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Name Nuno Gomes
Gender Male
Ethnic Portuguese
Job Portuguese Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Portugal National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2020 06 08 Retrieve

[Nuno Gomes believes Lisbon is supposedly being considered as a potential location for all remaining 2019-20 Champions League matches] For us Portuguese, I believe it is a good thing. After a lot of meetings [UEFA] understood it’s maybe better to do it in one place rather than everybody travelling around Europe. [Lisbon] is a good option, and I’m not sure if they already decided a final decision, but it’s true a lot of views and conversations are being held in order to maybe give Lisbon the final eight of the Champions League. I think it’s good for football to find a solution in order to finish the games that are missing because everybody is waiting for Champions League games

2020 06 09 Retrieve

[Nuno Gomes says Atletico Madrid attacker Joao Felix will learn a lot from Diego Simeone and has natural talent much like Bernardo Silva] Joao Felix, first of all, is also a player that I admire a lot and comparing to Bernardo Silva, they have the same situation in terms of natural talent. The things look very easy for them. In regards of his season in Atletico Madrid, I remember that he started very well, he started the season very, very well, the pre-season he scored a lot of goals and then he suffered a small injury that put him out for a couple of weeks

I believe this experience, this first year allows him also to grow in terms of his style of play because with the ball, he’s a top talent, he always wants to go to the goal, he has always the eyes on the goal, the way that he receives the ball looking already to the offensive plays so in terms of what he learned being coached by a coach like Simeone, I think it’s very good for him

Simeone will give him things that he never experienced because he used to play a lot of offensive game and now he has to learn how to defend better, how to be a part of a team because he grew up in an environment that things were very easy for him. When you have difficult situations in front of you, you have to work harder in order to surpass those difficulties so I believe he will grow a lot with Simeone

2020 06 09b Retrieve

[Nuno Gomes says Fiorentina star Federico Chiesa should ignore links with Manchester United and remain in Italy] In my opinion, a young player like him should stay in Italy. It would be his best choice. He is still 22 so another couple of seasons will make him improve before leaving to another country. But for sure he would be ready for LaLiga or the Premier League. He has already been an international many times and has much experience under his belt in Serie A, a very tough league. He will be ready for an adventure abroad but the choice must be his and Fiorentina’s

When I watch Federico, I see his father Enrico who was such a great striker. I have almost never seen anybody shooting like him. His eyes were always set on the target to strike, he was amazing at set pieces. Left or right foot, the shot was so easy for him. When I watch Federico I see a bit of his father, the style, the speed, the easy way at shooting without any preparation and a powerful kick like his father. A lot in Federico resembles his dad Enrico.

2020 06 09c Retrieve

[Nuno Gomes says Ronaldo has ‘improved a lot’ after early Juventus struggles] For a while, Serie A has not been at its usual level. Before 2000 and until 2005, all the best players were in Italy. Italian clubs were so strong and, in the nineties, they almost won every year [in Europe], the managers were of the highest level. I experienced a lot of difficulties at the beginning because there was a lot less space to attack than in Portugal. Italian defenders were tactically so good and were able to do everything the manager requested. The defensive system is a united block, they all move together and even Cristiano struggled a bit when he arrived. He was used to drawing the ball to him, having space and time to think, while in Italy you have to be quicker in your mind, you have to think football. Cristiano understood that and adapted and in so doing he improved. He saw he had to change his ways with less space than in Spain. So, he got closer to the box to maybe think more about scoring. He improved a lot.

2020 06 16 Retrieve

[Former Portugal great Nuno Gomes says Pep Guardiola has taken Bernardo Silva’s game on to another level at Manchester City] Bernardo is, for me at the moment, one of the best players that we have in Portugal. With Pep he’s improved a lot. I believe that Guardiola has said a lot of times that he is a massive fan of Bernardo Silva, and I believe Bernardo Silva, knowing that he has the trust and the confidence of the coach, he goes onto the field and he plays naturally, because he has a talent that is natural

He has improved also in terms of defending, the way that he pushes the opponent, [as well as] the way he can compromise [opposition] defensive situations, because with the ball he is one of the best.

I believe with Pep Guardiola, he has already improved a lot in his style of play, and I’m a big fan of Bernardo Silva