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Name Serge Gnabry
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc The ex-Arsenal star needs a few more years to really build a legacy at Bayern Munich, but there’s little doubt he’s already on that path and he could even be remembered as one of their all-time greats


Org Germany National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich
  Werder Bremen
  Arsenal FC
  West Brom [Loan]
  Arsenal FC

2019 08 15 Retrieve

[Serge Gnabry thankful to Arsenal as he targets Champions League triumph with Bayern Munich] Joining Arsenal may have been an extraordinary step for some, but not for me. If a club like Arsenal makes you an offer and says it wants you in the club - with a coach like Arsene Wenger, who was known to give young players a chance - that’s a great opportunity. I really wanted to take this opportunity. My time in England has shaped me, with all its ups and downs. I would do the same again

[Gnabry kickstarted his career in 2016 with a move to Werder Bremen and joined Bayern a year later for a reported €8 million] The move away from Arsenal was because I did not want to line up again and only play in the cup a few times. So I said, ‘Okay, I have to take a step back’. In Bremen I got a lot of playing time. That’s why I enjoyed playing football again

Now that I have won the championship and the cup with Bayern, I also want to win the Champions League. This is a dream that I and everyone in the team has. I’m satisfied with my playing time, that’s the most important thing. Over time, I want to slip into a role where, at 24, I can help the boys who come up - the way I was helped

2019 08 20 Retrieve

[Arsenal were well aware of Gnabry’s potential and were keen to hold on to the Germany international, even after an underwhelming loan spell at West Brom. The winger, however, was not convinced the Premier League was the right place for him to take the next step in his development and rejected the chance to sign a new deal] It was the right decision [to leave Arsenal]. I wanted to get more playing time and it worked. Arsenal wanted to keep me, badly. But I had to look after my development

2019 10 01 Retrieve

[Serge Gnabry revelled in his remarkable four-goal haul as Bayern Munich battered Tottenham 7-2 on Tuesday, with the former Arsenal forward trolling his former side’s rivals by cheekily posting] It’s difficult to put this into words, winning 7-2. None of us would have imagined this. To have scored four goals is also an amazing feeling. I imagine all the Arsenal fans enjoyed that one! Obviously it’s a great result for us and we’re going to enjoy the evening. North London is RED!!!

2019 10 01b Tweet

[Serge Gnabry’s message after scoring four times against Tottenham during a 7-2 Champions League demolition in London] North London is RED!!!

2019 10 02 Retrieve

[Having never previously scored in the Champions League, Serge Gnabry admits his four-goal haul against Tottenham exceeded all expectations and he made a point of getting his hands on the match ball to remember the occasion] Maybe I scored four goals in F-Youth. It was definitely a long time ago. I waited one season for my first goal in the Champions League, but I did not dream of four today, that’s something I did not dream of before. I saved the ball. It was shot into the fans but I got it back

2019 10 04 Retrieve

[Serge Gnabry has revealed that he was initially banned from joining Bayern Munich as a 10-year-old by his dad] Oh man, I was very p*ssed off back then. I was angry and I cried. But my dad’s opinion was irreversible. Only when I was 12 years old was I allowed to join VfB Stuttgart. In the end I have to admit that his decisions have not turned out to be the worst ones

2019 10 10 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich and Germany star Serge Gnabry believes traditional ideas of masculinity are outdated, including when it comes to talking about modern football] For me, it is more important to be a good person than a good man. For me, this is someone who looks out for his environment, who wants good for other people, who is honest and forward-thinking. Gender roles provide orientation. But they also restrict you. Masculinity in the classical sense is not important to me, it’s always about being the strongest. But the topic of ‘New Masculinity’ interests me a lot. For me, new masculinity means freedom, openness and respect for individual ways of life

[He says his guidance as a man and a footballer helped him avoid bad influences and develop an openness and honesty about his thoughts and feelings] If my team lost a really important game, I cried in front of him. Once, when he was our coach and shouted at me for mistakes of my teammates. But that made me harder. That’s what characterizes you for life. You can handle criticism better. My dad has accompanied my whole career and has always been there for me. Through football we have a mega-tight bond. He is a role model for me.

In competitive sports, it is often presented as a weakness when we talk about pressure, when we reveal our feelings, what we really think and feel. But every person has weaknesses and fears. This is often forgotten because, like machines, we always have to accelerate, always have to perform. If we talked more about feelings, things would change. It would be clear that we are only human, that we make mistakes, that it can’t always go well. Maybe this would be a way to escape the pressure, to perform anew, to react anew and to have a different self-confidence

2019 10 11 Retrieve

[Serge Gnabry feels team-mate Thomas Muller deserves to be shown some respect amid reports he could be on his way out of Bayern Munich in January] Normally I shouldn’t say anything about it. But when a player has been with one club since his childhood, then a Bayern Munich without Thomas Muller is difficult to imagine. It is easy to relate with every player who does not play and who is angry about that. This is normal. You don’t have to make the whole thing bigger than it is. Thomas has got his qualities and has won everything. You have to have respect for him and must not ask stupid questions or spread negative news about him

[Gnabry has more than helped to fill the void by scoring 10 goals in 11 appearances for the senior side] I’m having a great run right now. It takes a lot of work, the right attitude. You cannot rest. The good environment here helps me a lot. The mood is relaxed-casual. I want to do my best in every game. You have to prove yourself again and again. If I were to play three games, surely someone else would get my playing time. That’s why I’m trying to focus on maintaining my performance

2019 11 22 Retrieve

[How Serge Gnabry went from Premier League flop with Arsenal to matching Gerd Muller’s goalscoring record] Here with Germany, I play up front, which I enjoy a lot

2020 05 16 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich star Serge Gnabry has opened up on his life at Arsenal] He used to always be so hard on me, but in a really good way. He was like an older brother for me at Arsenal, and no matter how well I played, or how hard I worked, he used to say. O.K., hang on! Because this part is not going to make sense unless you really know Per. You have to hear his voice. You have to see his face. Per is the nicest guy in the world. But he’s also the most German guy in the world. Like everything he says, it’s so intense. Like he’s so tall, and he’s looking down at you trying to be intimidating but it’s also kind of friendly. I don’t know if there’s an English word for it. Imagine like a really friendly Arnold Schwarzenegger or something. That’s Per. And no matter what I did in training, he would come up to me afterwards and start yelling, like: ‘Serge, remember where you come from! You are from Stuttgart! Humility, humility, humility! Serge, you think you’re good now, huh? You must be humble! Humility