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Name Paul Lambert
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc Borussia Dortmund signed Paul Lambert on a free transfer after the midfielder’s contract with Motherwell expired and, despite the fact he was up against big-money signing Paulo Sousa for a place in the team, he became a key player in the BVB’s Champions League triumph in the 1996-97 season. Lambert’s stay at Dortmund was brief - one and a half seasons - and he soon returned to Scotland to play for Celtic, but he reflects fondly on his time in Germany.


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Wolves Wanderers
Club as Player Borussia Dortmund
2017 05 31
Wolves announced former Porto boss Nuno Espirito Santo as their new head coach, the day after Paul Lambert had left the club, while Wigan appointed former Portsmouth boss Paul Cook

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[on tranfering from Motherwell to Borussia Dortmund] Dortmund had given all their German players who won Euro 96 time off but they were back […] Jurgen Kohler, Steffen Freund, Andreas Moller, Stefan Reuter, Matthias Sammer. I remember thinking: ‘No. You’re never going to do it.’ There was unbelievable self-doubt, that I couldn’t handle that company because when I saw the players […] He’d won Serie A, someone had won the World Cup, someone had won the European Championship, the Bundesliga titles […] and I’m coming from Motherwell on a free transfer. I was worth a bottle of Coke. Jesus!

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[Former Borussia Dortmund star Paul Lambert says Sancho wouldn’t have it any better at Man Utd] Sancho is already at one of the biggest clubs in the world, which gets over 80,000 [fans] for every league game. So, potentially, the lad has a big decision to make. Dortmund is a special club and you only realise it once you leave. United are one of the biggest clubs in the world but is the atmosphere at Old Trafford as good as the Westfalenstadion? The answer is no. He will have to ask himself will he fit in with the right players if he leaves. Will he keep making progress? Dortmund will be in the Champions League but we are not yet sure about United and whether they will be. If he comes home, it should be for football or family reasons, not money

It is a big thing going to a country when you cannot speak the language. You have to master German, out of respect to your team-mates. Sancho has done well. He is so direct in one versus ones. He has good speed but he is a clever footballer. Every time Dortmund score, you know that either Sancho has got the goal or had an assist

I know the German culture and I don’t think they would take too kindly to turning up late for training. They would look to bring someone down a peg or two. He is at a club when you cannot get away with that stuff. But he has a decent dressing room in terms of the characters - and players like [Marco] Reus and [Mario] Gotze will be a good influence. He will only get even better. He could be a big player for England for many years

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[Paul Lambert believes the RB Leipzig striker’s pace in attack makes him an ideal fit for Jurgen Klopp’s side] I saw Werner playing a few years ago and he was lightning quick. His model and Liverpool’s model are the same. Everybody knows the way Liverpool play, with speed, and he has certainly got that. Leipzig are a quick side and he has been brought up in a similar fashion of speed. That is their game. So would he fit in? Yes, I have no doubt he would fit into that just because of the way the lad is and the way he plays. Speed is definitely part of the two teams’ DNA

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[Dortmund Champions League winner Paul Lambert says Jadon Sancho and Borussia Dortmund have a mutually beneficial relationship that should not be broken up too soon] Being at Dortmund is a coup for himself anyway. No English team can say they get 83,000 every week at their stadiums. The Dortmund support will love him because of the way he plays and where he comes from. If he moves at a young age and it doesn’t go right then there will be massive regret. The best decision might be developing there and seeing where it takes you. I have always said that you don’t realise how big the club is until you leave. The organisation there is great and the support there with the Yellow Wall is phenomenal. Dortmund will also need him to win the title. They are nursing him back, then when he comes on for Saturday’s game, he sets up the second goal with a great touch to go by the full-back.

[on Striking sensation Erling Haaland] He deserves the hype for what he has done. Everyone would say that but he must not get too carried away and keep his feet on the ground. Then he will have a fantastic career. He is at a fantastic football club who will look after him. He is young with players of the same age around about him. That’s important for him. As long as he doesn’t lose his head, then he will become a fantastic striker. His goal record is well known and he is doing it in a strong league now

Hakimi has been great and so has Raphael Guerreiro on the other side. They have the license to get in behind with Thorgan Hazard and Julian Brandt in the forward line. There’s still Sancho to come back so the team is strong, dynamic, quick and with energy. Whether they do it [against Bayern] remains to be seen. I think three at the back at the minute is suiting them and the coach can either go the same way or change it. They have a strong bench too with [Giovanni] Reyna who is another talent coming through at just 17. It is a really young, dynamic team against a top team with experience. My main concern on Tuesday night is that Bayern showed against Frankfurt that they can go through the gears quite quickly. I think Dortmund will come for them, so it is a case of whether the young kids can keep their cool and head. Then hopefully they can get that win

[Spain midfielder Thiago Alcantara has been pivotal to Bayern’s style of play, but he is set to miss the game at Dortmund through injury] Thiago is one of the best midfielders around. The way he plays the game is one and two touch football. He has great technical ability, a great brain and the way he reads the game is incredible. It is a massive blow that he is out for Bayern going forward with him not being fit

I had faced some great number 10s that year in the Bundesliga like Thomas Hassler, Mehmet Scholl and Steffen Effenberg. My role was basically to be aware of these type of players and to protect the defence. We had won 1-0 at home against Manchester United. We scored at Old Trafford which meant they had to score three but we shut them out. In the final, we thought Juventus would have to be unbelievable to beat us after that, which they were. Playing against Zidane, I was given similar instructions, but when I was on the pitch, I didn’t realise how tall and elegant he would be. He was a world-class player and one of the greatest players we have ever seen. The thing with him was that you had to stay on your feet as he could go either way against you, which was his great strength. I have met him since then which is nice. I went to watch Real Madrid train in Lanzarote with the assistant manager. We had a laugh when he recalled it. He was thinking ‘Oh my God, I don’t want to remember that game. I couldn’t believe we lost!’. It was a nice moment. He exercised those demons in his finals after. He was a great, great, great player. It was one of those games where everything went right for us. After the Champions League final, Juventus were asking me if I wanted to move there. I didn’t want to move and I loved the club. I didn’t need to move and in my mind I wasn’t moving. I loved the club, support and I still do. My son wasn’t too well at the time, though, so we decided to come back to Scotland to another great club [Celtic], a huge club as well. My time at Dortmund is never forgotten. I was fortunate to have played with so many legends. Every time we get together is great and I like going back

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[Paul Lambert, who won the Champions League with Dortmund in 1997, says the fans and the stadium were a big pull for him] Everyone knows the Yellow Wall, it’s famous around the world and when you play there it’s a special place. I went back there after I finished and stood there with the fans, what an atmosphere. I’m glad I played in front of it and I’m glad I stood on it and I would go and do it again. It’s a special place to play football

[While there is an emphasis on youth at Dortmund, first-team places are not just handed out as a matter of course] You’ve got to earn the right to get in the team. I don’t think you can guarantee someone a game just because you’re a young player. Borussia Dortmund have to win. They have to try and win the Bundesliga or the German Cup or European trophies. It’s a huge club. They’re not going to bring you in to give you a grounding, develop you and then move you on. They want to win trophies and I don’t think you should get away from that