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Name Silvia Neid
Gender Female
Ethnic xxxx
Job Germany Women Manager
Desc xxxx


Org Germany Women National Team

2013 06 20 Retrieve

[Due to the injury crisis that has hit the team in recent weeks, Germany coach Silvia Neid has picked six squad members with fewer than ten caps in their bid for a sixth straight title] We’ve worked hard between ourselves over the last few weeks, analysing, swapping ideas and gaining a new perspective. At decision time, it was really difficult but nuances tipped the balance

2017 01 14 Retrieve

[The Best FIFA Women’s Coach 2016 Silvia Neid after winning the award in Zurich] Journalism is often black and white. I’d like to have had more questions along the lines of, ‘Why did you win that game?’ or ‘Why did you decide to put so-and-so in the team?’ I had questions like that on occasion from the best journalists, but fundamentally it was: win and everything is great, lose and everything is bad. I think that’s too simple

2018 08 25 Retrieve

[Silvia Neid speaks at France 2018] Spain and Japan’s clear strength is their technique. Every player is exceptionally well trained. They have great ball control, they’re creative going forward, and their ability to identify gaps means they can beat the first and second lines of defence in an instant. They’re also very flexible in attack