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Name Reggie Cannon
Gender Male
Ethnic American
Job American Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org USA National Team
Club as Player FC Dallas

2019 09 07 Retrieve

[USA vs Mexico. Reggie Cannon certainly did not hold back when he was asked what the match means to the squad] It’s going to be a revenge match. That feeling after the Gold Cup, that we were so close we could taste it. After that game we were all disappointed in ourselves, the team and the way we played. We’re going to come back out and have that fire and that hunger again. This time around it’s going to be different. It means just as much if there was a trophy involved or if there wasn’t

2020 03 19 Retrieve

[USMNT defender Reggie Cannon admits coronavirus will likely impact potential summer transfer] Yeah, it’s obviously a concern. Being transparent, I want to be present in my situation and give Dallas my 100 per cent for however long I’m here. But the goal was to be transferred in the summer, and obviously teams are in a scramble right now because it’s a tough time for transfers at the moment. Now the most important thing is safety and health. Regardless of if it happens [this summer] or not, I don’t think it’ll hinder my career at all. It’s God’s timing, I have to trust in him and have faith, which I do.

At the end of the day, I know my future is over there [Europe], whenever that may be. I just have to be patient and kill it at FC Dallas. Dallas is my priority and what I care for right now. That future is great and I’m looking for it, but right now I have to give 100 per cent to Dallas

[21-year-old is trying to live life as normal as he waits for MLS to resume] It takes a toll on your body and mind. My fiance could see how hard it is on me, just knowing this is such a big time. Just trying to play the best I’ve ever played, make this my year. It’s tough, it’s hard to cope with it, but it’s life. We have to be strong, be mentally stable. Right now it’s about family, safety, health and staying fit

2020 06 10 Retrieve

[FC Dallas and U.S. men’s national team defender Reggie Cannon: Kaepernick was right all along with racism protest] I can firmly say Kaepernick was right. Peaceful protests happened, but they weren’t accepted. […] Now, you get people speaking out against violent protests. We had a peaceful protest, we’ve been peacefully protesting. It didn’t work. Now that people are being forced to listen, the message is getting out

[When asked if he plans on kneeling during the national anthem when MLS returns] I don’t know. It may happen, it may not

Having that power of social media, I’ve been using that a lot. It helps inspire different conversations to be had. After I reposted that video of George Floyd, as uncomfortable as it was, sparked a conversation between me and Ryan. He reached out to ask what he could do to help. That’s important, it gives you a sense of unity. It’s not just us fighting the battle in this case, it’s been different. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks but it’s a time for change.