very close match. Manchester United 1, Manchester City 1.

[Chelsea vs Everton] I believe Everton coach Carlo Ancelotti will get a great welcome at Stamford Bridge, on his return to the club where he won the Premier League and FA Cup Double in 2010.

I thought Ancelotti’s men were very unlucky not to beat Manchester United last weekend – I know Gylfi Sigurdsson was lying close to United keeper David de Gea but he was not obstructing his view – so I can see why the Toffees boss was unhappy with that decision.

But I am going with Chelsea to win. Most of their problems at home this season have come against lesser teams, and I think they will be fully focused this time. Chelsea 2, Everton 0

2020 03 12 Retrieve

[Mark Lawrenson suggests Jurgen Klopp made error regarding Liverpool player] I already knew there was a big gap between Liverpool’s first choice goalkeeper, Alisson, and Adrian. One of his problems is that he is not very good at coming out of his area and judging situations, and another is his kicking.

Both of those issues played a part in Atletico’s first goal. Playing out from the back is in vogue at the moment. If you want to do that with Alisson, who is very good at it, then that is fine. But Adrian is not comfortable playing that way.

So why not just tell him to stick it in the stands instead? Adrian is 33 so you are not going to change him, either. He is not going to suddenly become really good with the ball at his feet, and he is always going to have a mistake in him

2020 03 31 Retrieve

[The best right-back in the world? How Trent Alexander-Arnold is reinventing the full-back] This isn’t new, you know. What Trent has done is take it to a new level. It’s his mobility; his passing ability; his pace. His service from wide areas is fabulous. He gets his head up to have a look, and if on the odd occasion he doesn’t have time to do that, he’ll deliver right into the corridor of uncertainty.

He has developed this whipped delivery which is really difficult to defend. When Liverpool’s centre-backs have the ball, both full-backs have their feet on the touchline, so it’s very hard for three opposition forwards against four defenders who are all very comfortable on the ball

Trent practises every day, staying behind after training – and not just for a few minutes. We’re talking hours, setting up drills with players and coaches

Trent was always the first name on the coaches’ lips – ‘We’ve got this right-back and he’s going to be some player’. It wasn’t just ability, but the way he got his head down and worked hard, and the way he lived his life.

Any test, basically, he has managed to overcome. He had a bit of a wobble, but his mental strength is huge. That is worked on from an early age in the academy. When you move back from midfield to full-back, you think, ‘Crikey, I’ve got so much space to play. I must have leprosy, because no one’s come anywhere near me’. Your game intelligence becomes so much higher as you know what the person in those other positions has to cope with, so you know when to make a pass or a forward run.

[There is a school of thought that, such is his success at right-back, Liverpool’s No.66 might revert to his original midfield berth one day. Mark Lawrenson doesn’t agree] They’ve engineered a way of giving him space, meaning he has so much room to move into at pace – and once he’s got half a yard, you’re never going to catch him – so why would you change?

The fans sing, ‘He’s the Scouser in our team’. You can show local lads Trent and say, ‘This kid has come from nowhere and is playing every week’. He’s making this position cool. That’s the best description I’ve heard

2020 06 28 Retrieve

[Loris Karius is the only player that Jurgen Klopp has not improved at Liverpool] It doesn’t feel like 30 years, and if 30 years ago when they won it you would have said to the football club that you’re not going to win that again for 30 years, the men in white coats would have come and taken you away. It’s fantastic. When Jurgen Klopp came to the club, you felt this sea change. Within months you knew this was something completely different. I hate that thing when a player comes through and he’s small and he’s Argentinean and you say ‘he’s the next Lionel Messi’. He’s not, he’s just him. Klopp came and everyone went ‘he’s next the Shankly’. You know what, he’s been Shankly-esque in everything that he’s done. He gets the history of the club, he gets the supporters. Of all the players that he’s bought, I can’t remember him buying one that’s not made it. And all the players that he’s got, he’s made them better. Karius is the only one, but he’s made all of the rest better. Wherever you’re manager, if you make all of the players better – and they are already very, very good – you’re doing a heck of a job. And the way that they are playing as well. When he got here I said Liverpool would be everyone’s favourite second club and I got slaughtered, but I think they are because of the way they play