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Name Pramote Prom-in
Gender Male
Ethnic Thai
Job Thai Soldier
Desc Pramote Prom-in is a spokesman for local security force in Thailand Deep South


Org Thai Royal Army

2016 08 24 Retrieve

[Double Tap Tactic: While the first blast at a nearby bar did not cause any injuries, a second 90-kilogram bomb was hidden inside a stolen hospital vehicle and detonated shortly after] The car was parked in front of the hotel lobby for a few minutes after first bomb went off and people were not suspicious because it was a hospital vehicle

2017 04 08 Retrieve

[Thailand’s restive southern provinces were rocked by a wave of coordinated bomb blasts and arson yesterday, a day after the country enacted a new Constitution] The incidents are to create disturbances. They want to destroy the government’s credibility and create fear among people

2020 03 18 Retrieve

[18 injured as 2 roadside bombs rock Thai south] The first bomb was a grenade thrown into the area outside the SBPAC office fence to draw people out. Then a car bomb about 10m from the first explosion went off. This was hidden in a pick-up truck which the perpetrators parked near the fence. Eighteen are wounded and no one died