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Name Senol Gunes
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Turkey National Team [Head Coach]
  Besiktas [Head Coach]

2019 09 19 Retrieve

[Besiktas goalkeeper Loris Karius commits epic blunder for Besiktas] He was at fault for the goals he conceded. Karius has gone a bit stagnant, something is wrong with his electricity, motivation, enthusiasm for the game. It has been like that since the beginning. He does not really feel a part of the team

2019 10 15 Retrieve

[Turkey players celebrate France draw with controversial salute gesture] Like all countries, we don’t want our soldiers to be deployed. It’s just a mark of support to our soldiers. It’s a gesture of support. As for the rest, these are questions for [US President] Donald Trump or [French President] Emmanuel Macron - I’m only the national team coach

2020 02 20 Retrieve

[Turkey head coach Senol Gunes compare Jurgen Klopp with City boss Pep Guardiola] They are both technically and tactically on a high level. Manchester City finished with 98 points last season. Liverpool added two players to the squad and Klopp used them. When manager, management and squad superiority match up, good things happen. If a team loses the championship race at the earliest point [in history], a year after they became champions, there may be problems.

Football is not like 2+2=4. One team lost but didn’t quit and kept moving. If that team stopped going when they lost, today they wouldn’t get the chance of becoming champions. It’s a good and beautiful lesson. Klopp already comes from the German school of ethics. His work and discipline is very clear. He knows his limits and strength. He doesn’t use it in a megalomaniac way. There’s no surrender in his mindset, he’s got the warrior spirit. I think the management, coach and players work in a very harmonious way

[Gunes went on to express his frustration over the format for this summer’s European Championship, which is being held in 12 cities across 12 UEFA countries] Unfortunately, it seems to me that Turkey couldn’t be the sole hosts of this tournament because we had demands in the time of [Michel] Platini. They have spread the games between 12 cities so they could avoid giving the tournament to Turkey. I don’t find it very healthy, but I have to see it. Because the league will be over, the players will have physical and mental fatigue. They will compete in the national team and also will travel. For example, we will go long distance, but Switzerland’s situation is worse than us

We will go from Baku to Rome and play two matches. Switzerland will play against Wales in Baku and go to Rome, then return to Baku. This is the situation, we’ll see the pros and cons. Instead of complaining, we will accept it. Our group includes Italy, Wales, Switzerland. Our first match is the opening match of the tournament. This is also a chance for us. The fact that our opponent will play in their home is an advantage for them, but the opening game will be in a very nice atmosphere where players can show themselves. The first game of the tournament is just one game. It’s a game everyone watches. No other motivation is needed for the players. Of course, we aim to be successful in this competition but, more importantly, besides the sporting achievements, we want to play our own football, with fair play and show it to others. We want everyone to see this