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Name Rob Lee
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2016 03 24 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] You can rely on him to put the ball in the back of the net and if you had to put your house on any one player taking an opportunity in a game, he is the man

2016 03 25 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] Alan was one of the most mentally strong people I’ve ever met. He knew what he wanted to do. He went 12 games without scoring before Euro 96, but he knew he would score. Whenever he had a drought, he knew he would score

2016 03 26 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] He was a great striker of the ball. Give him a ball, he’d try and hit it first time, and nine times out of ten he connected well