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Name Pierluigi Collina
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Referee
  Chairman of FIFA Referees Committee
Desc xxxx


Org FIFA Referees Committee

2018 08 25 Retrieve

[Pierluigi Collina talks about the use of the Video Assistant Referee] VAR is like a parachute - it’s better to have it when you need it

2019 10 10 Retrieve

[Legendary referee Pierluigi Collina thinks fans should be thinking about the future with VAR – and says that it actually brings more excitement to the game] Even if it feels like VAR has been around forever, it was only thought up five years ago. In principle, it was meant to be a simple visual aid for the referee. One of the biggest problems was in reliability, but the reaction time of the technology has advanced light years. What takes one minute today took five minutes in 2014 during our first tests. We are working constantly and the technology we’ll have in five years could be totally different to the one we see now

[The time taken to make decisions has also been an issue for many fans] Of course, nobody likes to wait. But a big step forward would be if we create a programme using artificial intelligence to immediately select at most 20 different camera angles. I don’t think VAR kills the excitement of a goal celebration, if anything it increases the level of excitement. You get to celebrate twice, when scoring and when it’s confirmed

2020 07 10 Retrieve

[VAR: Pierluigi Collina calls for more use of pitchside monitors] Another thing to be considered (is) a sort of wrong idea of solidarity. If you belong to a team, you always try to protect your team-mates. If your team-mate made a mistake, you try to find everything to say ‘No, no, no, he was correct’. It’s a sort of friendship I would say. Referees must understand the solidarity and the friendship that they want to show is to tell their colleague ‘Be careful, you might have made a mistake’.

It’s better that you have another chance watching the incident on a monitor, you have assessed probably wrongly,’ so that finally you can avoid a mistake. A wrong decision taken in an important match, a key decision, from our experiences in the past can really kill a referee’s career. (VAR) is a very important safety net for referees.

[Collina would not comment on specific competitions] What we are trying to do is to have consistent assessment, to have uniformity, to have consistent decisions taken by video assistant referees suggesting referees to review something or not on the pitchside monitor. It might be very complicated to switch from what you are used to doing when you play domestically into a different way when you play internationally. Offside can occur anywhere in 55-60 metres of the outfield, so it’s much more complicated to have the same kind of approach goal-line technology

We are working. VAR is only five years old. He is a young boy, who is learning and certainly will improve. I had two experiences in my life as an assistant referee - and they were two nightmares. It is more than probable that in the future we will have specialised video match officials