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Name Santiago Solari
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Footballer
  Argentinian Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Club Real Madrid [interim]
Club as Player Real Madrid

2019 01 20 Retrieve

[Solari refuses to give up in title race] We are fighting in three competitions until the last, as always. For Real Madrid, nothing is impossible. I always enjoy football and the competition, it is our passion and we love it despite the tough times. We are passionate about competing and obviously it is better to win, no one can deny that.

It’s always more than just the three points when you’re up against a direct rival, because one team gets the points and the other loses them. The celebration was worthy of Casemiro’s wonderful goal, and it was tense because I couldn’t see if it was going in or not. It was a fantastic effort, not only because of the significance of the game, but because we needed that breakthrough

[On Modric, who played on despite suffering a cut in the first half following an aerial collision with Sevilla’s Franco Vazquez, the Madrid boss added] He was outstanding. Considering he had big gash that they had to stitch up. He’s a fighter, he played a wonderful second half, split his eyebrow, then after 15 minutes [at half-time] they patched him up, he came and got the goal at the end. That speaks volumes about the spirit in this team. It was a very complete performance

2019 02 06 Retrieve

[Real Madrid wonderkid already becoming indispensable] He always has the support of the mature players in the squad, who take care of him, love him and they advise him. He played a great match, Vinicius, and was applauded from the Bernabeu

2019 02 11 Retrieve

[Solari says Vinicius can get even better] He’s got many years ahead of him in football. He’s a kid of 18 years of age. Vinicius is learning from the best. He is very well advised and looked after by the squad, which will only add to his game

2019 02 14 Retrieve

[Solari keeping faith in officials after close call at Ajax] We don’t have the elements to make a judgement. We don’t have a monitor. We trust what VAR or the referees say. Without a doubt [we suffered]. We knew how to play the game, how to work it, suffer through it and to score when we created those chances. We did everything and that shows the strength of the players and of the group.

[Madrid struggled in the first half against Ajax’s high press, but Solari did not agree that it was a poor performance overall] That’s your opinion. We had to do a lot of things to get this result. We had to work, suffer, know how to escape the press, and be strong. This is the Champions League, the last 16, and there are no teams that are not very good. They played with a lot of energy, pushing some situations to the limit, and they made us work hard for the win.

[Solari was pleased with Asensio’s impact as a substitute, while he also denied he took off Gareth Bale after 61 minutes because of a poor display from the Wales forward] I’m particularly happy with his goal and his performance. He’s played in three or four games since he came back from injury. He did everything he had to do, not only for the goal but also how he acted on the pitch, how he defended and for his effectiveness in reaching the goal

[When asked about Bale] I’m very happy with everyone’s performance. It was a very difficult game and we needed the maximum from everyone. Without that, we wouldn’t have won

2019 03 04 Retrieve

[Solari laughs off Mourinho links] This club has and has had more suitors than Julia Roberts. It seems quite normal to me. It’s a mixture of things. It is part of our work, to improve what we have to improve. Sometimes the ball hits the stick and enters and sometimes comes out. It is true that we had many chances in the game, less in the last. We have to specify them, that’s football

These players have experience and character. They have to have a clear conscience for having given everything and doing a good job, which was not enough to win. When we do not win we are not happy because we always want to win

2019 03 05 Retrieve

[Solari refuses to offer Madrid resignation] I didn’t come here to give up. Carvajal has a lot of character, he was speaking in the heat of the moment on the side of the pitch. The season goes on, we’ve still got La Liga. The season is difficult, but we are here to show our heart and character in difficult moments. Easy moments are easy for everyone, you can climb up and surf them, but difficult moments you have to show bravery

2019 03 09 Retrieve

[Solari vows to fight on at Real Madrid as he arrives 80 minutes late for press conference] I give you [the] same answer as my first day here: we are all passing through here, and the most important for any coach, any team, is the next game. It is an honour to serve this club. These are not assessments I have to do. I’m the coach and, like everyone, I try to give the best I have. It’s not the best moment. The objective is always the next game, always. There are judgements I have to accept, but my job is to carry on. I’m going to give my best, as I have done since the first day I came here.

[When asked about meeting with his players] Things that happen in private should stay there. We’re very harsh in our self-criticism, not only at the specific moment of a defeat. We do it day-by-day, even more so in victory. The hard part is finding the bad things in the good times.s

[Solari did state he has been clear with those players who have not performed to the standards he expects] The majority have been. The ones who haven’t, I have told them. In adversity, you see the character of people: the one who stands up, the one who hides, who is rebelling, who isn’t, who is happy or sad […] We have to keep working to add points until the end. The key is to play as a team

2019 03 11 Retrieve

[Solari in the dark on Madrid future] I cannot answer that. Tomorrow we have a training session, and that is what I focus on. It has been a difficult week for everyone, and of course the players too. The first 25 minutes reflected that, and we found it tough. But the rest of the game they knew how to come through that, which speaks to their spirit and professionalism

[If it does prove his swansong, Solari will at least depart satisfied with the application his injury-hit side showed against relegation-threatened Valladolid] It was a very difficult game after the week that we have had - to come here to such a difficult stadium, against a team in this situation, and with us having so many injuries. So we are full of satisfaction and pride. They are great professionals

2019 07 27 Retrieve

[Former Real Madrid boss Santiago Solari can appreciate why Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is a target for the Blancos] You ask me this question, me, as a coach, it’s all speculation. I don’t know who is the right choice for Madrid right now. There are people taking these decisions. What I can see is if Pogba, or someone of his talent or his name comes to Real Madrid, there is going to be true competition in the midfield. One of the big names will have to wait

[Real Madrid already have the likes of Toni Kroos, Luka Modric and Casemiro on their books, with Zidane hardly short of top talent in the middle of the park] Toni and Luka are very intelligent football players. Alongside Casemiro they built the most successful or one of the best midfields in Real Madrid history. When they are at the top of their game, they are just the best. The truth is they’re not getting any younger, they are not in their early 20s. It’s normal that the club might be thinking about reinforcing the midfield with another player

2019 07 29 Retrieve

[What Zidane covets above all else, though, is Paul Pogba’s almost unique mix of physique and technique. He has both the skill and the stamina required to rejuvenate Madrid’s midfield] When [Modric and Kroos] are fit, they are the best but the truth is that they aren’t getting any younger. It’s normal that the club are thinking about other players

2019 09 26 Retrieve

[Santiago Solari is eyeing up a return to management, with the former Real Madrid boss admitting that he could be tempted to take on a serious project in the Premier League] I would like to coach in Europe, in a serious project in one of the big leagues. I saw the Premier League last year and how it grew so much. It was a fantastic campaign for the English teams. There are so many different cultures as well - you have Spanish coaches, German coaches, English coaches, coaches from all over the world who have made it grow.

The type of football I like is when the team is the protagonist, offensive football, high tempo and aggressive but in order to achieve that you have to defend high, have fast transitions, and of course talent is a big part of that. The statistics in the Premier League are amazing and confirm things are changing. Fifteen years ago there were just three games where one team averaged 70% of possession. Three years ago that went up to 30 games. Two years ago it was 60 games and last year there were 67 games in which one team had 70% of possession

[Solari’s compatriot, Mauricio Pochettino, has impressed in the Premier League during spells with Southampton and Tottenham, with his fine work earning plenty of praise] I am not friends with him but I know him and I admire him and what he has done last year and the year before. It didn’t just happen that he got to the final of the Champions League - it was something that was growing over four or five years

[Pochettino is currently competing against the likes of former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola for major honours in England and Europe] I don’t think we can put them in the same package. They have coached different teams. I would like to see Pochettino with one of the really big teams soon because he deserves the opportunity. On the other hand Pep has only ever worked with top teams. He delivered in Spain, he delivered in Germany and he delivered in England. We’ll see now what his next step will be. But they are both top coaches and I have nothing but respect and admiration

2019 11 16 Retrieve

[Santiago Solari insists he was ready to become Real Madrid manager in October 2018, despite lasting only a matter of months in that post, and is now eyeing up a Premier League job] Real Madrid had formed me for 11 years. I played for Madrid for five years and then coached for another six years at almost every age group from under-14 level upwards and enjoyed every minute of it. Coaching youngsters is more difficult than senior players, but very rewarding. When you coach Real Madrid you are not only a football manager, you represent a centenary institution with its history and its values that should be honoured and respected. I gave the club my absolute best, but Real Madrid has markedly shaped who I am too. I’m forever grateful

[He added on his footballing philosophies] I love aggressive, fast, attacking football, where my team is a protagonist every game, but coaching is not about what the coach needs, it’s about what the team needs, the players’ qualities and the club’s objectives. You have to harmonise all that to get the best results - that’s the job

I’d love to coach in England. I watch a lot of Premier League football. It’s a top league enjoying a great moment in its history. There are many amazing players and some of the best coaches. There are many different nationalities, styles of play and four teams in the two European finals last year