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Name Shimon Peres
Gender Male
Ethnic Jew
Job Israeli prime minister
Desc xxxx

2014 02 23 Retrieve

[Israeli prime minister, president Shimon Peres cheers Cruyff’s peacemaking assist] People remember very well that not only were you [Cruyff] an outstanding football player but that you gave football a social content, you made it an educational process. You are a role model. Football is one of the great ways to make peace among people. When a player like you arrives in our country the eyes of the children light up-Jewish, Arab or Muslim

2016 03 24 Retrieve

[Israeli prime minister, president Shimon Peres pays tribute to Cruyff] Johan [Cruyff] was more than just a great soccer player. He was a role model who promoted world peace. He brought the values of education into the game of football and proved that on the field, everyone is equal- Jews, Muslims and Christians- that running fast and playing well will lead to victory in spite of discrimination and racism

2016 09 28 Retrieve

You are only as great as the cause you serve