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Name Samuele Dalla Bona
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Mantova
  Napoli FC
  Chelsea FC

2017 07 12 Retrieve

[Samuele Dalla Bona on Marek Hamsik] I liked to play with Hamsik, even then I saw that he was a very good player. He has a [good] left foot and right foot. He is a great runner, he’s not in the style of Pirlo but he’s technical too. A very good player

He was very young when I saw him. You could see he was a very good player but I didn’t know that he would become this good. He does deserve everything he has because he is very professional and a great footballer now

Yes, I am a little surprised he stayed. He had offers but he never wanted to change clubs. Napoli became a very big team with him. It was good for him to stay there, live there, buy a house there, raise his family there

Maybe like Francesco Totti, he could have had the chance to go away but he didn’t choose to do it. It is a respectable decision because he feels good there. He has a good contract and it has been good for him to stay

They love him a lot in Naples. He is a legend for Napoli. He is a big legend. He is like Steven Gerrard in Liverpool. He is parallel to Gerrard, he is a top player and a leader. I played against Gerrard and with Hamsik. They are both at the top of their profession

[He looks back fondly on his time in Naples as he played his part to get Napoli back to where they belong] It was a very crazy city. I loved it at Napoli, the first year was good in Serie B. We got promoted and I scored six or seven goals and then I had a problem with the coach and it finished like this

Napoli is a beautiful place to have played football, it is like the opposite of what I experienced in London. Very different indeed but still a beautiful time that I remember fondly to this day

2019 06 12 Retrieve

[Dalla Bona, however, believed Lampard was more likely to become a movie star than a manager when his playing career ended, but wishes his old team-mate well back in west London] I am a bit surprised for Lampard that he became a manager. I thought he was a superstar and could go into the movies or something! Now he decided to be a thinker and a manager. They lost to Aston Villa but it was a great achievement with Derby.

I remember he was a big player and a great person. I was only 17 and he was a few years older. He helped me a lot. We played together for a few years. I hope for him that he can go to Chelsea, and to go and do it as a manager is much more different to being a player.

He has the fans behind him and, even if he struggles at first, he will be a legend at Chelsea. I hope he can go to Chelsea. Maybe it is too early but I hope he can get the job because I would get behind him and get to his games! He was great as a player, professional and very funny.

Under Ranieri, we played together a lot in midfield, he was box-to-box. Hopefully, he will become a great manager. I played with Jody Morris, too. He was a little crazy and funny, too. I have good memories of Jody as well. I think they are people who will be good for the fans. Although, just because you are a great player, it doesn’t mean you will be a good manager.

[Dalla Bona, who played for Napoli like Jorginho, believes that the 27-year-old is unpopular with fans at Stamford Bridge because he cannot match up to other midfielders from the Roman Abramovich era] I think he is a good player who plays simple passes to make the team balanced and he stays always in his position. However, I think compared to other players Chelsea has had in that position like Lampard, Ballack and Essien […] so many players, of course, maybe the fans can be disappointed about Jorginho.

He is a good player but probably not a top player. He makes good passes but not goals, and physically he is not so big, he never arrives in the box. For a midfielder, I expect something else. I think midfielders can master more than just the minimum of passing

2019 06 20 Retrieve

[Samuele Dalla Bona watched both Maurizio Sarri and Antonio Conte closely at former club Chelsea and he believes that the new Inter boss will come out on top as the duo prepare to do battle in Serie A next season] In Chelsea, Sarri had a decent season, it was neither good nor bad. I see Chelsea as a big team and they could have done better. I don’t know why Juventus took Sarri. Honestly, I am a little bit surprised about this.

He won the Europa League but he had a good team in Chelsea. I don’t really like his style of football. I think after February he changed a bit. I didn’t think he played his full Sarriball. When he played Sarriball, he lost 6-0 to Man City

He had to change a little bit and they got some good results towards the end. He hasn’t won much and I don’t know if he is the best profile for Juventus. To follow Allegri won’t be easy. Five Scudetto, Coppa Italia, Supercopa. It isn’t an easy job for him.

I am sure that Conte can beat Sarri’s Juventus to the Serie A title. Maybe not in the first year but he is a winner because he shows that he is a winner. He showed it at Juventus and Chelsea. He had a problem with [Diego] Costa and others but I really like him.

When he came to Chelsea I was sure he was going to win. Now when he goes to Inter, I am sure they will be a very very strong team. For sure, they won’t finish 20 points behind Juventus. I think he is a better manager than Sarri.

I think Conte would have gone back to Juventus but it may be that they didn’t want him for his character. After Allegri, I think it would be better to see Conte back and not Sarri

[Dalla Bona does not believe that Ronaldo needs any instructions from his managers] I think Cristiano Ronaldo can play alone without any advice from anybody. I went to Juventus Stadium many times, they played short passes with Pjanic. I am not sure if they will change for Sarri