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Name Morgan Schneiderlin
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
Desc A £24m January 2017 purchase from Manchester United, Schneiderlin immediately struck up a partnership with Gueye that helped Everton into Europe. Since then, however, the Frenchman has struggled with form and fitness leaving his future unclear under Carlo Ancelotti


Org French National Team
Club as Player Everton
  Manchester United
  Southampton FC


Manchester United Louis van Gaal transfer Morgan Schneiderlin to the Theatre of Dreams in July 2015 for a fee of £25 million ($32m). He was sold to Everton by Van Gaal’s successor, Jose Mourinho, in January 2017 and has yet to recapture his Southampton form

2015 09 05 Retrieve

[Morgan Schneiderlin on the England captain not knowing who the world’s most expensive teenager was] To be honest, yesterday on the plane, Wayne Rooney came to speak to me and asked me who Martial was. I told him he’s a great player with great potential. I told him he is technical and powerful. A little like Therry Henry

2016 08 06 Retrieve

[Quotes on Zlatan Ibrahimovic] Zlatan came into the dressing room and he already had an aura. He has this thing about him, it is a presence and a stature. He is tall, powerful and, on the training pitch, you can see he has a lot of quality. [. . .] you can see his touch, his movement and his way of seeing football is brilliant, so this season I think he will give us something great

2017 02 11 Retrieve

[Morgan Schneiderlin jokes about English culture] I still don’t know how you can eat beans in the morning! I like your culture, I like the humour of the English people, I like to live in England. I understand most things and, to be honest, I feel a little bit English sometimes

2019 10 25 Retrieve

[Morgan Schneiderlin believes he may have been hasty in leaving Manchester United for Everton as he still had more to give at Old Trafford] I wanted to do more and I had the capacity to do more. Maybe I jumped out of the boat too quickly when I didn’t play for three months. When I look at other players having a great career at Manchester United, they all had a spell of four or five months when they didn’t play

[The 29-year-old believes he is still an easy target for critics because of his style of play] If you are in midfield, you are 1-0 down and your team has run after the ball for a minute and I try a long pass and miss it, people might clap because it is an attacking move, but my team-mates might have to for another two minutes to get the ball back. If we are winning 1-0 and I make a short pass that allows the team to breathe, people think it is clever. Some people say I pass square but I don’t see it. Look at [Sergio] Busquets at Barcelona. I don’t compare myself to him but tell me the passes he does that I don’t? Because they win games, everyone says he’s the cleverest midfielder in football. Football is about perception. You can play the same game, but it will be analysed differently depending on whether you have won or lost

2020 03 22 Retrieve

[Everton and France midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin has urged people to wake up to the severity of the coronavirus pandemic] It is a tragic situation. I speak a lot with my mother who tells me it is a very difficult time for people who are working in hospitals, how much it takes from them mentally and physically. I try to support her as much as possible. People told me it was a bit relaxed [back in England], that they hadn’t really realised how serious it was. They finally realised. But like in France, not everybody is respecting the rules given by the Prime Minister. It’s going to take a little time for it to get into people’s heads. They will adapt as they go along and see they have no choice but to stay at home given the seriousness of the matter

They will make the best possible decision. Football comes second. We will have to adapt. The club has given us the date of April 17 to resume training. It seems pretty fair. We are prepared to play until August if necessary. I know it will be difficult with the end of contracts in June for some players. I hope that it will be postponed a little longer so I can play again this season

I have been on crutches and immobilised since my operation. I still have two weeks to wait without being able to put my foot on the ground. My wife has to support me! When you have an 18-month-old child, it is hard to watch series on television. Since the weather was good for the past two days, we took advantage of the garden with the little one. He could run around. We play little games together.

2020 03 23 Retrieve

[FORMER Saint and current Everton midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin admitted he is ready to play until August to complete the season] They [the authorities] will take the best possible decision. Football comes second here. We’re going to have to adapt. The club has given us the date of April 17 to come back to training. That seems to me maybe a little bit early. We are prepared to play until August if that is what is needed. I know that it will be difficult with certain players’ contracts coming to an end in June. I hope that it will be postponed a little bit longer because then I would be able to play again this season

They said to me that it was a bit ‘relaxed,’ that they [Britain] had not really understood how grave this thing is. In the end, they decided. But like in France, everyone is not respecting the rules given out by the Prime Minister. It will take some time to enter people’s heads a bit. They are going to have to adapt and see that they don’t have any other choice but to remain at home owing to how serious this is