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Name Serie A
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Football League
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Location Italy

2019 08 23 Retrieve

[A Serie A spokesman, also speaking to the BBC, agreed that the league needs to be] taking into consideration every place in the world because Serie A is broadcast in 200 territories

2019 09 07 Retrieve

[Marcello Nicchi waded into the debate around racism in Italian football that reared its head again when Romelu Lukaku was abused by Cagliari fans during Inter’s 2-1 victory on September 1] There are procedures in place and they need to be applied, as set out by the FIGC, to shut down certain sections of the stadium. We referees have a lot of responsibility on our shoulders to deal with the game but it’s important here to clear the air and state the situation with absolute certainty: you cannot dump this problem on the referees. The referees will not change their attitude in this area

[Nicchi said Serie A clubs have the resources they need to take stronger action] The most important thing is not to underestimate the problem. I feel racists should be identified immediately, stopped and put in jail. It would serve as a deterrent, I am sure of it. There are dozens and dozens of CCTV cameras inside stadiums now, not to mention observers from the league and the police. Even the local council could get involved. We know full well who is in the stadium, who is leading the chants. All we need is the genuine desire to take action and it can be done. I also want to point out that the players insulted must never feel alone. We show full solidarity with those players who were shamefully abused. Evidently, we need exemplary punishment. Let’s get the first person to hurl racist abuse at a black player, throw him in prison and see what happens then. The time has come to take serious action

2019 10 28 Retrieve

[Franck Ribery has been hit with a three-game ban for pushing assistant referee Matteo Passeri in Fiorentina’s 2-1 defeat to Lazio in Serie A on Sunday] At the end of game, Ribery approached the assistant referee in a threatening way and was gravely disrespectful behaviour. In addition to disrespectful comments, he pushed with an arm on his chest… as well as in a further thrust grabbing him by the arm

2019 11 05 Retrieve

[A statement from the league’s authorities on Anti-racism protocol] Considering that the number of those taking part in racist chanting – clearly perceived by the player (Balotelli) and a representative of the federal prosecutor’s office located nearby – constitutes only part of the occupants who attended the match, the east arm of the stadium will be closed for one match with immediate effect in accordance with Article 28 of the CGS

2019 11 29 Retrieve

[All 20 Serie A clubs, the Italian FA (FIGC), and Serie A itself have signed their names to an open letter admitting Italian football has a serious problem with racism] We have to publicly recognise that we have a serious problem with racism. It’s a problem that we have not done enough to combat over the years. Images of players being racially abused in Italian football have been viewed and discussed all around the world this season and that shames us all.

No individual should ever be subjected to racist abuse – inside or outside of football – and we can no longer stay silent on this issue or wait for it to magically disappear. Driven by the clubs, positive conversations have been held in recent weeks with Lega Serie A, FIGC and international experts on how to tackle and eradicate this issue from the game.

We, the undersigned clubs, are united by our desire for serious change and Lega Serie A has stated its intention to lead the way by delivering a comprehensive and robust Serie A anti-racism policy, stricter new laws and regulations and a plan for educating those within the game about the scourge of racism. We don’t have any more time to waste. We must now act with speed, with purpose and with unity and we call on you, the fans, to support us in this vitally important endeavour. Yours sincerely

2019 12 29 Retrieve

[Serie A clubs announced a campaign against racism signed by all 20 of the league’s teams in an open letter] An open letter to all those who love Italian football. We have to publicly recognise that we have a serious problem with racism. It’s a problem that we have not done enough to combat over the years

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[A Lega Serie B statement, confirming the postponement of the youth fixture] Due to the health emergency following contagions for coronavirus which is involving Cremonese, which has also led to the closure of all schools in the city by order of the mayor, and in agreement with the two clubs, Lega B postpones the Primavera 2 match between Cremonese and Brescia scheduled for the Arvedi sports center today, Saturday 22 February, at 2.30 pm

2020 02 29 Retrieve

[This weekend’s Serie A matches that had been scheduled to be played behind closed doors have been postponed and rescheduled to May 13 due to fears over the worsening Coronavirus outbreak] Having considered the succession of numerous urgent regulatory interventions by the government in response to this extraordinary emergency, to protect public health and safety the president of Serie A announces that the following matches of the championship have been postponed after initially being scheduled to play behind closed doors: Juventus - Inter, Milan - Genoa, Parma - SPAL, Sassuolo - Brescia, Udinese - Fiorentina

The rescheduled date of the affected matches is set for Wednesday, May 13. The Coppa Italia final will consequently be scheduled for Wednesday, May 20

2020 03 04 Retrieve

[Serie A games behind closed doors until April 3 amid coronavirus fears] Sports events and competitions of all kinds and disciplines, held in every place, both public and private, are suspended.

However, in municipalities other than those listed in Annex 1 of the prime minister’s decree of March 1, 2020, and subsequent amendments, the holding of the aforementioned events and competitions, as well as training sessions for competitive athletes, is still allowed inside sports facilities used behind closed doors, or outdoors without the presence of the public.

In all such cases, associations and sports clubs, by means of their medical staff, are required to carry out the appropriate checks to contain the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus among athletes, technicians, managers and all accompanying persons who participate.

Basic sports and motor activities in general, carried out outdoors or inside gyms, swimming pools and sports centres of all kinds, are allowed only on condition that it is possible to comply with the recommendation set out in Annex 1, letter D.

The provisions of this decree have their effect from the date of publication in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic and are effective, subject to different provisions contained in the individual measures, until April 3, 2020

2020 03 08 Retrieve

[Serie A players threaten to strike over coronavirus ‘grave threat to health’ fears] In order to protect the fundamental right to health of its members - to the end of guaranteeing their safety in the face of any potentially grave threat to their health - proclaims with immediate effect a state of concern and declares a strike on the days of Sunday March 8 and Monday March 9, reserving the right to proclaim any further collective action

As noted, the country is in an emergency health situation due to the epidemiological explosion of the COVID-19 virus, which led the Government to adopt new emergency containment measures, valid from March 8 to April 3 and which, specifically, implement a ban on entry and exit from Lombardy and the provinces of Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Pesaro and Urbino, Venice, Padua, Treviso, Asti and Alessandria

2020 03 10 Retrieve

[Italian FA confirms Serie A title race could be decided by play-offs after coronavirus suspension] If the COVID-19 emergency should not allow for the conclusion of the league competitions, president (Gabriel) Gravina put forward some proposals that will be discussed in another meeting on March 23

Without any order of priority, an option would be not assigning the Scudetto and consequently informing UEFA of the teams qualified for Europe. Another would be referring to the table as it stands up until the moment the season was interrupted. A third and final hypothesis would be to organise play-offs for the title of champion of Italy and play-offs to decide relegation into Serie B.

2020 03 13 Retrieve

[Serie A and Serie B have been suspended until April 3 at the earliest] The position, shared yesterday with the clubs and followed by all the other European Leagues, remains to end the sporting activity by concluding the national championships in the coming months, resuming them when the sanitary conditions will allow it

2020 03 16 Retrieve

[Italian Football Federation outlined a number of ways they could look to finalise the current Serie A season] If the COVID-19 emergency should not allow for the conclusion of the league competitions, president [Gabriel] Gravina put forward some proposals that will be discussed in another meeting on March 23. Without any order of priority, an option would be not assigning the Scudetto and consequently informing UEFA of the teams qualified for Europe. Another would be referring to the table as it stands up until the moment the season was interrupted. A third and final hypothesis would be to organise play-offs for the title of champion of Italy and play-offs to decide relegation into Serie B

2020 04 04 Retrieve

[Serie A won’t resume until coronavirus threat passes] The Lega Serie A assembly meeting took place this afternoon, with all 20 clubs present via video conference. The position that emerged from talks between UEFA, ECA and the European Leagues held yesterday was represented at the meeting. With regards to the possible completion of the remaining Serie A and Coppa Italia matches, Lega Serie A will only consider the resumption of sporting activity when health conditions allow it, adhering, as it has always done, to government decrees and taking into primary consideration the protection of the health of the players and all those involved. In facing the different scenarios, which are still uncertain, Lega Serie A - with the participation of club representatives - will continue to analyse the impact and consequences of Covid-19 on medical, economic, regulatory, sporting and risk-assessment levels for the clubs and Lega Serie A itself in the coming days

2020 04 06 Retrieve

[Serie A clubs unanimously agree to cut wages by up to a third amid coronavirus pandemic] In line with actions aimed at decreasing labour costs both in Italy and abroad, Serie A today decided unanimously, with the exception of Juventus who have already reached an agreement with their players, a common line of address to contain the amount represented by the salaries of players, coaches and other first-team staff. This intervention, necessary to safeguard the future of the entire Italian football system, provides for a reduction of one-third in total gross annual earnings (or four average all-inclusive monthly payments) if the season cannot be resumed and a reduction of one-sixth in total gross annual earnings (or two average all-inclusive monthly payments) if the remaining matches of the 2019-20 season can be played in the coming months. It is understood that the clubs will define the agreements with their members of staff directly

[Serie A have also indicated their intention to complete the season] The desire is to end the season and return to play without taking risks, only when health conditions and government decisions allow it

2020 04 09 Retrieve

[Italian Footballers’ Association (AIC) rejecting a proposal from Serie A clubs to cut wages by up to a third] The AIC Board of Directors, meeting today for their usual weekly meeting, which was followed by a meeting with the representatives of the Serie A teams, deemed the proposal put forward by Lega Serie A and B to be inadmissible. The behaviour of the leagues is incomprehensible at a time like this. The desire, not so much implied, of wanting to dump on the players, putting them in a bad light, the economic damage resulting from the crisis situation, is a fact that makes you reconsider the entrepreneurial credibility of those who should be ferrying the football system at this difficult time

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[Serie A clubs unanimously agree to try and finish 2019-20 season] The Assembly of the Lega Serie A met this morning and confirmed, with the unanimous vote of all twenty associated companies in video conference, the intention to complete the 2019-2020 season, if the government allows it to take place, in full compliance with the rules for the protection of health and safety. The resumption of sporting activity, in the so-called Phase 2, as already highlighted in the past, will take place in accordance with the indications of FIFA and UEFA, with the decisions of the FIGC (Italian Football Federation), as well as in compliance with the medical protocols for the protection of footballers and all professionals

2020 04 21b Retrieve

[President of the Italian referees’ association (AIA) Marcello Nicchi says officials will return to work in their home cities, and will not travel for games across Italy until it is safe to do so] Caution is needed, the pandemic will dictate the times. We could send direct those who live near the cities where they play

2020 04 28 Retrieve

[Italian Players’ Association slam ‘discriminatory and illogical’ training centres ban] The AIC is perplexed and surprised by the government’s decision on resuming sport in Italy. We consider the idea discriminatory and illogical to let individual sporting disciplines enter training grounds, but not professional football – or other team sport – players to undergo individual training in the same way. This rule will, if anything, make the risk even greater rather than contain it! A professional athlete needs this phase of training after such a long break in order to avoid injuries and be ready to start training in groups from May 18. We don’t see how running in a sports arena built for this purpose is less dangerous than running down the street. We hope the government will quickly intervene to eliminate the evident distortions that derive from the application of the decree marked April 26.

2020 05 13 Retrieve

[Serie A selects June 13 as return date from coronavirus suspension] Regarding the resumption of sporting activity, the date of June 13 June for the resumption of the championship was indicated, in accordance with government decisions and in accordance with the medical protocols for the protection of players and all professionals

[Serie A also confirmed in a statement that all TV rights holders will be complying with payment deadlines] The Assembly of the Serie A League met today with all the companies present and connected via video conference. Serie A reiterates, in the relationship with the licensees of the audiovisual rights 2018 through 2021, the need to comply with the payment deadlines set by contracts to maintain a constructive relationship with them

2020 05 14 Retrieve

[Serie A clubs vote to resume season on June 13] Regarding the resumption of sporting activity, in accordance with the decisions of the Government and in compliance with the medical protocols to protect players and all involved personnel, the date of June 13 has been indicated for the resumption of the league

2020 05 29 Retrieve

[Serie A to resume with games in hand, Coppa Italia final on June 17] The assembly of Lega Serie A met today [Friday] in the presence of all 20 associated clubs in a video conference. The clubs welcomed the green light to the return of Serie A communicated yesterday by minister Spadafora and unanimously voted on the dispute of the four matches of the 25th matchday (Atalanta v Sassuolo, Hellas Verona v Cagliari, Inter v Sampdoria and Torino v Parma) on the weekend of June 20-21 and the planning of matchday 27 starting from Monday, June 22. Furthermore, welcoming the wish of minister Spadafora, the sporting activity of the 2019-2020 season will resume immediately with the Coppa Italia, of which the final is scheduled for June 17. Dates and times of the matches will be announced by Lega Serie A in the coming days