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Name Nwankwo Kanu
Gender Male
Ethnic Nigerian
Job Nigerian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Nigeria National Team
Club as Player Despite being celebrated for his ‘unpredictability’ Kanu still demonstrated a certain measure of consistency-and longevity-in front of goal. He netted 54 goals during spells with the likes of Arsenal, West Bromwich Albion and Portsmouth, although it would have been 55 had it not been for his horror miss while in action for the Baggies. The forward’s strikes against Chelsea while on duty for the Gunners will live long in the memory

2017 04 21 Tweet

[Arsenal legend Kanu wishes Ugo Ehiogu speedy recovery] Prayers for former England player ugo Ehiogu who slumped at training today.we wish you speedy recovery

2017 07 08 Retrieve

[Nwankwo Kanu talks on winning FIFA U-17 World Cup with Nigeria in 1993] It’s something that I’ll always remember. That was a stepping stone for me. That World Cup made me

2019 05 16 Retrieve

[Kanu International Football Academy unveiled to support Nigerian kids] Years back, we had grassroots competitions to discover talents for the country but that has changed, because today the emphasis on the league and the national teams

Back in those days, we had all sorts of grassroots football programmes such as street tournaments, community matches and particularly, YSFON competitions.

Today, the grassroots have been neglected and to make matters worse, if you don’t play abroad you are not seen as a good footballer. I was discovered in Nigeria before moving outside the country where I made a name for myself.

KIFA is not just here for football but also to enhance these kids’ education through EFootPlus because, without the right knowledge and morals, they won’t be able to achieve their football goals

2019 06 01 Tweet

[Nwankwo Kanu mourns the tragic passing of Antonio Reyes, his former teammate at Arsenal] I am devastated by this sad news, Reyes was a gentleman. May his soul rest in peace. @arsenal #arsenal #coyg #premierleague #spain #london #rip

2019 06 05 Tweet

[Excited kid meets Nwankwo Kanu after successful heart surgery] You can’t buy happiness but you can give happiness

2019 06 22 Retrieve

[Nwankwo Kanu drums up support for Nigeria ahead of Burundi showdown] Please pray, support. We need all your support. The three points are very, very important for the first game. The boys are ready, we’re going to win this Cup. Believe and keep supporting

2019 07 01 Tweet

[Nwankwo Kanu attempts to lift Super Eagles after Madagascar defeat] We win some we loose some but we know what we want so let’s be united and go for the cup. We look forward to next game and together you all we win it. unlucky for this game but better one ahead. You all are champions so we go down and we bounce back Good luck next game

2019 07 06 Retrieve

[Kanu wants Arsenal to emulate Chelsea and appoint a former player as manager] It’s a wonderful one. We wish things of such to be happening to former players. And to see a former player become a coach, we all have to be happy for him.

I wish that Arsenal is still going to do the same because as it is now, we need the former players to come in. Those who have really done well for the club, know how the club is and to bring the club back to where it used to be.

He [Lampard] is going to bring his experience, he knows [Chelsea] in and out, he knows what they are lacking and I believe that was why they gave him the post.

If he doesn’t know the club, if he doesn’t know what he is doing, I don’t think they will offer him that kind of opportunity. So for me, it’s going to be something different and new knowing that he played there and he went into coaching not quite long

2019 09 10 Retrieve

[Nwankwo Kanu believes his former club should have done all they could to hold on to Alex Iwobi - a player they had developed since he was eight] I would say they made a mistake, 100 per cent. Why they let him go, I don’t know. He’s a boy who, in and out, is Arsenal. He always wanted to do his best for the club. He loves the club, but not only that he can play football. What he brings week in, week out, the fans need to appreciate that. I think he is still young and those are the type of people you want in the team, people who grew up here, who knows everything about the club and wants to die for the club. He was one of them, so for us to lose him and to let him go, was a shock. I couldn’t really believe we did it, but that’s football

[When the transfer went through, he wished his compatriot well on social media] We are proud of you and will continue to support you. Good luck with your new club

It was a surprise to everybody because it happened right at the end of the window. If I knew earlier, I could have said to him not to go and that it was better for him to stay. I would have said that there was no need for him to go because at Arsenal he will still play. He’s that good and he needs to know that. I think Arsenal would have been the best place for him because it’s a big club and you want to play in a big club and in Europe. Those are the games you want to play.

2019 09 12 Retrieve

[Nwankwo Kanu says Nicolas Pepe already has Premier League defences running scared] He’s a good player. He’s got fast feet and I think he can unlock teams. He can score and he can assist. The league here is totally different from every other league so it takes time for somebody coming in to perform the way they have for their other clubs. But I think he will do well for us because now he is getting more game time and I believe he will complement the other two strikers

If you watch him you can see he is a really good footballer and his feet are very quick. He is going to score goals and he is going to play well. I believe that teams are already afraid of him after a few games. They are scared of what he can do and what he can offer. He’s a very good addition

[But Pepe’s form in front of goal is no concern to Kanu, who scored 44 times in 197 appearances for the Gunners] As a striker you want to create chances. If you keep missing them it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to keep creating the chances because the goals will definitely come. People have to understand that he [Pepe] has come from a different country, everything is new. He has new team-mates and the coach will definitely want him to play different. All this counts. But a good footballer is always a good footballer. He will get much better and he will score goals for us. He brings us something different to the other two strikers. I want to just tell him to keep doing what he is doing

2019 09 13 Retrieve

[Nwankwo Kanu says Thierry Henry is a warrior who will bounce back from his disastrous spell as Monaco boss] He’s a warrior. Somebody who doesn’t give up. I think he did it [at Monaco] but it didn’t work. But it’s always good to go and get the experience and see how it works. If it goes good or it goes bad, that doesn’t change who you are. You have to keep going and I know he is not someone who takes defeat. He wants to win, so he will bounce back and coach again at a good club

[Henry has never hidden his desire to one day return to Arsenal] I believe that is what he is aiming at. It’s the club where he is a legend, the club that loves him. So why not? That’s where he is supposed to be

[Freddie Ljungberg left his role as Under-23s boss to move up to join Unai Emery’s first-team staff, while Edu arrived late in the summer to become the club’s first technical director] It’s always good news when one of us goes there. When we played there we played with our minds and our heart. So to see them come back to a club they worked, sacrificed and did everything for is of course a bonus. We want them to do well so more openings will be there for other players that have finished their careers

2019 09 26 Retrieve

[Arsenal legend Nwankwo Kanu on a mission to save more Nigerian lives] With God’s grace we have done 561 open heart surgery operations and saved their lives. So I’m really working hard because we want to build a hospital in Nigeria, we’re trying to put things together to try and achieve that. You have to go from one place to the other to raise funds for them [children who need surgery], because without the funds, most of them will die. So we try to make sure we can work extra hard to help those who cannot afford it by using my fame and name to get support and then we can help them out

Next year is going to be the 20th anniversary of the foundation. We want to play a football game, have a dinner and a concert so we want to put something together to see what we can make of it. The foundation is really in good shape and doing its best

[Kanu knows there is one big difference between this current Arsenal side and the successful teams that used to consistently win trophies during the glory days of Arsene Wenger] The strike force is exciting. But the only thing is the defensive part also has to be good for the strikers to function well. If we can keep things tight, then I believe that Arsenal will do very well this season. David Luiz is a good player, experienced. He knows what he’s doing and he’s bringing his spirit to the team. He is going to do well for us. But when you talk about the defence, it’s not only about one player, it’s every one of them at the back. They need to work as a defence to not concede and to improve. When they defend well, of course the strikers can destroy the other team

It’s totally different [to his era] because we were like warriors, we fought and had this spirit. It was different to what Arsenal have now. We have very good players, there’s no doubt about it, and they can score goals. But the team in general is not the same as when we played. For the defence and the midfield, every department has to be at 150 per cent and there has to be a lot of leaders. Not just one or two, everybody has to be able to lead the team. Everyone knows we have a good strike force but there is something missing at the back. The quicker they find it, the better it will be for the team.

[But the Nigeria legend, who scored 43 times for the club in 195 appearances for the Gunners, believes Champions League qualification should be the bare minimum] Top four? Yes they will. But for a team of Arsenal’s calibre, the question is not should they? They have to start winning those trophies to make sure the fans are happy because at the end of the day that’s what counts. They have a good strike force but as I said, every department of the team has to be good. If they do that, then I think we will pick up

Unai Emery’s not a bad coach. His record speaks for him. If he was not a good coach, I don’t think Arsenal will have brought him on board. But the league here is totally different and very strong. But with time, he is going to show what he is made of. Last year he didn’t do bad. This year I believe he will do better. Let’s hope it works out like that

2019 10 03 Retrieve

[Kanu reacts to Tammy Abraham and Tomori England call-ups] Our problem is that whenever someone starts doing well, we start chasing them which is not bad because other countries do that. I feel we don’t need to force people to play for the country, because Nigeria is bigger than any player.

We have quality players everywhere so we can’t continue to beg one player to play for us. Nigeria cannot beg, players have to beg Nigeria. The best way to always go about this is talking to them to play for their fatherland. If they do, it’s good for us and if they don’t we move on. That’s football and I think we have enough and we can win matches without them.

2019 12 19 Retrieve

[Kanu says Arsenal need a strong hand to bring back the glorious days] The recent poor performances of Arsenal can improve with experienced management. I know every fan is disappointed with the games the club has been playing of late. This is not the same Arsenal people used to know. But, all the same, we can still turn it around. We have a new interim coach, Freddie Ljungberg, but things are not really going well for him. When you have players, they should always tell themselves the truth. The players alone cannot be blamed, but the entire management also. But it is clear that Arsenal are not where they are supposed to be, they have to change a lot of things and ensure that they return to the basics. We need a strong hand to bring back the glorious days of Arsenal

2020 02 16 Retrieve

[Kanu provides Arteta rating as Arsenal manager] So far so good, I don’t think he is doing badly. Everybody loves him and he is trying to organise the team and also impose his own system. It’s always difficult when a new manager comes in because you want them (the players) to follow you in whatever you want to do. Sometimes some players might not understand what you are doing, and if you are lucky, everybody will be in the same direction. If you look at the games they have played so far, there have been a lot of draws which I think is making the team steady and when he gets things rights, the results will come. Whoever knows the Premier League knows that every team wants to win. Knowing where Arsenal are now and where they are coming from, a draw is better than losing games, however, the team must do better

2020 02 17 Retrieve

[Nwankwo Kanu has no doubt that his Nigerian compatriot Odion Ighalo can fill the void left by Romelu Lukaku in Manchester United’s attack] Yes he can replace him (Lukaku). If you watch him play, you’d find out that he is strong and can score goals. What he needs is the service. In this team, I am sure his game will improve because the team has great players. Despite playing in the Chinese league, Ighalo is not a player you would look down on and say he is not a good player. I believe in him and I know he can deliver if given the chance. Bringing him to Old Trafford means that those in the club believe in his ability, and we have to respect that. I don’t think he will not disappoint because he will give them value for their money