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Name Morten Andersen
Gender Male
Ethnic American
Job NFL Footballer
Desc xxxx

2019 10 12 Retrieve

[Morten Andersen says Ludicrous if Kane thinks he can be NFL kicker] I think he needs to put on a different hat mentally - and firstly, different equipment! Remember, he kicks in shorts and a shirt, not pads and a helmet. It changes things, the precision with which you have to deliver the ball under great duress in a very short period of time - the whole timing aspect of it, there’s skill involved. The initial trajectory on the ball, they have a hard time getting the ball up. I’m not saying Harry Kane can’t do it, and I don’t think it’s ridiculous - but before we start crowning him as the greatest kicker in the world, let’s go through the exercise of vetting that

It’s the path of least resistance, ‘I’m a soccer player so I must be a good kicker’. But they are in for a rude awakening when they delve into the position as there is more to it than meets the eye. If it was that easy, why hasn’t it been done by somebody yet? With Harry Kane, if he wants to be legit on this then awesome, but you can’t tell me Harry Kane knows the intricacies of being an NFL kicker much like I don’t know about being a Premier League soccer player. It is ludicrous to think you can just step in and do it at that level. I want the fans to understand that I don’t feel disrespected, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

Let’s vet it - I’ll take him to a training camp in the off-season! I don’t know what kind of coaching he would want, but I would recommend that if he is serious about it, get hold of me as someone who has done it for a long time. Let’s keep it real, I’ll give him a straight shot. I’m not debating he doesn’t have skill, but I don’t think it’s fair to say that Harry Kane can just insert himself as a bona fide NFL kicker - there is more to it, he has to earn that just like we earned it. I hope I don’t sound disgruntled, I’m all for it, it would be great for the game, the UK and the globalisation of the game. So let me take him and work with him

2019 11 09 Retrieve

[Morten Andersen thinks Carli Lloyd could be a kicker in the NFL] I think she would thrive [in the NFL] because of her competitive nature and her desire to prove that she can do this

2020 03 25 Retrieve

[NFL legend Morten Andersen says If Kane wants to win the Super Bowl he needs to contact me] Since Harry is housebound with nothing to do right now trying to get back to full fitness, I could send him my mental protocols and he could start visualising how to become an NFL kicker. For elite athletes, an idle mind is the devil’s playground, so I could certainly help Harry with his mental aptitude so that when he goes back out onto the pitch after this lockdown, it will be like he never went away. If he’s dreaming about taking the winning kick in a Super Bowl - which he says he wants to do - he needs to contact me. It doesn’t happen automatically, he needs to be taught properly - if not, it could be a rude awakening for him. He needs to earn the right and I’d love to work with a talent such as Harry. If I can take one of the best European footballers and transition him into the best American sport, I’d be really proud, so give me a call! So the offer is still there if he wants to learn properly - and there’s no better moment than now when he has a lot of spare time to help fulfil his dream!