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Paul Gascoigne
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc A generational talent who would inspire England fans across the country, Paul Gascoigne is one of the most naturally talented footballers the Three Lions have ever produced


Org England National Team
Club as Player Glasglow Rangers

2015 08 29 Retrieve

[Paul Gascoigne on himself] When I was at Everton I used to go and watch the youth team play, the under-19s, before we played. I think it was Colin Harvey [in charge] at the time and he said to watch this young kid, he’s 14 and playing for the under-19s. I thought I’d stay and watch for a little bit, and he came on when they were getting beat 1-0 with 20 minutes to go. He banged in two goals. I think you can watch them on TV - they’re incredible! What a player! I thought, ‘He’s going to be good’. After the game I went in and said, ‘Well done lads. I’ve got £40 spare - is anyone going out tonight?’ Wayne Rooney said, ‘I am’, so I went, ‘There’s £40 quid, go and get yourself a couple of pints tonight’. That’s when I knew he was going to be brilliant. He’s never given the £40 back, so the interest is about £1.2m now!

2015 09 26 Retrieve

[Paul Gascoigne on Italia ‘90] We were at the team hotel before Italia ‘90. We’d been there about eight days. We’d been messing about in the pool and that, but I’d got a bit bored and was dying for a drink. All the lads were sunbathing, but I saw this cocktail hut and ordered a Pina Colada. All of a sudden I saw Bobby Robson. He goes, ‘Hey you, what you got there?’. I said, ‘A strawberry milkshake, gaffer’. He goes, ‘Let’s have a taste’. I was sweating. I thought, ‘That’s it, I’m not going to the World Cup’. So he tastes it and goes, ‘Very nice. I’ll have one of them’. So I’m panicking even more. I’m behind the gaffer trying to gesture to the barman, and he cottoned on [to give Robson a non-alcoholic cocktail]. He tastes his and goes,’ Nah, that’s not the same.’ I thought that was it, but then he goes, ‘Where’s the umbrella, the sword and the cherry?’ I’d got away with it!

2016 02 18 Retrieve

[Quote on Gary Neville] I was fortunate to play with some great right-backs [. . .] you see players today as wing-backs, getting forward, getting round the back and whipping in crosses and people say this is the new game, but he was doing it 10 to 15 years ago. [. . .] He was confident, he was a really quiet lad but he got stuck in and he was a team player. He was a guy that you would never see jogging back - he was up and down that line. He was an honest player

2016 03 24 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] Let’s not forget, he had two severe injuries, he was out for nine months with his ankle, another nine months with his knee; imagine how many goals he’d have scored if he’d been fully fit! - Rob Lee

I was at Newcastle and he was making his debut for Southampton and I didn’t really know who he was, but the guy was phenomenal. After the game, I put my arm around him and said ‘you stick in there son, and you’re going to be a decent player’, he just looked at me and said ‘aye, cheers Gazza’, and that was it.

But wow, this guy could score. Outside the box, inside the box, he had a free-kick on him like a rocket. What I liked about Shearer was he didn’t like getting messed about. He gave it as good as he took it. He would get rattled and he hated it, but he wouldn’t roll over. He’d be straight back up. [. . .]

He had a bad ligament injury and he came through that. One of the good things with Shearer, even though he got rattled, he never let anyone know. He was always quiet and just got on with it and you knew he was going to get his own back. He just knew where the net was.

[. . .] I was watching his ‘100 Greatest Goals’ on Sky and some of them were absolutely phenomenal. I had a bit of a lump in my throat watching it. [. . .] I went to his testimonial and I had tears in my eyes. He went back there and he showed them he had it

2017 08 20 Retrieve

[Rangers hero Paul Gascoigne says he used to touch Les Ferdinand’s willy before matches] He made mine look small. I went ‘Les, Les please, please let me have one fing hold of that thing’. So he let me have a hold of it. And I went out played a blinder and scored, right. I thought ‘fing brilliant. So the next game at Wembley, ‘Les get it out’. And every time we played for England Les went ‘hurry up and get it over with Gazza’

[Gazza also told of putting an England cap on a cheetah while drunk on safari in South Africa as an FA ambassador] On the way to Africa I am fing steaming on the fing plane. I get off, I get to the place. They thought, ‘S***, let’s get him out of here. Let’s get him on a safari’. I jumped off the lorry and ran over to the cheetah

2018 06 06 Retrieve

[Paul Gascoigne Explains What It Really Means To Play For Your Country] I asked Terry ‘are you okay?’ he just said ‘F* Gazza, I feel nothing, this is England, this is my house and no f**r comes into my house and takes anything.’ Sir Bobby Robson grabbed me and said ‘that’s what it means to play for your country.’

2018 09 23 Retrieve

[Vinnie Jones & Gazza recall iconic crotch grab] People still ask me if it really hurt. Just look at the picture. Look at my face and look at the veins in his neck as he’s grabbing my knackers. I’m trying to call out to the linesman but I couldn’t get my words out. I just squealed in a high-pitched voice. I remember in the pre-match team-talk the manager giving all his instructions to everyone and then just turning to me and saying, ‘Good luck, son’.

I didn’t know what he meant until we got into the tunnel. Vinnie came up and said, ‘It’s just you and me today, fatty. I ain’t playing football - and neither are you’. Three minutes into the game, I asked the referee how long there was to go! What was embarrassing was that the ground was really small and everyone could hear what Vinnie was saying and they were laughing at me.

At one point he goes, ‘Oi, fatty, I forgot to tell you that I take the corners. So you just wait there until I’m back’. I was so petrified I just said, ‘It’s OK, I’m not going anywhere. It was probably the only game in my life that I was pleased when it was over

: 2019 06 29 Snoop Dogg vs Paul Gascoigne: Why are they having a social media feud? Snoop began the battle on Instagram on Thursday, when he posted a picture comparing himself to Gazza aged 20 and aged 47. The former footballer’s images were captioned with ‘Alcohol Abuse’, while those of the musician were similarly captioned ‘Marijuana Abuse’ in an apparent attempt to show that cannabis is safer than alcohol

2019 06 29b Retrieve

[Alcohol Change UK has hit out at Snoop Dogg for using the pictures of Paul Gascoigne to illustrate alcohol abuse] It’s an unhelpful contribution to the debate around alcohol. Paul Gascoigne has been struggling for many years with a range of health issues, often in the full glare of the media spotlight. Anyone experiencing such harms deserves better and should not be stigmatised in this way. Photos such as these do nothing to help us understand the impacts of alcohol harm on individuals, which are often complex and varied

2019 08 29 Retrieve

[Paul Gascoigne has voiced his concern that too many players are becoming robots] There are too many robots, definitely, because there is so much pressure on players and managers not to lose the game - they’re frightened to lose. I always say keep trying things and, eventually, it will work out. But they’re afraid to try. I don’t know what these coaches are doing to our young players coming through, I really don’t, because we don’t have many players like Maddison coming through. He wants to be on the ball, he is creative, he takes people on. I’ve seen him do that often for Leicester, when I’ve been watching games. Gareth Southgate has done a great job, got them playing great football. They just miss that something creative in the middle, the willingness to have a go at someone. Just have a go

2019 08 29b Retrieve

[Tottenham legend Paul Gascoigne says no club can stop Manchester City winning a third straight Premier League title due to their strength in depth] I have seen the players in Spurs academy and they have some unbelievable players coming through. But the big question is going to be what happens if Harry Kane gets injured? Who is going to replace him? Man City have got players to replace every position on the field. Tottenham don’t. Mauricio Pochettino needs to buy again in the next window and get a couple of players in

Liverpool are looking strong as well but I cannot see anyone stopping Man City. They are just going to keep on buying and it’s quite scary. I think it will be Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester United. I think Arsenal are playing good football as well

2019 10 17 Retrieve

[Paul Gascoigne cleared of sexually assaulting woman on train] Thank you, your honour, thank you to the jury, and thank you to my dentist

[The former Tottenham Hotspur and Everton player insisted the act was not sexual and refused to apologise while giving evidence] I was not drunk, I was not forceful, I was not sexual. I was just reacting to the lady getting called fat and ugly

[In a statement read by Gascoigne’s solicitor outside court, the ex-midfielder said] To have a sexual allegation hanging over me for over 12 months has been so tough. I’m so glad I was finally able to put over my side of the story and that the jury came to the correct verdict

2019 12 15 Retrieve

[Paul Gascoigne reveals Steven Gerrard chat as Rangers legend backs manager to stop nine-in-a-row] I asked him what it was like when he got the call and he said ‘it’s so exciting’. He’s in it for the long haul, and why not?

He’s a good manager and obviously he’s got the respect of the players. Obviously we’ll see what happens this season. They’ve got to try and stop Celtic doing nine-in-a-row. It’ll be a tough run in

Hopefully [they can win it]. I always think whoever beats who - if Celtic beat Rangers four times then obviously they’re going to win it. Rangers have got to pick their game up, they won today 2-0 (against Motherwell), it’s going to be tight right to the end again

2020 05 17 Retrieve

[Explained: Gascoigne’s iconic Euro 96 celebration in England vs Scotland classic] There were about nine of us who did the Dentist’s Chair in Hong Kong, but obviously, being the person I am, I’m the one who got hammered for it. For some reason, in the second game against Scotland, I just said, ‘right guys, whoever scores does the Dentist’s Chair’ and fortunately for me, it was me. The lads were clued in and it was good. It’s just a shame it was lucozade in that bottle and not gin… I’m only joking!