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Name Shahriman Lockman
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Senior Analyst
Desc xxxx


Org Institute of Strategic & International Studies

2017 03 14 Retrieve

[Why Malaysia Is Fighting Singapore Over A Rock] [Shahriman Lockman said two of the three new documents were particularly ‘compelling’ in diminishing the importance of the 1953 letter tendered in the original proceedings] But Malaysia understands – and that’s made pretty clear in the application – that revision proceedings are exceptional. There’s very little precedent for revisions to ICJ judgments: only three cases, all of which were found to be inadmissible. That makes it difficult to say how the ICJ would rule on this application

2019 02 04 Retrieve

[On Sunday, Udomchai defended his actions. He said his side was ready to talk, but the Kuala Lumpur trip was meant for a meeting with Abdul Rahim only and not with any specific group. The Thai delegation’s decision was calculated to delay the negotiations] And it could only have been done with the instructions of Udomchai’s political masters. Any number of reasons could be behind it, including the forthcoming general elections. In any case, Malaysia should send a clear signal to Thailand that it would offer to continue to facilitate these talks only if the Thais are truly serious about them and will not waste our time in the future

2019 09 10 Retrieve

[the Malaysian Air Force’s experience with Russian combat aircraft has been checkered] They tend to have poor serviceability rates and are expensive to maintain. If there are any major announcements in defense procurement, it wouldn’t be at the recommendation of the armed forces … [The logic behind Mahathir’s embrace of Moscow] isn’t immediately clear to many in the Malaysian foreign policy establishment. In economic terms, Russia hardly looms large. Its GDP is smaller than Italy’s, and its GDP per capita is only slightly higher than Malaysia’s. Russia’s political and strategic influence in Southeast Asia remains weak. Nevertheless, Russia is seen as a potential source of investment and technology