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Name Roman Burki
Gender Male
Ethnic Swiss
Job Swiss Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Borussia Dortmund
  FC Freiburg

2018 01 14 Retrieve

[Roman Burki backed Stoger’s decision and urged Aubameyang to get his head right so he does not miss more games as a result] I support it. It was a logical decision. There are rules which apply to every player, regardless of how many goals he scores or prevents. It would be a shame if he missed out again due to his stupid actions

2019 12 11 Retrieve

[Burki made seven saves in total to confirm Dortmund’s place in the knockout rounds] The whole team felt a huge sense of relief after the final whistle. Hardly anything had filtered through to us. It was only when the spectators were celebrating shortly before the end that we looked at the screen. That gave us an additional boost at that point. We’re a team, we battled well. It was clear that I could be in for a busy evening. But that’s what I’m there for – perhaps today I might even say that I did fairly well

2020 01 24 Retrieve

[Roman Burki has joked that he fears Erling Haaland is beginning to lose his scoring touch] It’s a pity he’s slowing down!. First three goals, then two goals. I hope that it won’t only be one goal next. Joking aside, he is a great kid. He has everything it takes to reach the top

2020 02 14 Retrieve

[Roman Burki says Erling Haaland is very professional and can deal with the hype surrounding him] If a young player gets hyped so much and is world-famous at 19, it can be a difficult situation. But he’s a cool guy who knows what it’s about. Erling is very professional. I’m always one of the first at the training centre, but he’s there even earlier. He also comes to the training centre on days off. He knows what is important and good for him

There are many starting points and discussions about what could be the reason. Ultimately, however, it is probably due to the absolute will to protect and defend the goal. This affects not only the defence, but the entire team. Our attacking game works almost perfectly, we score a lot of goals. Now we have to see that it gets better defensively

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Chelsea set to miss out on Roman Burki as goalkeeper teases new Borussia Dortmund contract] I’m delighted and hope we can get together in the next week to get everything sewn up. I feel very comfortable here, I’ve been through a lot with BVB over the years and always felt the love of the club

2020 06 28 Retrieve

[Roman Burki has urged Borussia Dortmund to come back stronger next season after they closed the Bundesliga campaign with a 4-0 hammering at home to Hoffenheim] Already after the first 45 minutes you noticed that there was a team on the pitch that wanted it - and a team that didn’t feel like it. That shouldn’t be. It’s a Bundesliga game. We should all be happy that we can play here. A lot of things were wrong and then the result is what it is. Maybe we just sometimes have the wrong mentality. We have to work on our winning mentality, Bayern have it more than we do. It is precisely these points that we are missing in the end to be at the top. I have not won against Bayern many times and I can only explain that by not having the right attitude or mentality