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Mustafa Ozil
Gender Male
Ethnic German
  Turkish German
Job xxxx Football Agent
Desc xxxx


Son Mesut Ozil

2010 08 17 Retrieve

[Furious Werder Bremen double their asking price to £25m for Mesut Ozil after Real Madrid go behind their back] We promised that if Bremen keep Mesut for now, next year year he will join a free. Mesut and I stayed at the chalet of (Real president) Florentino Perez in Madrid, he invited us there and everything was resolved quickly. We were impressed by his willingness to help my child play for his club.

Our word is sacred. My son has always said that the only club he wanted to go to was Real Madrid

2013 09 04 Retrieve

[The sale of Mesut Ozil] Mesut is still not at his top level. I’m sure there is 15 to 20 per cent to get out of him and Mr Wenger will help him to do that. I would not see the Premier League as tougher than Spain. La Liga teams do not play with fewer players and they also play twice every week. He is physically prepared for that. He can show his skills and help the club to win the Premier League or maybe an international title

2018 07 08 Retrieve

He doesn’t always have to defend himself. He’s played in the national team for nine years … and became a world champion. It’s always said that if we win, we win together, but if we lose, we lose because of Ozil. He’s booed and put up as a scapegoat - I completely understand that he is offended. Mesut’s been an example for years. The situation is absurd - he loves Germany and has shown commitment to his country, that he’s presented as a scapegoat is so unfair

[Mustafa, who was once the player’s advisor but no longer holds that position, hinted that he might have counselled his son not to be photographed alongside Erdogan] I thought: ‘This isn’t such a good idea’. But I didn’t think: ‘Uh oh, everything is collapsing now’, It wasn’t the first photo of Mesut with Erdogan, I knew it wasn’t a political statement from him or anything like that. He had it taken out of politeness. Mesut is a reserved person, almost shy, how could he have turned down a photo if a man like Erdogan asks him? Mesut Ozil is an athlete who wants to play football and has nothing to do with politics, which is why he did not think anything about the picture

2018 07 19 Retrieve

[Germany’s team boss Oliver Bierhoff sparked a new round of outcry over a statement suggesting Ozil, who has Turkish roots, should have been dropped after his failure to publicly clear up the Erdogan meeting] This statement is insolent. In my opinion, it is aimed at saving one’s own skin

He no longer wants to explain himself, he no longer wants to have to defend himself all the time. He has been playing for nine years in the German team… including becoming world champions with the A-team

He has contributed a lot for this country. It has always been: if we win, we win together. But when we lose, we lose because of Ozil? He is now getting whistled at and made a scapegoat. I can understand if he feels insulted

He needs to decide for himself. But if I were in his place, I’d say - thanks a lot but that’s it! The hurt has grown too strong. And who knows what’ll happen at the next match. In Mesut’s place, I would step down. But that’s just my very personal opinion