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Name Peter Schmeichel
Gender Male
Nationality Denmark
Ethnic Danish
Job Danish Footballer
Desc The impenetrable foundation upon which five of Manchester United’s Premier League titles were built. A natural and formidable leader who helped to redefine what we expect from his position, while dragging United’s defence up to a new level of excellence. Sir Alex Ferguson’s long struggle to adequately replace him demonstrates just how brilliant he was


Org Denmark National Team
Club as Player Manchester City
  Aston Villa
  Manchester United


Teammate Ryan Giggs
  Paul Scholes
  Gary Neville
  Nicky Butt
  David Beckham
  Roy Keane
Coach Sir Alex Fergusson

2012 11 20 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel believes the Red Devils should beat Galatasaray in the Champions League on Tuesday, despite selecting a youthful squad for the trip] It’s not important to not to take our best players like Rooney and Van Persie. We are Manchester United and our goal, which is winning, doesn’t change. I can’t forget the games we played Arsenal in 1999 which was the FA Cup [semi-final replay] clash.

2013 06 12 Retrieve

[Ten Legends of the Beautiful Game to be honoured by National Football Museum] I am very proud to join the Hall of Fame. Such great goalkeepers have played in England over the years – the likes of Gordon Banks, Peter Shilton and Bert Trautmann. And at Manchester United I was part of such a fantastic team led by Sir Alex.

2015 11 10 Retrieve

[on David Beckham] You only have to go on MUTV and watch programmes like ‘Ruud van Nistelrooy: all the goals’, ‘Andy Cole: All the goals’ and so on, and see how many goals they scored came from his crosses. A cross was him is as good as a goal. His crossing was unbelievable

2015 11 28 Retrieve

[on Patrick Vieira] A great all-round midfielder. I used to look forward to playing him because he made every one of us raise our game. Arsenal had a great side, but I firmly believe without him they would’ve been 25 per cent weaker

2015 11 29 Retrieve

[on Roy Keane] Box to box, probably the best midfield player in terms of being an engine for the team that I’ve played with. He never really had bad games, [and] was a good leader in midfield

2015 12 30 Retrieve

[on Sir Alex Ferguson] First of all, he is an incredible man-manager. To be that, you have to know who you’re dealing with, and he knew everyone, every single player at the club, every parent’s name, everyone who is employed at the club, despite the circulation of players during the summer. That’s a very big skill, and a very important thing for him in order to do his job. When I retired, every now and then I went to watch training, and he was very happy for old players to come back. He’d be walking around with his hands in his pockets, watching training, and would say, ‘Come, let’s go and watch the kids.’ We’d watch the Under-17s, and he’d point to a player and say, ‘That player over there, he’s going to play in the League Cup 18 months from now. We’ll give him a game then, and he’ll probably be on the bench once, maybe twice.’ So he would be planning 18 months into the future. One year he let Mark Hughes, Paul Ince, and Andrei Kanchelskis leave in the same summer, and he didn’t bring anyone in. He said, ‘My responsibility is that if I want to bring kids through, I have to give them an opportunity to play, so I’ve got to make space in the team for them. [. . .] That’s knowing your players. He knows when players have to be moved on before anybody else, even the player themselves, and he knows who is going to replace them, and that’s one of his major talents. Then he has the ability to evolve and develop himself; over the course of 25 years you can’t be the same guy

2016 02 03 Retrieve

[On Dennis Bergkamp] Played football like it was all a dream – you couldn’t even imagine some of the things that he was capable of doing with a football

2016 02 14 Retrieve

[On Gianfranco Zola] I could never tell where he was going to shoot – unplayable and read the game like no other

2016 02 18 Retrieve

[on Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic’s Partnership] The game has changed a lot since I played – it’s much quicker nowadays and there are even more skilful players around. That’s why Rio and Vidic are so impressive

2016 02 19 Retrieve

[on Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic’s Partnership] Vidic has been the key to the defence. And he’s made Rio [Ferdinand] into a top-class player. I thought Rio was a very good defender before, but since Vidic has arrived they’ve both formed a settled partnership and Rio has developed brilliantly, just like Vidic

2016 06 23 Retrieve

[on Nemanja Vidic of Manchester United] (He) Came in when Manchester United were seriously lacking a no-nonsense defender. Full-blooded tackler, never afraid to boot the ball clear but very tactically aware at the same time. He’d put his foot or head in danger for the benefit of the team – as a goalkeeper you love that

2016 09 09 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel compares the global standing of his old club Manchester United and their local rivals Manchester City] There’s no doubt, nobody can argue that Manchester United is not the biggest club in the world. It is. It’s the club with the most fans, supporters and there are numbers out there which are official numbers so you can’t argue that. But is it the best club in the world? It hasn’t been for three years, it hasn’t been even anywhere near the best club in England. Manchester City have been there or thereabouts, so you can argue that they are the bigger club in Manchester at the moment in terms of results. But in terms of popularity, they’ve got no chance of being anywhere near the biggest in the world

2016 10 01 Retrieve

[Peter Schmeichel speaks about Arsene Wenger’s qualities as the Arsenal manager celebrates 20 years with the club] I think he has been fantastic, we owe him so much gratitude. I think he introduced better play which we all took inspiration off. The competition he had with Sir Alex Ferguson made Manchester United much better, that’s for sure. I think all in all he has made the Premier League so much better and I am not one of those guys who want him gone. I want to see him carry on because he has so much to offer English football

2019 08 15 Retrieve

[Peter Schmeichel says Harry Maguire is made for Manchester United] I have to say when I saw Harry the first time for Leicester when he played his first game he intrigued me straight away. A couple of games in I am thinking, ‘This guy is made for Manchester United ‘. He is not fazed about anything. Everyone will agree in the World Cup he played every game, just got on with it and was arguably was one of the best players in the English team. He brings all that and an incredible ability to bring the ball forward. It is something you either have or don’t have and very few centre halves have that ability. For some people he looks a bit awkward but I have got used to him and know exactly what he will do and think he will do very well. He is going to bring stability in defence. He is a very calm, cool customer. There is nothing erratic about him. You had all the big clubs looking at him and I felt he would go all summer because of the money involved

2019 08 15b Retrieve

[Peter Schmeichel says David de Gea is staying at Manchester United] David was a great signal that we start off with arguably our best performer over the last five years. We have tied him down, he is staying and now we move on and build on that

We had a few guys who have been instrumental like Antonio Valencia and Ander Herrera who have left with their contracts running out. They have had to be replaced by Manchester United youth which is a very position thing. Aaron Wan-Bissaka has come in and Daniel James who are good exciting young British players. They are still a bit raw but massively talented and that is proper Man United DNA. You find those kind of players and develop them.

I also know Ole has worked really hard on getting the players fitter than they have ever been and that is going to stand them in good stead. That is going to be a big difference to last season and the season before. I think it is about longevity – duration not only in games but in the course of the season as well. The fitter you are, the longer you last. It is an interesting season and I am really looking forward to it. We all want Man United to do a lot better. I am very positive we will see a big improvement. But I don’t think you change from being one to the next over the course of just one summer

2019 08 24 Tweet

[Peter Schmeichel urges Man Utd to sell underperformers with transfer windows still open] There is hope, international transfer window is open for sales until September 2nd

2019 09 21 Tweet

[VAR slammed yet again as Tottenham see Aurier goal controversially ruled out] Let me be clear of what I’m saying. VAR was introduced to correct CLEAR errors by refs, not for half a centimeter offsides.

2019 09 24 Retrieve

[Peter Schmeichel says uncertainty around David de Gea’s future could have come to hurt Manchester United] Finally he signed the contract because it’s been one of those situations that if it drags on too long it will actually hurt the football club. It gets to a point where you say, ‘Either you sign the contract or you leave but you tell us because we need to move on’. The situation at Manchester United is that we know quite a few of the players in the squad have to leave for the club to progress and we need to bring more players in, different kinds of players. I think the manager needs to know, ‘Is David staying or is he going? Because I have to move on as a manager and we have to move on’, but he signed and that’s great. He’s been, I think, in the last six years unquestionably the best player we’ve had, so it’s nice. That box is now ticked and Ole can start looking at other areas he needs to improve in

2019 10 01 Retrieve

[Peter Schmeichel has criticised Paul Pogba’s performance for Manchester United against Arsenal on Monday, labelling him the problem child of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side] He’s playing very, very deep and I don’t understand what his role in this team is. Even when Ole made the substitutions and put Pogba further forward, not a lot happened. I agree there were two very good passes from Pogba in this game but it’s two, it’s not 15 and I kind of see that as a problem because he takes up so much attention and it kind of feels like he’s the problem child in this team. When you have someone who takes up so much attention from newspapers, from when we talk about him, we need to understand what is his role. What is it that he’s going to do for this Manchester United team? At the moment, I’m kind of confused and I don’t understand it.

I think the players are good enough around him but he wasn’t looking enough for the ball, he was hiding a little bit in the first half. In the second half it was a little bit better. He’s not playing in the same way he did last season for sure. I think they need to find out what his role is and how Manchester United should play with him in the team and then it should be communicated to everyone. You know the 75,000 here, they’re not really too happy with him to be fair, you kind of hear that around that people don’t like Pogba that much because he doesn’t do much for the team. We’ve seen his world-class quality and how do we get him to perform like that in this Manchester United team? That’s something they’ve really got to work on

2019 11 04 Retrieve

[Peter Schmeichel says Manchester United have a very average squad of players and lack the fight for a Premier League battle] It was definitely not good. I kind of feel for Ole, I think he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. There’s not really a lot he can do. The fact is that it’s a very average squad of players that he’s got. To go to Bournemouth and to, not be bullied off the pitch, but at times played off the pitch, and with only one shot on target, it’s bad.

We’ve all experienced games like that where it’s not coming off for you and stuff like that. But what really gets to me is the work rate - the work rate is just not good enough. You play for Man United, you have to work hard for 90 minutes or however long the game is and there are certain players in there who come off the pitch [and] there’s no sweat on them, they look like they don’t care if those lose the ball or lose a tackle and don’t get the ball. For me, that’s not good enough

[United did spend over the summer in an effort to aid their collective cause, but there were also plenty of outgoings at Old Trafford] He definitely didn’t get the transfer window done in the way that he wanted to. Not so much any players coming in because he brought some really good players in. I think he wanted a couple more players leaving, which also has an effect on his team

2019 11 25 Retrieve

[Man Utd’s ‘seven minutes of the future’ offer hope to Red Devils legend Peter Schmeichel] That’s what I’m clinging onto, the seven minutes of the future. As a fan, I now see that there is something there and I think the way that the game went, you can’t expect every game to be played brilliantly. With young players, you can expect them to be up and down in games and have some terrible, terrible games, but also have some brilliant ones. I really do think we saw some brilliance from some of the younger players. Swapping [Daniel] James over to the left seriously helped

2019 11 26 Retrieve

[Man Utd urged to offer Nemanja Matic clean slate as Schmeichel rejects criticism of ‘slow’ Serb] They needed a player like Matic, just to sit in that defensive midfield role and just calm things down. He’s been criticised for being slow and playing the ball backwards too many times, but sometimes they needed that. I like Fred, but he definitely needs somebody strong, somebody that can control him. You want to talk about where Man Utd are in this evolving period, but just the fact that Scott McTominay is not there is a problem

[He added on Rashford’s comments] One thing is to actually play the game, how you see it and how you feel it. He will remember the last bit of the game and maybe take that over more minutes. I think if he watches it back I think he’ll change his mind a little bit. They didn’t exploit the little pockets of space before very late in the game. But full credit to them for carrying on and continuing to believe it and just waiting for that one opportunity that came in the 72nd minute. From then on, I actually said it was going to be five because it was that kind of game when you’re suddenly a team that takes over and then you can score more goals. But full credit to Sheffield United for coming back, it was a deserved point for them

2019 12 05 Retrieve

[Man Utd legend Peter Schmeichel would ‘love’ to see Spurs star Heung-min Son at Old Trafford] I would love to see him [at Old Trafford]. Yeah, I know [there’s quite a few players I would have from Spurs]. He is an incredible player. It really is difficult to understand how good he is

]</b>Schmeichel believes Jose Mourinho came unstuck as a result of getting selection and tactical calls wrong, with a more adventurous approach taken than he usually favours]</b> Hindsight is such a great thing. I think if Jose looks back at this game, he’ll have regrets over the way he lined up today. We started out thinking ‘ooh, this is so anti-Jose’. I expected him to come in and park the bus and see what happens. Then, he goes out and plays attacking players, [Lucas] Moura, Alli, Son, [Harry] Kane, even [Moussa] Sissoko and we thought they were going to come in and attack. But they didn’t, they came out and sat back. I think that was part of the tactic. With how the second half unfolded, with [Tanguy] Ndombele coming on, he did really well. I think he would have started with him today

2019 12 09 Retrieve

[Peter Schmeichel says Daniel James produced an unbelievable performance against Manchester City on Saturday] Someone who is not going to grab the headlines is Daniel James. He was unbelievable, chasing every ball, he was in every counterattack and, at the same time, he was doubling up with [Aaron] Wan-Bissaka on the right-hand side. Ryan [Giggs] must be so happy to see one of his players perform so well. He’s played every single game this season and he’s still playing well. That’s a fantastic signing and he played fantastic

It was a big day for them. They now have an incredible belief. In the same week they’ve beaten Tottenham, they’ve beaten Manchester City. That’s gotta mean something for them. I think tactically they got it inch-perfect in terms of how they were exploiting Man City’s weaknesses. Man City are 14 points behind [Liverpool] because they can’t defend. It’s as simple as that. [Aymeric] Laporte is out, they haven’t replaced [Vincent] Kompany […] they can now concentrate on winning the Champions League but they have to defend much better than that. That was exploited by Manchester United

2019 12 20 Retrieve

[Quote on Zlatan] This guy finds the goals, finds the little tricks. He finds whatever the crowd needs at any given time. He was born to play for Manchester United

2020 03 02 Retrieve

[Peter Schmeichel admits David de Gea making far too many mistakes] It’s a lack of concentration. For top clubs, the way to win the championships is not to give anything away easily - you don’t do that. In seven games, seven mistakes have led to loss of points, that’s far too many. That’s too much for a top club and that’s something that David de Gea needs to get out of his game. He needs better concentration

I think the disappointment of not going to Real Madrid at that time, feeling like he’s caught up here, rebuilding the team, insecurity in defence - there is a lot of things going on. But I think with his experience that he should be the one calming things down and ensuring every easy thing was dealt with. In certain situations, that hasn’t happened and people start to focus on that. When people pinpoint something on your performances, you start to think about it and start to believe you have a problem. That might be why we see David de Gea in these situations

2020 03 03 Retrieve

[Peter Schmeichel says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is right to avoid making bold Champions League predictions at Manchester United] He’s [Solskjaer] tried to not put it out there that we are chasing Champions League or that he’s setting targets that might be unrealistic. He’s saying we take it game by game. He’s said his grand plan is to play a younger team and get a younger team ready for next season. He’s doing that. He’s getting players at 18, 19, 20 years of age, he’s giving them game time so that they will be ready and have that experience. Then we will have to see what happens in the summer. Of course he wants to be in the Champions League but I don’t think he can go in an interview and say that because it is a big call, there are a lot of teams there

2020 04 06 Retrieve

[Peter Schmeichel says ‘Far too early’ to replace De Gea with Dean Henderson at Man Utd] Would anyone seriously consider not having David de Gea in goal and put Dean Henderson in now? There’s no doubt about Henderson’s potential, but he’s played one season at a club who has had an unbelievable run in the Premier League. Henderson will need to show another season, like he’s just come through, and then another one, and another one, in order to convince everyone that he is the right guy. There’s a really big difference between being the No.1 at Bramall Lane and being the No.1 at Old Trafford, a really big difference. Even just being a player at those two clubs. I have seen a lot of guys come into Old Trafford with great reputations, goalscorers, and they haven’t been able to do what they promised to do, with performances and talent. That’s simply because the pressures at Old Trafford are different, just different, you know

Just as an example, if Henderson makes a mistake – and I can only remember one he made against Liverpool - it, ‘Oh yeah, but he’s young and talented and blah blah blah’, because he plays for Sheffield United. If he makes that mistake at Old Trafford, for Manchester United, then it’s headlines and it’s all week until he plays the next game, where they question his ability to be the No.1. The pressures, the outside pressures, are so different. If you make a mistake playing for Sheffield United, well, fine, it’s what happens, you’re not expected to win every game. But you are when you’re playing for the bigger clubs. So, let’s see how he develops and keep an eye on him. But it’s far too early. So the question: De Gea or Henderson? There’s really only one answer to that

2020 04 07 Retrieve

[Peter Schmeichel says Solskjaer is doing an ‘amazing job’ at Old Trafford] I think Ole has been absolutely fantastic. Fingers crossed that everyone in the boardroom and the ownership circle see the same thing, that they’re happy with what got and don’t see the need to change to yet another big-name manager. We have a big-name manager. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is one of the biggest names in Manchester United’s history, so we don’t need anybody else. Ole had them going really well. It was 11 games undefeated, before everything was closed down. It was a big shame, because the job that Ole’s done, it really is an amazing job.

I don’t think he was given the best squad of players to do precisely what he wanted to do. He realised very quickly it was going to take time and he spent that time wisely. The players he knew for sure that had to go, I think most of them have gone. I think the players he brought in were good, in the sense of what he wanted to do. So I’m actually looking at United being very successful this season, with the introduction of new players and still in touching distance of Champions League qualification

2020 06 10 Retrieve

[Peter Schmeichel says Solskjaer has done a tremendous job at Manchester United in a short space of time] I think he’s done a tremendous job. I think he’s far exceeded my expectations on what could be done in a relatively short period of time, it has to be said. Basically what he’s taken over is six years of too many different directions. He’s taken over players that were with Sir Alex (Ferguson), he’s taken over players that were with (David) Moyes and Louis Van Gaal and then (Jose) Mourinho. All of them are different. They’re different in their approach, they’re different in the players they like. So he’s not really had an opportunity to build what he wants but he has. I think he has been helped by circumstances for absolutely sure but he’s given opportunities to players who you always thought that they were good, they could do the job, but because of the lack of patience or understanding of the players’ ability

Getting into the Champions League, that is a massive leap towards [winning the Premier League in the future]. Not getting into the Champions League is not a disaster because it’s another year of development and I don’t think there’s anything wrong in taking one step back to take two steps forward. But if we could manage to get into the Champions League, that would mean that the up-and-coming transfer windows will have a different feel to it because the best players in the world want to compete in the Champions League.

2020 06 10b Retrieve

[Peter Schmeichel has described Fred as one of the great stories of Manchester United’s season] Fred has been, for me, absolutely instrumental in how well the club has done this season. He was always perfect for the club but he’s now been given playing time and the more time he’s been given, the more confidence he’s gained and for me, he’s been one of the great stories this season at Manchester United. Of course it’s down to Fred but it’s down to Ole for giving him that confidence. I like that. I like the way he’s kind of introduced players that were already there but are now in the first team and are now playing well. He’s also brought all these values in. The players now know them. If you don’t share our values, there’s no place for you here. So you have to live up to his values. And he’s bringing in his own culture and you can see it and it’s there and it’s brilliant

2020 06 19 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has labelled Odion Ighalo’s signing as one of the most positive surprises ever] I think he’s been one of the most positive surprises ever. First of all his personality around the club, he’s been a revelation around the club. Everybody has tagged on and liked him straight away. When you have that kind of personality, it changes the whole team. Someone who brings a laugh into the dressing room, rather than coming in grumpy or not saying anything. It changes the dynamics, and what he’s done on the pitch, that really has surprised me. I was kind of confused, because it was last day and it looked as if they were just needing and looking to bring someone in - but that’s not the truth, and what he’s done is just fantastic. Another thing as well, someone like him, all of his life the only thing he really wanted to achieve was to play for Manchester United. Now that has been cut short by circumstances that are out of everybody’s control. For what he’s done, in the very few games he’s ended up playing, it would have been heart-breaking if that was to stop.

I think he might not be a starter but he might be somebody you can throw into the mix. You’ve seen him in the Europa League, like Ole himself, he can come on and change a game. Nobody, nobody, knows that better than the Manchester United manager. The value of having someone on the bench who can change a game, so I’m really happy about that.

2020 06 19b Retrieve

[Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel claims to be absolutely convinced that Paul Pogba will remain at the club] I’m absolutely convinced he wants to stay. I think we’ll see somebody, more of the player we saw a year ago.

[Pushed to explain why he is so confident Pogba will remain on the books of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side] I just know – you speak to the right people. One thing is how he’s portrayed in the media for what he does and what he says himself, and another thing is what his agent is doing. And a completely different thing is what it’s really like. He wanted to come back to Manchester United, he wanted to come back. And he has got, like any other player at that level in the world, he’s got his pride. And I don’t think he wants to leave. I don’t think so.

I think when Ole came, we straight away saw with Ole’s guidance and his knowledge with Paul, we saw precisely what he can give us. And that’s a lot. Unfortunately I don’t think he’s gotten great representation. He’s such a valuable asset so it’s great to shift him to another club, because that’s a lot of money to make. I think that if you have somebody telling you that in your ear at some point you’re bound to be confused. You’re a young player. All he should be content and focused on is playing. I hope with this period of being out of the game, I hope that with Ole’s management skills, he’s going to come back and love playing for Manchester United.