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Name Mohamed Coulibaly
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Football Coach
  Technical Director of Sarcelles
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach AAS Sarcelles [technical director]


Pupil Riyad Mahrez

2015 09 12 Retrieve

[AAS Sarcelles Director Mohamed Coulibaly on Riyad Mahrez] He was very frail. But he never gave up and that’s paying off. You can see on the pitch that he never hides. From very early on he learned to take responsibilities. He has something more than technique, he has the guts and character that make great players

2015 12 11 Retrieve

[Mohamed Coulibaly on Riyad Mahrez] At the beginning, he managed to do well with his technique. But when he joined the 11s side, it was a bit more complicated for him. He was very frail

2018 06 07 Retrieve

[What attracts them all is the sheer weight of talent here. As Mohamed Coulibaly, a coach at A.A.S. Sarcelles, pointed out, there are 12 million people in the broader Paris area] almost a country, with a bigger population than Belgium. It is a big pond

[Just as important, though, is the type of player the banlieues tend to produce. Coulibaly described the model as] athletic, vigorous, dynamic, technical, aggressive - the sort of player the French national team is made of

[When they have joined formal clubs, the games shift to those between teams from different parts of the banlieue] We have the best young players in the country confronting each other every weekend. That is what makes the difference

[Mahrez - a Premier League champion in 2016, and a star of Algeria’s national team - grew up in Sarcelles] He had some technical skills, but there were many, many better players than him. He would keep saying he would turn professional, but even here it was tough for him to play

[Mahrez remained dedicated to his dream - Coulibaly remembered him staying to practice until] it was almost too dark to see the ball.

[The flip side, though, is that the dream becomes something else: almost a family goal] We give you the list of those who turned professional. We do not give you the list of those who tried but did not

At the World Cup, the players could be our neighbors, our little brothers. They are people of our universe, and they are representing France