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Name Ricky Sbragia
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Sunderland [Coach]
  Manchester United [Youth Coach]

2009 05 30 Retrieve

[Former Sunderland Manager Ricky Sbragia Praises Niall Quinn] He is a dream for any manager, he is football-orientated and he understands how things should be done on the football side. If ever you wanted a chairman who is everything a manager would want him to be, it would be Niall Quinn. He was always available, he was always willing to give advice and he was always there to support me, and I’m very grateful for that. He never questioned anything I did – he always supported me and said he believed in what I was doing. He is Mr Sunderland – he loves the club, has a great rapport with the fans and he devotes all his time to Sunderland and improving the club

[Sbragia took the job at the Stadium of Light after Roy Keane’s departure in December, and he managed to retain the club’s Premier League status] Niall stuck his neck out and gave me the job in December, when I think I was probably the last person to give it to in a lot of people’s minds. And I wanted to repay him by keeping the club in the Premier League. I thought ‘how can I look him in the eye’ if we don’t stay up. But we did and now I can

[The 53-year-old has said he has no regrets about leaving the manager’s post and is backing Quinn to find the right man for the job before the busy summer transfer window] I’m happy with the decision I’ve made – I think it was the right one for the club and the right one for me. The fans have been terrific this season, with me and with the team. Hopefully, whoever gets the job now will take the club on further and give those fans the success they deserve

2019 08 02 Retrieve

[What we can expect from Man Utd teen sensation Mason Greenwood this season. Former under-23s boss Ricky Sbragia admitted that his side is little more than a stepping stone into the first team if players have already proven themselves in competitions like the UEFA Youth League] I think the European games are more important than our games, to be truthful with you, and I think it’s a great psychological test for us. How the European teams play and how we can deal with it, and in some cases maybe undermining what we have got against the likes of Valencia and Young Boys and Juventus, I think the group has done extremely well

2020 04 20 Retrieve

[Sbragia, who formed part of Keane’s backroom staff before inheriting the managerial reins at the Stadium of Light himself in 2008] There was one professional contract still to be handed out, and it was a straight choice between three of the academy lads. The night before the decision had to be made, it still hadn’t been decided. As I left for home, I didn’t have a clue which one would get the nod.

When I came back in the following day, Jordan had been chosen. What swung it for him? The attitudes that you see today – the ones that have made him such a success. It just goes to show how thin the dividing line is.

[Sbragia went on to detail how Henderson’s loan move to Coventry came about in 2009]

Roy could see his potential. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. Roy brought him in, and Jordan would have picked up plenty from him. Yes, Roy was great for him. The years and the experience he had in that position, it was an undoubted help. As everyone knows, Roy was one of the best – if not the best – midfielder in the world at one time.

However, towards the end, it wasn’t quite happening when Roy was in charge at Sunderland, but I remember when Jordan played one of his first matches. We were at Chelsea – and 3-0 down at half-time. Frank Lampard, Deco and Jon-Obi Mikel were playing in their midfield. We were getting a bit of a chasing, and Roy must have thought that it was a good time to see what he was made of as he threw Jordan on at half-time. Jordan couldn’t have been much more than 18.

When we reviewed the match afterwards – it made for painful viewing because we ended up conceding five – Jordan had given a pretty good account of himself. He certainly wasn’t afraid of the situation that he found himself in, or the players he was up against.

It wasn’t long after that the decision was taken to allow him out on loan at Coventry. That can tell you plenty about a young player. You do get ups and downs whenever you loan out a player. Are they going to play? Are they going to sink or swim? Do they think they’re better than the club they’re going to? He viewed it as he should, as a continuation of his education. He wanted to go.

[Henderson completed a permanent move to Liverpool in 2011, and Sbragia says a former charge is fully deserving of the success he has enjoyed at Anfield in recent years] The move was a big step. They had seen something in him. I think, back in the day, if you’d asked Jordan: ‘Where would you be in 10 years’ time?’ he was so single-minded that he would have said: ‘At the top’. If you said to me when he was 18 that he would go on to win the Champions League, I’d have said: ‘Steady on’, but he deserves every second of his success. And you know what? Absolutely every second of it has been earned