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Name Sebastian Kehl
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Dortmund [head of the licensed player]

2019 08 15 Retrieve

[Sergio Gomez: The ‘new Iniesta’ who turned his back on Barcelona for Dortmund] It will take a while. Everything was new for him last year. His family travel over sometimes but normally he is on his own. It’s not as if someone is close to him every moment. They don’t go to the supermarket with him. He has to stand on his own feet, cross the street alone. We are available. You are taken care of but we’re not doing everything. There has to be a point where a player has to do it on his own. It’s personality development

2020 01 30 Retrieve

[Dortmund star Jason Sancho given warning over conduct] I have rarely seen a player who has developed in such a short time. Like every other player, he has to know that no matter how good you are, there are limits. There is a certain framework in which all players can move with us. Football is a team sport. You have to be consistent and make a tough decision in the interests of the group

2020 06 07 Retrieve

[Dortmund teen sensation Youssoufa Moukoko won’t be rushed into first-team] There will always be a decision on a case-by-case basis, which will not only be made on the basis of sporting skills. Here physical and mental aspects, but also the personality of the player play a major role. We will all handle it very responsibly

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Sancho tipped to spend ‘next year’ at Dortmund despite links to Man Utd & Liverpool] We expect Jadon to play with us next year

2020 06 13b Retrieve

[Sebastian Kehl says Dortmund will have to be patient over plan to keep Real Madrid’s Hakimi] The contract situation with Real Madrid is very clear. Spain are just starting again [after lockdown]. We will have to be patient with our ideas. If there is a chance, we will try everything. He is a very important player for us, whom we can offer a platform to develop further

There is nothing new at all. We had a few issues with Jadon in the last week, but we cleared them all up. He played a great game afterwards and does a good job. He is incredibly important. At the moment, we continue to assume that he will play and stay at Borussia Dortmund next season. Regarding the rumours, I can say there is nothing to it.

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[Speculation over Favre’s future] Lucien is authentic and has an extremely meticulous way of working. The public discussions over his position have been unfair. His work is recognisable. We’re absolutely not ashamed of our performance this season

2020 06 28 Retrieve

[Sebastian Kehl has expressed his belief that Sancho is likely to remain at Westfalenstadion for at least one more year] We expect Jadon to play with BVB next season and we’re all very happy with the quality that he brings to our side and the difference that he can make