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Name Sebastian Lletget
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job American Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org USA National Team
Club as Player LA Galaxy

2019 11 13 Retrieve

[Canada didn’t even have to worry about bending and not breaking. They barely even bent] If there’s ever one thing that we work on, it’s patience and to dominate the ball. I think, in that sense, we’re prepared for it. If they do move to a formation that parks it more in the back, I think we are ready to disorganize them. It’s one of the challenges of this game. It’s not just a friendly. We’re tight for points and we need them

We’re definitely missing people like Christian and stuff, and obviously he’s been a key player for this team as everyone knows. We have to have variety. We have to be creative. It’s not like we don’t have the players to do it. We don’t need to sell ourselves short. We just need to believe in ourselves and do what Gregg asked us to do. The chances will come and I think it will be a much different game this time

2019 11 19 Retrieve

[Asked about Ibrahimovic’s departure before a national team training session last week, midfielder Sebastian Lletget couldn’t hide his indifference] Oh man, that guy. I wish him the best, dude. It was a good run.

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[Playing with Zlatan Ibrahimovic was super frustrating, says ex LA Galaxy teammate Lletget] There’s definitely a better feel around the place for sure. As far as chemistry, that’s only going to build with time

You couldn’t be free. It was super frustrating. You feel like you want to literally take your boots off and just walk off the field. It’s tough to play against him and tougher to play with him

[Although nothing came of the set piece, it went viral on social media because Ibrahimovic pushed the midfielder out of the wall, much to Lletget’s shock] What’s funny about that guy, that to me is complete insanity to do that to one of your teammates - complete insanity. I was telling him in that play: ‘This [opponent] is alone, should I go?’ I’m kind of whispering to him and he said: ‘No, stay’. Then literally as he’s about to kick it, he just shoves me and you can see in the video that I just play it off super cool. Then obviously I wake up the next day and it goes viral. it’s one of those moments I think he shows his true colors