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Name Nasser Al-Khelaifi
Gender Male
Ethnic Qatari
Job Owner of PSG
Desc Qatari businessman Nasser Al-Khelaifi is the head of Qatar Sports Investments, which owns and operates French team Paris Saint-Germain. Al-Khelaifi is also the chairman of the beIN Media group, which broadcasts a variety of sports, and he was the mastermind behind the world record €222 million (£198m/$263m) transfer of Neymar from Barcelona to PSG

2019 07 08 Retrieve

[PSG’s first warning for Neymar] I don’t want any more celebrity behaviour. I need Neymar to show me that he fully wants to be here. Just like the other [players]. No one forced him to sign [for PSG]. No one pushed him into it. He came knowing perfectly well what the project was.

I’m not saying that PSG will get rid of him this summer. I repeat, Neymar, like the other players, has to believe in our project and guarantee to us his commitment. And while he continues being at home, there will be no problem at all

2019 08 29 Retrieve

[PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi expects big Champions League atmospheres as PSG prepare for Real Madrid test] We do not have an easy draw but it’s the Champions League, we do everything we can to get ready. Real Madrid is a big club, we have a lot of respect for them, but we’re PSG, we need to prepare well for this match, it’s a good preparation for us, the goal is to go as far as possible

2020 02 20 Retrieve

[PSG president Al-Khelaifi confident name will be cleared in latest bribery case] After an exhaustive three-year investigation, where I have fully and openly cooperated with the Public Prosecutor in Switzerland, I am pleased that all charges of bribery in connection with the 2026 and 2030 World Cups have been dropped

As I have said vehemently and repeatedly for three years, the charges have not – and have never had – any basis whatsoever, either in fact or law. It is now – finally – indisputable fact that the 2026 and 2030 agreements were negotiated at arms lengths and without any improper influence in any form.

After the most forensic public, private, lawful and unlawful scrutiny of all my dealings, I have been cleared of all suspicions of bribery and the case has been dismissed definitively and conclusively. While a secondary technical charge remains outstanding, I have every expectation that this will be proven completely groundless and without any substance whatsoever, in the same way as the primary case.

While I have cooperated with all authorities during the legal process, the three-year investigation has been characterised by constant leaks, misinformation and a seemingly relentless agenda to smear my reputation in the media – completely irrespective of the facts and the notion of due process.

For that reason, I have requested the relevant Swiss authorities to open a criminal enquiry into the conduct of the investigation. I also reserve the right to take action against certain media who for three years have repeatedly published factually-unsupported and highly damaging articles, often based on illegally-sourced and – quite remarkably in some cases – faked and fabricated materials, to satisfy their narrative of my supposed guilt

2020 03 11 Retrieve

[Neymar becomes the talisman PSG dreamed of to dump Dortmund out of Champions League] Neymar has come to join us to write Paris Saint-Germain history

2020 04 28 Retrieve

[PSG president Al-Khelaifi willing to play home Champions League matches abroad if necessary] We respect the decision of the French government. With agreement of UEFA, we intend to take part in the final phase of the Champions League in the places and dates where it will be organised. If it isn’t possible to play in France, we will play our matches abroad and we will make sure of the best conditions of health security for our players and all our staff

2020 05 18 Retrieve

[Paris Saint-Germain president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has explained his admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo] Year after year, he shows a unique determination, an extraordinary strength of character. He remains motivated by this desire to improve every day and he always pushes his limits. I admire this relentless will; he is a great example for all athletes of the future.

Thinking back to all the players who have joined us since the beginning of our ambition with PSG, I could still highlight the time of Zlatan Ibrahimovic for his character, his leadership, his charisma and his ability to get things done. He was always reliable, and when the situation demanded something from him, he knew how to stand up to the challenges of the moment

I must also quote David Beckham. Although he was only at PSG for a short time, he had a transformative effect on our club. His investment in training, his concern for applying every detail at every moment, his determination to succeed, his taste for teamwork and his natural aura were extremely precious assets