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Name Pedro
Gender Male
Ethnic Spanish
Job Spanish Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Spain National Team
Club as Player Chelsea FC

2018 09 22 Retrieve

[Pedro speaks about team-mate Eden Hazard] It is obvious that he is [one of] the four players that are the best in the world. Leo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Eden. Every year, you look at their numbers - score goals, assists, minutes - to see they play very well

2018 08 06 Retrieve

[Fluminense’s Pedro is not ready to let the speculation knock him out of his impressive stride] I do not care which team is watching me. I just try to do my job, which is to play well for Fluminense and to score goals.

2019 06 30 Retrieve

[Ex-Barca star Pedro, who played alongside the South American before heading to Chelsea in 2015, spoke last week about his desire to see Neymar back in Barca’s colours] Of course he can come back. Neymar, he’s a great player, one of the best in the world. He has shown that at Barca and PSG and I think everyone would see his return positively

2019 08 14 Retrieve

[Chelsea forward Pedro has compared Virgil van Dijk to Spain team-mate Sergio Ramos ahead of Chelsea’s UEFA Super Cup meeting with Liverpool] They are very good central defenders, probably at this time at the top [of their game]. Sergio Ramos is very good. I know him very well: great defender, great with the ball. Van Dijk is also the same: so strong, very good in the air, scores goals. Two big players. He’s in a good moment. Last season with Liverpool, he had a great season winning the Champions League and the best player in the Premier League. He’s in a good moment and he’s a good defender.

[Pedro hopes to get the better of Van Dijk and Liverpool to secure a win what would represent his fourth UEFA Super Cup triumph] It’s another trophy, it’s good when you start the season winning a trophy - it’s good for confidence, for the future. Liverpool are a strong team with great players, a solid team, good on the counter. We need to read the game well, stay compact all the time and when we create chances we need to score if we want to win. It’s my fourth Super Cup final. I was lucky enough to win the last three. I have good memories of the last final [in 2015]. The important thing is the mentality: to stay strong, stay compact

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Pedro has offers to end ‘hard’ Chelsea spell as World Cup winner heads towards free agency] Yes there are offers, there are always clubs that are interested and that is a joy. [Whether in Spain or elsewhere] that is good news. Nobody knows what can happen. I still have years to play but you’re thinking about what things are going on. I’m running out of contract at Chelsea, I’m free and we’ll see what happens

[He has enjoyed his time in England, but is also ready for a fresh start] [It’s been a] hard and difficult time [but] I am calm because in the club they have always treated me in the best way; also the same with the fans and team-mates. You have to keep working to take advantage when you have opportunities. Yes, it is a difficult time because I had never lived it. For us it has been a transition season because Chelsea were not able to sign and have opted for young players, who [in fairness] are of the [required] level. Frank Lampard is betting on them and perhaps it is the reason that he had fewer opportunities despite starting well

2019 12 12 Retrieve

[Pedro believes Barcelona return is possible as he approaches the end at Chelsea] Everyone knows what I feel for the club and it’s evident that it’s a possibility to go back. I’ve always said it. It’s a club I have special love for because I support them. I’ve had so many experiences there and was there so many years, I feel loved by the fans. It’s an option that’s always there and that I hope could happen

[Pressed further on who needs to make the call for him to return to his roots] I don’t know if it’s in the hands of the president, the coach or whoever. I think for them my return is difficult but it’s clearly a possibility

[Pedro considers Lionel Messi to be the best ever] I think Leo Messi is going to be the best player of all time. Yes, I also think that some Golden Balls have been lost along the way and that he could have even more

2019 12 27 Retrieve

[Pedro would ‘drop everything’ for Barcelona return] If Barca call me, I’ll drop everything. There was a moment in pre-season when we played against Barca that, after talking with the coach, I saw a chance, but the door closed quickly. At this point, I don’t know what will happen to me, just that I’m contracted to Chelsea until the end of the season

I left Barcelona because I was brave. Neymar arrived and I played less. These things happen in football. Luis Enrique was always honest with me

[On rumours he could move across London to West Ham] I don’t know, we’ll see … What I know is that I want to continue having fun playing football

2019 12 28 Retrieve

[Pedro has admitted his interest in returning to his previous club Barcelona, although they are not expected to make a move for him in January] If Barca call me, I’ll drop everything. There was a moment in pre-season when we played against Barca that, after talking with the coach, I saw a chance, but the door closed quickly. At this point, I don’t know what will happen to me, just that I’m contracted to Chelsea until the end of the season

2020 03 25 Retrieve

[Chelsea contract talks ‘not important’ to Pedro amid coronavirus crisis] My contract ends soon but right now this is not the most important thing. I haven’t even stopped to think about this. The most important thing is for everyone to show solidarity. Whatever happens regarding my future will happen but right now is not important as we don’t even know when we will return to training. We have been in quarantine because one of our players (Hudson-Odoi) tested positive for coronavirus, he is now well and we are very happy for him.

The materials are scarce and everything that can be helped is welcome. The hospitals told us that they are a good resource for them, and we wanted to contribute our grain of sand with these protective screens

I am very sorry for everything that is happening and the news that comes to us from Spain. From here I once again thank all the health personnel, the state security forces, the people who are in the supermarkets day-by-day, thank you to everyone for the work you are doing. Hopefully, we can stop this virus

2020 03 26 Retrieve

[Pedro clarifies comments on his future after being misquoted in Spanish radio interview] As many people know, my contract is up in May. But I still haven’t spoken to the club about whether or not it will be renewed and whether I’ll carry on. I’ve seen loads of messages from Chelsea fans saying goodbye and thanking me for the time I’ve spent here, which I appreciate, but I’d like to tell all the fans simply that my current contract is coming to an end but I still have to talk to the club. I don’t know whether I’ll keep playing here or not. That conversation is still to come. But I have not signed for any other club. I belong to Chelsea. I have a contract. My wish is to be able to stay here but obviously we don’t know what will happen. I have to speak to the club and let’s see what happens

We are working together with a lot of hospitals, not just in the Canary Islands, but also in Madrid, Barcelona and other parts of Spain. We have begun some good projects which include distributing protective screens for all the nurses, doctors, security guards and police officers. We’re trying to distribute the biggest possible number of protective masks for all these professionals, not only in the Canaries, but in the areas where there have been the most cases, in Madrid and Catalonia. We’re also trying to help many people through this initiative by supplying food for healthcare workers. Given the long hours they are working, it’s sometimes hard for them to get access to food, so we’re delivering meals to workers at different hospitals in various locations. These are some of the first initiatives we have but we’re open to getting involved with many others. I will try to help the maximum possible number of people, so that once more we can say thank you to all the people who are confronting this situation day after day and who have to contend with the virus, and with the people who have been affected on a daily basis. We want to thank them once more in this way for the work they are doing every day

2020 04 03 Retrieve

[Mythbuster: ‘Fraudiola’! Pep is nothing without Messi] A great coach can teach you how to find goals, and that’s what I learnt with Pep

2020 05 03 Retrieve

[Roma & Real Betis options for Chelsea’s Pedro as forward approaches free agency] The coronavirus situation affected everything, so at the moment we are waiting for a meeting with Chelsea. I know that the contract is concluding, but we have not yet sat down to discuss whether to renew and continue here or not. I’m waiting for the meeting with the club, but am also open to listening to other offers. The priority right now is completing my contract, then we’ll see what happens

[On a potential return to Spain] I don’t know, I really don’t know. I have offers from many places and I’ll evaluate what to do next. The truth is, I don’t know what’s going to happen