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Name Ron Atkinson
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2001 03 12 Retrieve

[Big Ron Atkinson’s expert speculation on how Manchester United might have felt after going a goal down to Panathinaikos in the Champions League. The wacky thing is: he gets paid for this] That was the last thing United would have wanted

2008 10 20 Retrieve

[Big Ron Atkinson on Strachan] If certain big jobs became available and he let it be known he might be interested, then he’d have a real good chance. There would be interest in him and I think he might fancy England again at some stage. He’s not going to stay at Celtic for the rest of his management career and he is too young too pack up football because he is a football nut

[Big Ron summed up the Glasgow side’s colossal task against Man Utds] It’s a bigger ask coming here now than it was in 2006. There’s no question they’re a better team now than they were when Celtic got a false result the last time

2010 06 10 Retrieve

[Atkinson first described a Cameroon player as] absolutely brainless [then added off-air] I’ll only get into trouble if his mother’s back home watching the game sitting up a tree.

2011 04 18 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United Manager Ron Atkinson Believes Club Can Win The Premier League Title This Week] If Fergie (Sir Alex Ferguson) could have picked anybody they haven’t played for an away game he’d have gone for Newcastle. I fancy United for my life in this one. Newcastle are made to measure for them and I think they will look at what happened over the weekend with the bit between the teeth following the Arsenal result on Sunday.

They’ll see this as maybe they win the league this week. It’s an absolute stone blinder (for United to win)

2013 08 24 Retrieve

[Ron Atkinson, the former Manchester United manager, has a dozy moment upon meeting TOWIE star Mario Falcone on Celebrity Big Brother UK] You’re from The Only Way is Essex. So, where are you from?

2016 11 11 Retrieve

[The former Manchester United manager has been dogged by comments he made regarding Desailly more than a decade ago and is tired of saying sorry] He’s what is known in some schools as a f** lazy, thick n*****. […] I am fed up of apologising – [former England manager] Terry Venables rang me up once and he said: ‘When are you going to stop apologising?’ And I thought: ‘Ah, you’re right.’

When other clubs wouldn’t use black players, I used plenty of them. Not because they were black but because they were good lads who could play

[In the modern era, with the lack of black managers viewed as a pressing issue in the fight for equality in British football, Atkinson believes the game is a meritocracy and opportunities are out there] I’ve always thought it’s ability that gets you anywhere. Those black lads [at West Brom] didn’t get in because they were black. They got in because they were good enough. There’s a lot of talk about managers, there’s not enough English managers, let alone black managers.

You know, there’s been any number of black managers, people forget. [Brighton manager] Chris Hughton keeps getting jobs. He does a good job wherever he goes. Funnily enough, I mentioned [former Fulham boss Jean] Tigana earlier, he was a good manager. It’s just dawned on me that Tigana was black. I never thought of that; I thought of him as a manager

2017 04 21 Retrieve

[Ugo Ehiogu: Former England defender dies after suffering cardiac arrest. Former Villa boss Ron Atkinson, who brought Ehiogu to the club in 1991] It is a complete shock. He was a big physical specimen, a strong man. You realise that can happen to anyone. He was a defender that liked defending, he loved a full-blooded challenge. He didn’t have the best of starts for Villa and made a couple of blunders against Norwich that cost us the result, and it took him a long time to live that down. But he showed character and developed into a centre-half who would have got a lot of England caps but for injury

2018 01 15 Tweet

[Cyrille Regis is dead] An unbelievable player and a gentleman respected by all his fellow professionals RIP my friend you will be sadly missed

2018 01 20 Retrieve

[Ron Atkinson pays tribute to Cyrille Regis] He got five international caps but today he would get 60 or 70 at least. I think he was the best centre-forward I’ve ever had and I’ve had some top players. But I also think he was a better bloke than a player. In full flow there wasn’t a better sight in football. Visiting fans took to him. I can remember us playing at Leeds and we were all getting abuse, but he scored two wonder goals and afterwards he got a standing ovation from the Leeds crowd

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[A man who once called the shots at Old Trafford believes patience is required on and off the field, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needing time and trust] David Moyes was on a six-year contract and thought he was on a rebuild from start to finish. At the time, they were talking about transition. Barcelona don’t have a transitional period. Now I think United are in one - I don’t think for a minute they will make the top four.

Louis van Gaal was certainly different. At times I thought he made Jose Mourinho look like a shrinking violet. I was manager of Manchester United and also played against them. If you were the opposing manager at Old Trafford, I would say, ‘As soon as you go out that door, be on your toes because they will come for you hell for leather in the first 20 minutes’.

When I was in the other dugout I would say, ‘They’re expecting it, don’t disappoint them’. I don’t think Van Gaal bought into that. I was a big Mourinho fan but for some reason he didn’t lighten up enough for me. Instead of saying after a game, ‘We got away with that today’, he’d start putting fingers up saying, ‘I’ve won five’. Don’t do it.

When he first came to Chelsea he was abrasive but funny abrasive. Maybe he can rediscover that at Tottenham. I hope he does

[…patience has to be shown with somebody if the kind of consistency that United are crying out for is to be returned to their ranks] Unless it’s an absolute disaster they should stick with what they’ve got until the end of the season at least. I think he should be given the January window. I know it’s not that easy to deal in it but his first three signings [Harry Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Dan James] are decent. If Maguire had gone to Manchester City they would win the league. The [Mauricio] Pochettino thing complicates it a bit. It was mentioned even when he was in a job at Tottenham. Now he’s out of a job it will be talked about even more