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Name Steven Gerrard
Gender Male
Born 1980 05 30
Nationality UK
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
  Liverpool Captain
  Rangers Manager
Desc One of greatest player who never win a Premier League title. He instead remained at Liverpool, spending 17 seasons at Anfield during which he captained his side to two European titles as well as five domestic cups. An extremely versatile and well-rounded player, who completely remodeled his game as he grew older


Org English National Team
Club as Coach Rangers Manager
Club as Player LA Galaxy
  Liverpool FC


Agent Struan Marshall
1980 05 30
Former Liverpool and England midfielder Steven Gerrard was born

2005 07 06 Retrieve

[Gerrard prepared to surrender captaincy] It would have broken my heart to have lost the captaincy but I thought it was right to make the offer because I know some of the players have been frustrated with what has gone on

[With the television and mobile phone switched off, Gerrard sat in a room with his girlfriend and agent Struan Marshall and realised he was on the brink of the biggest mistake of his life] I was just thinking ‘how have we got into this mess and what is the best way out of it? I knew I had to do what I had intended to do all along and sign a new contract. I love Liverpool so much. This is my club. My heart is with Liverpool. Everyone who knows me can see how I feel. The last thing I wanted to do was leave, I just could not do it

[What Parry took to be standard negotiating practice, Gerrard interpreted as further proof he was no longer wanted, triggering a tumultuous series of events that appeared certain to see him sign for Chelsea] I felt I was being backed into a corner. I know it looked as though I wanted to go but at one stage I thought I had no choice. If I blame anyone, it’s myself. I wanted my future sorted out as soon as possible after the Champions League final but the longer it went on, the more misunderstandings there were. I admitted I have made some mistakes and that the club has acknowledged they have made some as well. I have now apologised to Liverpool and they have apologised to me, which is important. But now we have sorted it out and I am doing what I wanted to do all along, which is stay at Liverpool

2009 05 24 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard Disappointed By Sami Hyypia’s Decision To Leave Liverpool] I understand the reasons behind Sami’s decision to go because he’s got a two-year deal, so good luck to him. But for selfish reasons I wish he would stay for another season here because he’s such a fantastic player and great to have around the place. He’s been here for the whole time I’ve been in the first team and has been a great influence and magnificent servant - an absolute legend.

[Hyypia has already stated his intent to return to the club in a coaching capacity some day] I sincerely hope he comes back as a coach one day, because he can bring so much with him and impart so much knowledge. He knows how Liverpool Football Club works. He’s a great character and I could see him playing a big role in developing the youngsters, the reserves and even the first team in time. I took over from him as captain in 2003 and there was some controversy at the time, but not from Sami, who was incredibly supportive of me from the very start. That is a measure of the man. He should be regarded as a one of the greats of this club and I don’t say that lightly. He has certainly helped transform Liverpool and got us back to where we should be

2010 12 06 Retrieve

[Gary McAllister is The most inspired Liverpool signing by Gerard Houllier that everyone doubted, including Steven Gerrard] He seemed an odd buy. OK, he was once a terrific midfielder for Leeds United and Scotland, but McAllister was now thirty-five, his best days surely behind him […] I rang my agent, Struan Marshall, who knew McAllister well. ‘Stru, what’s all this about?’ I asked.

Don’t worry, Stevie, Gary Mac will be brilliant for Liverpool, and for you as well. Listen to him. Learn from him.’

‘Sod off, Stru’ I said. ‘McAllister can learn off me!’

How wrong I was

[Some contributions were more subtle. By the end of his stay, Gerrard admitted that he would always try to be among the first to get to the team bus] so I could sit next to McAllister, absorbing advice

2014 02 23 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard on Raheem Sterling] He is the toughest in our squad. I don’t go near him in training because if I do, there is only one winner. His form of late has been sensational. If he gets that consistency, he is going to be a frightening talent

2015 02 21 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard rebukes Mario Balotelli after a dispute with Jordan Henderson over penalty duties] It should have been Henderson. Mario has been a bit mischievous. Jordan is the captain and Mario showed Jordan a bit of disrespect there. I think six or seven players would have wanted to take that penalty so if they all say they are taking it, what happens then?! Rules are in place for a reason

2015 08 20 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard on Thierry Henry] The last player you want the ball to go to is the best player on the planet

2015 09 12 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard on living in Mariah Carey’s former home and in Los Angeles] We’re very lucky – I know that. I grew up on a council estate and will always remain grounded and humble. But [living in an $18 million, six-bedroom house] is mind-blowing. I couldn’t be happier right now. I’ve gone from not being able to walk down a street without being stopped every five minutes to being a Z-lister out here, and that’s cool. I love it. I’ve become a cool dad all of a sudden because I can take the kids out and no-one interferes. We can take them to the park, the beach, fairgrounds, water parks and be there for six hours and I might hear one person say my name – and they’re not even sure if it’s me, so I just smile. The kids have been shocked I’m around and can do more things with them

2016 02 13 Retrieve

[on Jose Mourinho] It was clear that, tactically, he could set up his team to win any football match. He could spoil, he could fight, he could do whatever you needed because he was a pure winner. But, more than that, he created a special bond with each squad he managed. You heard it in the way his players spoke about him. You saw it in the way they played for him.

2016 02 13b Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard reflecting on his time at Anfield] I walked into the doors of Liverpool with my kit on in 1987 as an eight-year-old kid just happy to be there, never imagining all the things that were to come. I’m so appreciative of the career that I’ve had and the opportunity to be a part of what I feel is the best club in the world … I wish I could play for Liverpool for 100 years

2016 02 27 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard about penning a monthly column for The Telegraph] I’m looking forward to being a columnist and trying to get across that side of the game the fans can’t see, and maybe offer a greater level of understanding of the demands, the pressures and the emotional highs and lows of trying to succeed at the highest level of modern football. What I can promise is I will bring to my column what I have always tried to do in every media interview as a player. To be honest and fair.

2016 03 09 Retrieve

[on Francesco Totti] Totti is a fantastic technician; he’s a wonderful footballer. The reason I’ve got so much respect for him is because he’s got all the pressure on his shoulders in Rome. He’s the king of Rome. Having played for Liverpool, a big club, I understand the responsibility and the pressure he’s got to deliver for the supporters. I’ve been there and I’ve seen it with my own eyes. They idolise him over there and that comes with its own pressure. So to perform consistently for Roma, for such a long time and stay loyal, I’ve got an awful lot of respect for him. He’s certainly a legend over in Italy

I think when you get close to him, you realise how strong he is on the ball. He picks up some wonderful positions between the lines. I remember playing the holding role against him one time and he was always out of sight. He always picked up clever positions in the number 10 role and the ball was like Velcro to his boot. He was very skillful and maneuvered the ball very well. And his vision, he could see things on the pitch that other players couldn’t really see. As a player, I’ve got unbelievable respect for him. I’ve managed to meet him a couple times along the way as well and he seems like a good guy as well.

He’s shown incredible loyalty to his club and his badge and he deserves all the plaudits and merits he gets. I can only add to that. It’s been a pleasure to compete against him a couple of times and I certainly would’ve loved to have played in the same team as him. He’s certainly the type of player that would be on the wavelength that I’d be looking for. He would’ve been a joy to play with. I remember we signed Alberto Aquilani and I was saying to him, ‘What’s De Rossi like and what’s Totti like?’ and he spoke volumes about them. And that’s when you get a flavour for what people are really like. He was saying that basically those two have carried Roma for so many years. They deserve all the plaudits they get

2016 03 19 Retrieve

[LA Galaxy midfielder Steven Gerrard on life in Los Angeles] I was behind Bono in a coffee shop. I’ve been a U2 fan for a long time. He didn’t see or recognise me. Who else have I seen? Chris Martin from Coldplay, all the Kardashians and Kanye West and [Justin] Bieber, a few of the One Direction lads. I sort of have eye contact with some, and there others who recognise me and who’ll say hello, [but] I’d never approach any of them … I’m not really a celebrity type of person

2016 09 14 Retrieve

[Quotes on Luis Suarez] I don’t think anyone ever looks forward to playing against Luis Suarez, he is a fantastic talent and a very dangerous player. He is a fantastic team mate, probably the best player I have played with

2016 11 24 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard retires from professional football] Following recent media speculation surrounding my future I can confirm my retirement from playing professional football. I have had an incredible career and am thankful for each and every moment of my time at Liverpool, England and LA Galaxy. As a teenager I fulfilled my childhood dream by pulling on the famous red shirt of Liverpool, and when I made my debut against Blackburn Rovers in November 1998 I could never have imagined what would then follow over the next 18 years

I feel lucky to have experienced so many wonderful highlights over the course of my career. I am proud to have played over 700 games for Liverpool, many of which as captain, and to have played my part in helping the club to bring major honours back to Anfield, none more so than that famous night in Istanbul

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone at Liverpool Football Club. I am proud to have played for and captained Liverpool for so many years and to have achieved what we achieved during my time at the club. I was lucky to play alongside some great players and under some fantastic managers during my time at Anfield and would like to thank each and every one of them, as well as all of the backroom staff at the club throughout my time there for the fantastic support they showed me

I would like to say a special thank you to Steve Heighway, Dave Shannon and Hugh McAuley for believing in me when I was making my way at Liverpool and for giving me the platform to go on and fulfil my dreams. Thank you to the amazing fans of Liverpool, England and LA Galaxy for the incredible backing you have given me throughout my career. Your loyalty and support has meant the world. I would like to thank Struan Marshall, my agent throughout my career, and the team at Wasserman for all of their support over the past 18 years

[Gerrard made 114 appearances for England, leaving him as the fourth most-capped senior player, with his first cap coming in May 2000 and his last as captain as England played Costa Rica in the 2014 World Cup] At an international level, I feel privileged to have won 114 England caps and to have had the honour of captaining my country. I will always look back with great pride at every time I pulled on the England shirt. I feel very fortunate to have had the career I’ve had but none of it would have been possible without the support of so many people

[The former midfielder was most recently seen as a pundit on BT Sport and confirmed an announcement on his next career move is imminent] Finally, the most important thank you; to my family. I cannot thank my Mum, Dad and brother Paul enough for their unconditional support over the years, it has meant everything to me. To my wife Alex and children Lily, Lexie and Lourdes, thank you for the constant love and support you’ve shown me. You’ve been there throughout both the good times and the bad and without you nothing would have been possible. Thank you for everything. I am excited about the future and feel I still have a lot to offer the game, in whatever capacity that may be. I am currently taking my time to consider a number of options and will make an announcement with regards to the next stage of my career very soon

2016 11 26 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard announces his retirement from football after a 19-year playing career] Following recent media speculation surrounding my future I can confirm my retirement from playing professional football. I have had an incredible career and am thankful for each and every moment of my time at Liverpool, England and LA Galaxy. As a teenager I fulfilled my childhood dream by pulling on the famous red shirt of Liverpool, and when I made my debut against Blackburn Rovers in November 1998 I could never have imagined what would then follow over the next 18 years. I feel lucky to have experienced so many wonderful highlights over the course of my career. I am proud to have played over 700 games for Liverpool, many of which as captain, and to have played my part in helping the club to bring major honours back to Anfield, none more so than that famous night in Istanbul

2017 01 14 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard is honoured to be receiving the city’s highest civic honour, the Freedom of the City of Liverpool] I was stunned and overwhelmed when I heard my name was being put forward by the Mayor to receive this honour. Liverpool is my home city and so to be acknowledged in this way leaves me speechless. To even think about getting such an award makes me feel very humble and of course immensely proud

2017 01 21 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard talks about his new role as Liverpool youth coach] I don’t think I need to explain to people what this football club means to me, but when I knew coming back was a serious option, I wanted to make sure it was a substantive role and a role in which I could really help the organisation. This gives me a great opportunity to learn and develop as a coach, while at the same time offering my knowledge, ideas and experience to the young players at an important period of their development

2017 03 10 Retrieve

[Quotes on Frank Lampard] Nobody deserves it [100 caps] more than Frank. He’s been tremendous for club and country. He’s a top player

2017 04 21 Retrieve

[Everton starlet Tom Davies is England’s next star] I think the one to be excited about at Everton is Tom Davies, who seems to have broken in and stayed in. He’s a terrific footballer who’s scored a few exciting goals. What he has done is he has announced himself and basically said to a regular starter: ‘I am taking your place. I am staying in there’. And they are the ones that usually go on to become superstars

2017 05 20 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard delivered a heartfelt video message to former Reds team-mate Xabi Alonso ahead of the Spaniard’s retirement at the end of the German Bundesliga season with Bayern Munich] What a special career and what a fantastic player. For me, probably the most enjoyable partner throughout my career as a midfielder, the best passer of a ball I’ve ever played with. You deserve all the accolades you get… I’m very jealous of you having a World Cup winners medal, I’m very jealous of you having league winners medals in Germany and Spain. I couldn’t ask for a better midfield partner and when you left, it broke my heart, but you’ll always have a special place in this football club and you’re always welcome to come and visit

2017 11 04 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard gives advice to Rhian Brewster] ‘Well done. You’ve been superb and deserve all the plaudits you get. How do you improve now?’. We want Rhian Brewster in a successful Liverpool team. We want him firing for the under-23s and, basically, making sure Jurgen [Klopp] is taking notice of his performances - that’s all he can do. I think if he’s got any dreams and aspirations of playing higher than that level then he needs to play at a consistent level and score goals heavily. That’s how first-team managers take note

2017 11 27 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard reveals the much spoken about ‘golden generation’ of English football did not achieve success in proportion to their quality because of the players lacked the closeness that they were used to in their club squads] I think it was more of a respectful relationship around England rather than a closeness where there was love there. Philippe Coutinho can’t wait to go away with Brazil – it’s the best 10 days of their season. But you didn’t get that feeling with England

2018 05 05 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard explains why the opportunity to start his managerial career at Scottish giants Rangers was too good to pass up] It was a no-brainer for me. There were a lot of different things to think about, but from that first phone call, I got a special feeling and I knew that Rangers were for me. I’m very aware of Rangers, the size of the club, I’ve watched them from afar and been lucky enough to watch some of the Old Firm games. This opportunity doesn’t come around all the time - clubs with this size, stature and history. I believe I can come in and make these fans happy

2018 11 17 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard in conversation about having to relive his infamous slip against Chelsea as part of the biopic Make Us Dream] What happened was just pure bad luck but, when you do a book or film, especially with people who have won Oscars and made films such as Amy Winehouse and Senna, you must be as honest and open as you can

2019 08 01 Retrieve

[Progres Niederkorn vs Glasglow Rangers. Rangers stand on the brink of the Europa League third qualifying round after securing a 2-0 win over Progres Niederkorn at Ibrox a week ago] I thought we were really good. We finished the first half really strongly and then carried it into the second half. On another day, we could have had five or six goals

2019 08 11 Retrieve

[Glasglow Rangers vs Hibernian. Steven Gerrard’s mission this season is to lead his Rangers side to the Scottish Premiership title] I believe we’ve grown up. I’m not sure we had this performance in us last year. Yeah, we go away to Villarreal and perform very well but I think we’ve gone up a level. Some of the goals we scored tonight were fantastic. I have nothing but praise for my players. I’m very proud of the performance

2019 08 24 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard gives a special message fro Fernando Torres who hung up his boots on Friday] I wish you the best for the future, you had a really great career. I loved playing with you and spending time in the dressing room with you. I’d love to relive those days. When I got the ball in midfield, I knew you would be running behind the opponent’s defence and that I could find you straight away. You changed all my bad passes into good ones and I got plenty of assists! I wish you good luck to you and your family, and I’m looking forward to the day in the future when our paths cross again

2019 08 29 Retrieve

[Rangers vs Legia Warsaw. Gerrard has previously stated how important a European run is to the club, saying before the Midtjylland tie] From a financial point of view it was made very clear to me before I took the job and obviously every board gathering I’ve had, European football is always on the agenda, at the top of the agenda of importance because financially, for the club, it’s very important.

2019 08 30 Retrieve

[Rangers boss Steven Gerrard joked that he wouldn’t mind parking the bus at Old Trafford when discussing the prospect of a possible Europa League draw against Manchester United] I wouldn’t mind parking the bus at Old Trafford

[Gerrard went on to express his delight after Rangers’ latest European victory] You saw the place at the end and there wasn’t a prouder man in the building than me. One of the reasons I took the job was the support. From the outside, I could see the pain and disappointment. I wanted to come in and help. It’s moments like tonight that make me feel so proud and make it feel worthwhile. I’m glad I signed up to it. I wanted nights like this from a personal point of view. But to see my players celebrating with the 47000 fans at the end, it was an emotional time. I was so proud to be the manager of this club out there

2019 09 01 Retrieve

[Rangers vs Celtic. Gerrard is bullish about the hosts’s chances amid a surge of confidence in the blue half of the city] I think when I first came in there was a fear of Celtic. The supporters, I also predict some of the players, feared these fixtures. I think over the course of the 12 months we’ve proved that is no longer the case and on our day we’re a good match for Celtic. It was always going to take time to close that gap but I think the fixture last year, the Christmas one where we beat them 1-0, lifted a lot of fear and gave us a lot of confidence and belief that, if we find the right level of performance, we are a match for anyone, certainly at Ibrox. That’s what gives us confidence going into this fixture

2019 09 02 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard says Rangers have no interest in a loan deal for Manchester City midfielder Phil Foden and doubts Pep Guardiola would let him leave anyway] I don’t think Pep Guardiola is going to let him go anywhere.

[He also doubted the chances of any new faces coming into Ibrox, but would not rule anything out] There could be a few outs. We are trying really hard to help and support the players who want to go out on loan and play football. So there could be one or two outgoings. In terms of incomings I’d be very surprised but while the window is open who knows

2019 09 26 Retrieve

[Gerrard ‘surprised and flattered’ as Klopp backs him as next Liverpool boss] I was surprised and flattered at the same time. But when you read the quote really carefully, like I have, it said, ‘if I get sacked tomorrow’ he thinks Steven Gerrard should be the next Liverpool manager. Jurgen Klopp’s not getting sacked tomorrow. I don’t want him to get sacked tomorrow. He’s doing a fantastic job

[Gerrard hopes that remains the case for the foreseeable future, adding on Klopp] I’m a Liverpool fan, and I’m sure every Liverpool fan on the planet endorses what I’m saying here, we want him to stay for many, many years and bring as much success to our club as possible, but it [the comment] was very flattering at the same time

2019 10 10 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard has been named in a Liverpool Legends side to take on Rangers Legends at Ibrox on Saturday] I always look forward to a game of football. I’m going to play for Liverpool and who knows, there might be a little cameo in a blue shirt as well, we’ll have to see

2019 10 12 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard considers Liverpool to be favourites in every game they play at present] They have been brilliant for a while. If you go back over the last couple of years, when Jurgen finally got his team and his philosophy across, I’ve really enjoyed watching them. I always think they’re going to win, no matter who they’re playing against, whether it’s in the Champions League or whether it’s a top-of-the-table clash, I always fancy Liverpool as favourites now. With the front three and the form they’re in, they are unplayable at times. Obviously Van Dijk has been a really big [piece] of the jigsaw, the ‘keeper, and the rest around them are not bad either! They are great to watch and it’s brilliant from a fan point of view to see them sitting top of the league. But I’m sure Jurgen Klopp is thinking the same thing as me: take the next game as it comes, keep pushing and try to win your next one

2019 10 18 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard make Man Utd vs Liverpool predictions] Yes. Liverpool will win. They’ve played eight and won eight. The front three are in fantastic form, they’re not conceding many goals, they’re European champions. Do you want any other reasons why I think Liverpool are going to beat Man United? Did you think I was going to say anything different?!

2019 11 15 Retrieve

[Gerrard setting no Liverpool return date as his ‘dream’ remains Rangers for now] I am very driven and ambitious and I haven’t gone into this management lightly. I want to be the best I can be and I feel like I have got fantastic support staff with Mick Beale, Gary McAllister, Tom Culshaw and Jordan Milsom. We feel like we have got a really good team and we are enjoying it.

I get this question a lot about where I want to end up and what is the ambition and the dream - the dream for me is to just win the next football match. That is all I need to focus on. I don’t need to put time-frames on this or that.

I am really enjoying what I am doing and I am privileged to be in the position and the focus is the next three points or the next challenge. That is all I worry about. It will take me wherever it takes me, if that is to the top, fantastic, but I already feel like I am working for a top club now

2019 11 15b Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard says Trent Alexander-Arnold and Any Robertson are already in the world-class bracket] What we have in Trent and Robbo now, straight away, you would put them in the world-class bracket. They are up there with the best players in their position, worldwide. So there’s no point saying how good could they be because they are already there. The thing for Trent now is can he maintain that consistency for as long as he can? Because he can go on and be whatever he wants to be. What I would say is he is already there and we, as Liverpool fans, are blessed to have these two full-backs in the position because they are absolutely flying. They are so important and key to how Liverpool play and I just love watching them

I was lucky to have a few days around Trent during his academy days and he stood out. Of course people always talk about his technique and the stuff they see, but I saw something in this kid that was more about character. So talent will get you to a certain place, but I seen that he had the fight, the desire and commitment and that is what will keep him there consistently throughout what will hopefully be a long career. The talent is so obvious but I saw something different in him and it was more to do with the character and that is the reason why he is where he is.

2019 11 28 Retrieve

[Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard says Virgil van Dijk 100 per cent deserves to claim the Ballon d’Or for his faultless performances] Yes, 100 per cent. I’m Messi’s number one fan, for sure. I love the player. Obscene numbers in his game in terms of assists and goals. I’m definitely a Messi fan, in the gang. But if you talk about consistency from one player over a year, who wins the European Cup and is absolutely faultless in every performance, that means you deserve to win the Ballon d’Or

2019 11 28b Retrieve

[Gerrard insists £50m Alfredo Morelos is ‘not for sale’ after brace against Feyenoord] No – and you can add another £10m on as well. Do you believe me now? He’s not for sale. He’s not for sale at any price

[Gerrard had been frustrated by Rangers’ first-half performance but reserved most of his ire for referee Damir Skomina, while also calling for an explanation from UEFA] I asked the players [at half-time] to remember what we stand for, what we’re about, how hard we’ve worked to get this opportunity. I asked for the real Rangers in the second half and we got it. We won the second half 2-1 and we deserved it. We should have had a blatant penalty. I’m sure when the referee sees that, he’ll be devastated. I’d like an explanation as to why, from UEFA, we never got a penalty. We certainly deserved to take something from the game after our second-half showing. I was proud of our performance second half

It’s a blatant penalty, a blatant penalty. [Fer] is climbing all over [Morelos]. It’s desperate defending. He just crushes him to the floor. Anywhere else on the pitch, it’s a foul. So it’s a penalty

2019 12 08 Retrieve

[Rangers boss Steven Gerrard says his players and the assistant referee need to share responsibility for the 1-0 Scottish League Cup final defeat to Celtic on Sunday] Finals are normally decided on big moments and the big moments haven’t gone in our favour. We conceded from a set-piece, which we shouldn’t have given away. Once you concede it, you have to defend it better. There were three Celtic players standing in offside positions but unfortunately we play in a country where there is no VAR. I think it [VAR] has taken something away from the game, so I’d be a liar if I said I’m 100 per cent in favour of it. But one thing I do know is that the officials up here do need some support and help because there are too many things, not just for our club but across the board, that they maybe miss and need a bit of support on. I’m not the type of person who blames or look for excuses. The big moments have gone against us today; we are all responsible for that. But the reality is, at the top end of football, you expect the linesman to get one of them right from the three who were in an offside position

Alfredo Morelos was the nominated penalty taker. It was nothing to do with James passing the buck or anything like that. I decided we needed to change that up. Unfortunately, we haven’t taken our chance in that big moment. People will look back at that moment as the chance to swing the momentum of the whole game in our favour, although we were much the stronger team throughout the 90 minutes anyway

2019 12 11 Retrieve

[Gerrard confirms he’s set to sign new Rangers deal] It was a pretty simple decision. I’m happy here. The club approached me a week to 10 days ago about a new deal. Talks have been pretty straightforward and positive. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to manage and lead this football club. I’m as hungry and determined to get the good days back here as I ever was

When it’s signed and announced, you’ll have to wait and see. I don’t want any focus on myself or these players before tomorrow’s game with Young Boys. I’ve enjoyed my time here. I think we’re going in the right direction. If you’re happy then why not, that’s my motto

We need to get back on it. Having analysed the performances and what the players gave me I am very proud of them. At a club like Rangers you have to take the rough with the smooth, we are trying to create a real humble squad. After a disappointment, yes, you need to heal but the best part of this game is the chance to change the whole mood around the club. We are ready to go.

Allan McGregor and Steven Davis’ deals are imminent. They’re all agreed. They are two players I want around on a year extension on top of this year. Jermain Defoe’s is a bit different because he’s obviously a Bournemouth player until the end of the year. But it’s a similar situation in that we want him to stay around.

2019 12 13 Retrieve

[Gerrard signs Rangers contract extension until 2024] I’m delighted to be extending my stay at this fantastic football club. When chairman Dave King approached me about the possibility of extending my contract with Rangers, it was a very easy decision to make because I’m very happy and feel that we are building something special together at the Club. I’d like to thank the Board for the backing they have given me already in my time at the Club and also most importantly, the Rangers fans who have given me and the team such tremendous backing both this season and last

2019 12 26 Retrieve

[Rangers manager Gerrard denies Giroud interest] If someone knows something about it, give them my number. That’s the first I’ve heard of it

2019 12 27 Retrieve

[Gerrard laughs off Giroud to Rangers rumours] We are getting linked with some good players. I don’t know anything about it, to be honest. If someone knows something about it, give them my number. That’s the first I’ve heard of it. He’s a good player, though

I apologise if it didn’t look pretty for the supporters, that it wasn’t three, four or five goals. But I’m going away very happy because it’s a win and a clean sheet. We set out to entertain, to play well and for it to look brilliant on the eye. But teams are not going to just allow that every single week. You have to give credit to Kilmarnock, they defended resolutely. They had no ambition to win the game but we have to accept that teams are going to come here and try to steal points away from us

[Rangers currently sit second in the Scottish Premiership, five points behind league leaders Celtic, but with a game in hand] We are going to Parkhead in good form and good shape. We know it will be a very tough match, they have a very strong home record. But we played Celtic a few weeks ago and put a good show on, gave a good account of ourselves. I expect us to go there with confidence and belief we can get a result

2020 01 09 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard believes Liverpool winning the Premier League title would help him get over his famous slip against Chelsea in 2014] I think about it most days, a Liverpool team winning the league would help how I feel for sure. When I analyse it properly, I obviously understand it wasn’t just that moment [that cost Liverpool the title], but still part of me in my head thinks it is.

People say to me to make me feel better: ‘It was over 28 games’, but I still know behind what you’re saying to me that moment was so big. Brendan said recently that Jordan Henderson’s suspension killed us and it did … an own goal that Kolo Toure scored when we were winning at West Brom and drew the game and lost two points. All little things like that during the season, but it wasn’t at that time, that moment against that team, so that’s still behind all those people trying to soften it up for me.

When Liverpool won the Champions League, I was looking around the fans thinking: ‘They’re all happy again’, it made me feel better again. After Madrid, looking around they were all sad again, but the Champions League last year was a healing moment for me.

I think winning the league would definitely play a part. And I think also my own personal stuff with Rangers, if I go on to have a successful season, I think that will help as well, because that was a f*cking tough moment, even tougher than what people probably think it was. The only time in a 20-year career I’ve been numb, like my body’s felt numb

[Gerrard left Liverpool a year later to join LA Galaxy, a few months before Klopp replaced Brendan Rodgers at the helm of the Anfield outfit] I still feel a little bit sorry for Brendan at that time because I think certain people still probably blame him for phasing me out. But I don’t think he phased me out because he offered me another year, so I think he was definitely keen for me to stay around. I was more disappointed above him in terms of the contract offer. All of a sudden I was getting offered a contract on the number of appearances, starts and Premier League goals

I wouldn’t put any kind of blame in terms of he’s the man phasing me out. I made the decision not to sign to be an extra squad player and that’s a decision I regret because I might have got the back end of Klopp and got the back end of playing, I don’t know, 20 games under the Klopp era. He might have gotten rid of me because I didn’t have the legs to play his style

2020 02 17 Retrieve

[Gerrard ‘really interested’ to see if Man City get Premier League punishment] I read that myself. We will wait and see. From a UEFA point of view, it is obviously a really strong sentence or punishment. I’m sure they will appeal so we will wait and see what the outcome is on that. Then we will see whether the Premier League act from there, but if you look at the severity of the punishment from UEFA, something has gone badly wrong.

So, I’m really interested to see the outcome of that. Until the [potential] punishment from the Premier League, I won’t comment further. But I’m really, really interested in it […] for obvious reasons. It’s all ifs and buts. It is what it is. Manchester City were champions. As I sit here right now, congratulations to them. They are champions. Until things develop, if they develop, it’s all ifs and buts. I’ve got nothing to say on the matter. All I say is I’m very interested because of the severity of what UEFA have put out there

2020 02 23 Retrieve

[Gerrard wants rivalry with Mourinho and Lampard as he ponders possible Liverpool return] I admire Frank for his bottle, leading Chelsea in the biggest league in the world during a transfer ban. I’m proud of him as a former team-mate. There will naturally be a comparison to me and Frank because there was when we were players. Could we play together? Who was better? There is still an element of that but the reality is we are in two completely different jobs

I’m sure Frank has had the same thoughts. But I’d also love to become a rival to Jose Mourinho. I understand why [people assume I could take over from Klopp] because I was captain for so long and a large chunk of the fanbase would like me back at the club. But I’m bright enough to realise that, first and foremost, you have to be good enough. The owners need to think you’re the right man. If I got the chance [at Liverpool] I’d want to be best prepared. You can’t plan everything season by season. If things turn in months, you’d be out of work. Am I ready for the Liverpool job right now? Maybe not

2020 02 24 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard says Liverpool couldn’t function without Henderson] I appreciated Jordan Henderson’s power and fitness by training with him. Some players play for themselves, Jordan does the dirty running, grappling for second balls, 12 or 13km Saturday and Wednesday, again and again.

Teams can’t function at Liverpool’s level without a cog like Jordan Henderson. He’s obviously going to be a Premier League winner. I look at him and think: good for you. He has that confidence now. He has lifted the European Cup above his head.

I don’t deserve one iota of credit, he has done it all himself, but I remember a chat with Jordan in LA a while ago and he wasn’t sure whether he was coming or going at the club. I remember saying to him don’t give up on Liverpool, you’ll be fine. I knew what he had inside and that he would get there. You know with certain people

[Gerrard added on Klopp] He has this stature. When he walks in a room, it’s ‘Whoa’. If he was your manager you’d think ‘I am running here’. This Liverpool team are monsters and it’s come from him the moment he arrived. For the players to have that level of respect for their manager in a modern dressing room is special. You can see everyone is tuned in, physically and mentally. To get that from your players is a tough nut to crack. And I sense Liverpool is growing again around the world

2020 03 01 Retrieve

[Gerrard admits Glasglow Rangers future hangs in the balance after shock Scottish Cup upset] I’m very disappointed. It’s the lowest I’ve felt since I came into the job by a long way. The performance today was nowhere near good enough. On Wednesday night I was the proudest man in Europe because my players were outstanding. Everything we’ve worked on for two years, I could see it on the sidelines. I was proud as punch, it was incredible. But today for 90 minutes, I didn’t recognise anything. So I’m feeling really low. Two seasons without a trophy isn’t good enough. It’s not what I’m about. But that’s where it comes down on my shoulders. I need to think now. The plan was to have a day off on Sunday. But I need to think hard about where we are. I’ll do some serious thinking in the next 24 to 48 hours

I just need to think. I’m feeling pain right now because I want to win here, I’m desperate to win here. But looking from the side today, I didn’t get the impression that the feeling amongst my players was the same. I’m not doubting myself. But it’s tough when you feel like this after performances like that. I need to analyse myself, for sure. Is it still possible to win here? It will be extremely difficult in the short term because of where we are in the league. And we all know that we’ve punched above our weight in Europe so far. This is what I need to analyse in the coming days

2020 03 03 Retrieve

[Gerrard commits future to Rangers following quit rumours] I’m in. I’ve signed up to something here. I’m all in. I always knew there was going to be periods like this that were tough. I always knew we were going to have some real setbacks

This is when the club needs me most and that’s to stay strong and fight on and push and continue to try and improve this and build on the progress we’ve made in a lot of areas. We need to learn from some of the things that haven’t gone so well and try and avoid them happening again

[Morelos was granted permission to fly to his home country of Colombia but returned later than the agreed date] He’s showed a lot of remorse for his actions, letting his team-mates down and the supporters down. He’s accepted his punishment, which will stay private for obvious reasons, so yes he’s available for selection

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[What is Amazon’s Steven Gerrard documentary] Football is not about turning on playing. It’s about dealing with everything that comes with it

2020 03 07 Retrieve

[How Steven Gerrard’s Rangers dreams fell apart] I’m very disappointed. It’s the lowest I’ve felt since I came into the job by a long way. On Wednesday night I was the proudest man in Europe because my players were outstanding. Everything we’ve worked on for two years, I could see it on the sidelines. I was proud as punch, it was incredible. But today for 90 minutes, I didn’t recognise anything. So I’m feeling really low. Two seasons without a trophy isn’t good enough. It’s not what I’m about

With all due respect to Hamilton, that is not an acceptable result at this club. I’m going to take responsibility for that. I hear the fans, I feel them, no one is hurting as much as myself and the players. So we certainly respect the reaction and will do everything we can to make them feel better as quick as we can. It’s about actions now, rather than words

2020 03 14 Retrieve

[Klopp’s coaching advice to Liverpool legend Gerrard] The best thing I ever did was to go away from the cameras in the beginning. I had a real honest and open conversation with Jurgen Klopp for a couple of hours and the advice he gave me was: ‘Don’t go into this as Steven Gerrard with the name on your back. Go back to the beginning and strip it back like a car. Get your pitch confidence and get used to tactics and different formations. Try things, make mistakes and get it horribly, wildly wrong. Experiment and do all these things away from the camera but before you test yourself in the Europa League, before you test yourself in front of thousands and thousands of fans – put yourself in a better position before you go in there.

Because I’ve seen tons of footballers with their names on their backs go in there and it doesn’t work’. That was the best bit of advice. I don’t think I will ever get a better piece of advice than that. Strip it right back and go back to the beginning. I have made mistakes over the last couple of years as Rangers manager but the trick is to learn from them. But this is a job where it’s impossible not to make them because you’re up against so many other good coaches

2020 04 16 Retrieve

[Rangers boss Gerrard calls SPFL ‘an absolute mess’] I think Rangers’ stance on it, and certainly my stance on it, is to let the suits carry on doing what they’re doing at the moment. It’s their job to continue to represent Rangers in that way. But from afar the SPFL looks an absolute mess. I’m watching ex-players and pundits, I’m reading media and it’s getting absolutely battered from pillar to post. All I ask is for the main leader of the SPFL to show some real leadership at this time. What he has to do now – because there are so many doubts, questions and accusations about this institution – is he needs to allow an independent investigation into the setup up there, to prove everything wrong and show there is transparency across the board

The SPFL have said they’re open to an internal investigation. I don’t agree with that because you shouldn’t be allowed to mark your own homework. You mark your own homework, you’re always going to finish top of the class and there’s not going to be any questions asked. So, for me, there needs to be an expert investigator who should come in and look at everything across the board with the SPFL. I’ve watched the SPFL – an organisation that I’m a big part of now – get absolutely slaughtered and I’m waiting for the leader Murdoch MacLennan to come out and show leadership and allow an outside investigator to come in, go right across the whole situation and show everything is clean

Ideally, I’d like to see everyone back playing and to finish the season off and that’s how everyone wants to see it. But where we are right now, the main priority is everyone’s health. Football is certainly secondary

2020 04 16b Retrieve

[Liverpool legend Gerrard in awe of ‘phenomenal’ Reds] They just seem to be getting better and stronger every single year. I think the one key thing that has blown me away from when I played, what they seem to have now is mental strength across the board. We used to have some really good professionals and mentally strong players in our squad but now it seems that from No.1 in the squad to player 26, mentally they’re all monsters and are all on the same page. To have a squad that has that mentality, I’m really excited to watch them in the coming years because I think they have a fantastic opportunity to become a really successful Liverpool team, and that’s what we all want as Liverpool fans. They’ve been phenomenal for a few years now. I thought they were very unlucky last year not to be champions. That was just down to how good Man City were

I remember he came into Liverpool as a shy lad from Sunderland and his family asked me to keep an eye on him and look after him. He’s a very selfless person, on and off the pitch. He was a dream to play with because of his energy. I’m certainly one who’s always sung his praises because I appreciate the job he did in the team. I think he’s got better and better from a football point of view but, as a person, I think what he’s done over the last couple of weeks sums the human being up. He’s a fantastic man and he’s become a top-class midfielder. Everything he earns in the game and every accolade he gets he absolutely deserves it. He’s a role model to a lot of young kids

2020 04 27 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard slip: Liverpool captain’s unfortunate mistake, reaction & chant] I sat in the back of the car and felt the tears rolling down my face. I hadn’t cried for years but, on the way home, I couldn’t stop. The tears kept coming. I can’t even tell you if the streets were thick with traffic or as empty as I was on the inside. It was killing me. I felt numb, like I had lost someone in my family. It was as if my whole quarter of a century at this football club poured out of me. I did not even try to stem the silent tears as the events of the afternoon played over and over again in my head

2020 04 29 Retrieve

[Gerrard among those lending support to Captain Tom’s coronavirus charity push] Hello Captain Tom Moore, Steven Gerrard here. I just wanted to leave you a short video message to congratulate you on your incredible achievement. You are a huge inspiration to all of us here in England and you’ll never walk alone

2020 05 06 Retrieve

[Coronavirus: Gerrard slams ‘almighty rush’ to end Scottish Premiership season] For myself – and I think everyone at Rangers was on the same page – what we wanted was to give it the best chance we can. There was a different view from the Premier League and the EFL that they wanted to wait and give this season every single chance to be played. We all know and respect the fact that there might become a stage where that is impossible to happen. But there seemed to be an almighty rush from where we were to finish it and get the boats in as soon as possible. That didn’t sit well at all. At Rangers, we want to get back playing and get the season done when it’s physically safe to do that, with all respect to the situation that we’re in. Across Scotland, top to bottom, there was so much football to be played. Now, of course, I’m always going to be biased because I’m the Rangers manager and there’s a 13-point gap, but I want to put as much pressure on to the end. In other leagues, so many clubs had so much to play for and we felt there was a rush to finish it instead of giving it the best chances to be finished.

We came extremely close to success this year in the League Cup, we have had success in the Europa League but the league has been disappointing.It is my job to come up with answers and solutions as quick as we can to hopefully finish this season as strong as we can and then move on to next

2020 05 07 Retrieve

[Liverpool ‘always’ Gerrard’s team but Reds legend in no rush to leave Rangers] Liverpool will always be my team, I don’t think anyone would argue against me with that. I was there for many, many years, all the way through and I had a good career there. I’ve supported them from the day I left and I’ll always support them and back them. The fans make a club and the fans at Liverpool are special, they always have been with me and that’s where we get our connection from. But this is the start for me at Rangers now, we’re two years in and I’m hungry to continue there. My relationship with Rangers is strong and it’s growing, of course it’s got a place in my heart. I knew Rangers was a top club from the outside, and I was lucky to get the opportunity to go up there. Was it a bit early to get a job of that size? Of course! But they’ve given me an opportunity to try and learn on the job and I know I haven’t got everything right and I’ve made some mistakes along the way, but I think there was an openness that would be the case. Celtic have been a good side for a long time, I think you have to admit that, and that’s the challenge. But one thing is for sure we will continue to push as hard as we can to try and break their dominance. The thought of bringing some success to the club because of what the fans have been through before I even arrived, that is a big buzz for me and something I’ll be striving as hard as I can for

2020 05 27 Retrieve

[Rangers sign Ianis Hagi on permanent deal from Genk] Ianis is recognised throughout Europe as a young, exciting player so to have him join Rangers on a permanent basis is great news

2020 05 28 Retrieve

[Not everyone was convinced. Michael Owen the hottest striker in Europe and Steven Gerrard emerging as a midfield tour de force, was questioned for signing a 35-year-old Gary McAllister when the ambition was to qualify for the Champions League at a minimum] He seemed an odd buy. OK, he was once a terrific midfielder for Leeds United and Scotland, but his best days surely behind him … I rang my agent, Struan Marshall, who knew McAllister well. ‘Stru, what’s all this about?’ I asked.

‘Don’t worry, Stevie,’ replied Struan, ‘Gary Mac will be brilliant for Liverpool, and for you as well. Listen to him. Learn from him’. ‘Sod off, Stru’ I said. ‘McAllister can learn off me!’ How wrong I was

2020 06 06 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard was thrilled after Rangers struck a deal to sign Leicester City defender Calvin Bassey on a four-year contract] There was a lot of clubs interested in Calvin and for us it’s pleasing to secure the services of another young talent. He’s a strong and dynamic athlete, who is very much the modern day full-back. He will develop further and we are excited to have made another strong addition to our group. He’s left-footed, physically powerful, enjoys driving forward and is certainly equipped to thrive in the combative nature of Scottish football

2020 06 16 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard has listed five Premier League stars who ‘deserve’ to win PFA Player of the Year] If Jordan Henderson got it I don’t think anyone could argue or grumble. He would deserve it as much as anyone else who is in the running for it. I try to be non-biased when I talk about things like this. Kevin De Bruyne has been superb this season. The same goes for Virgil van Dijk, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Jordan and Sadio Mane. Any of them would deserve it. Would I like to see Jordan win it? Yes, I would

I’d also like to see him win the Football Writers’ award. In this day and age, with what we’re going through and what we’ve seen of late, he’s someone who commits himself to the game and is a real ambassador and role model on and off the pitch. It’s the way he goes about his work, the quality he has shown consistently and his leadership skills. With these individual awards, I just think sometimes they have to be about more than what just happens on the pitch. I think Jordan is certainly deserving to be in the running for both. If he got both I’d be very pleased for him

2020 06 16 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard says Liverpool should already be starting work on a statue of Jurgen Klopp ahead of their title coronation] Let’s cut to the chase, sitting here, doing this interview right now, I think Jurgen Klopp is the best manager in the world. I know there are a lot of successful managers about. Pep Guardiola is exceptional. Carlo Ancelotti is exceptional too and I think Everton are really lucky to have him with his CV. I could name many more. Having had the experience of being a manager for the past two years, you realise how difficult and challenging the job is. I have nothing but respect for Jurgen. The way the man handles himself, the way he’s been with myself, the way he goes about his business, the way he comes across. I think he’s got a heart and I think he’s got a head. He just works for Liverpool. He has come and taken the club to the next level

Knowing Jurgen, he won’t want to be put in that bracket. I know what he’s like, he’s humble and respectful. When you look at the scale of the job he’s done, for sure he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as those iconic managers. What you need to take into consideration is that when Jurgen took over Liverpool they weren’t close to being the best team in the country, they weren’t even in the top four. To come to Liverpool when he did, get to the amount of finals that he has, deliver the sixth European Cup and then deliver the first league title after 30 years […] For me, someone like Jurgen should be rewarded now. It seems like in football we often wait until people get older before their achievements are fully recognised. But I know the owners of Liverpool won’t let that happen. When Jurgen delivers the league they should already be starting work on a statue of him.

You don’t want to count your chickens until it’s certain but I think we all know that it’s inevitable. For me, there will be a lot of relief. Being a fan for a lot of those years and being a player and coming ever so close, you know that this is the one that people have craved. This is the bread and butter of the club. I grew up watching all the successful Liverpool teams winning leagues. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do it myself. I’m a fan now and I always will be until the day I go into a grave. When they get it done and they lift that trophy, it will be 100 per cent happiness for me. I can’t wait for it. I’ll be the proudest man on the planet

2020 06 26 Retrieve

[Rangers manager Steven Gerrard congratulated the fantastic Liverpool squad after the club were crowned Premier League champions on Thursday] Congratulations to all @liverpoolfc on winning the Premier League. Incredible achievement from a fantastic squad of top players. Led by a world class manager and coaching team also a special mention for the backing from FSG. And lastly and most importantly the fans who have waited 30 years. Let the party begin

The last two years and since Jurgen’s come in has been very positive. He’s been fantastic and epitomises everything Liverpool Football Club stands for. Whatever they got, they have deserved it. Onwards and upwards. We have a lot more happy days to look forward to as long as Jurgen is here. Liverpool from top to bottom in the football club have been fantastically supportive. You know how much it means. It’s hard work to dominate the English league beside quality like Manchester City, by the way!

I’m very pleased for everybody connected with the football club. Jurgen [Klopp] has done a fantastic job. The highlight has been the camaraderie within the team and the way everyone has helped the team. Last night’s game was a huge example of that. They played with tempo and never gave Crystal Palace time on the ball. It’s the whole feeling within the club, you do not win anything without a great dressing room, and they have that

2020 06 28 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard has admitted that he does not know whether Alfredo Morelos will stay at Rangers] Alfredo is a fantastic footballer. He scores goals in big volumes and I’m really looking forward to him getting match fit, up to speed and ready to play. But I suppose what you want me to say is, whether he will be here next year. That’s the million dollar question. I want all my best players here, I’ve said that many times. For us to be successful, we need our best players fit, available and out there on the pitch. But you and I know that every player has his price. Will we get bids for our best players? It’s quite possible. That’s something I can’t control, so it’s something we are just going to have to manage going forward

2020 07 10 Retrieve

[Steven Gerrard was pleased to see his Rangers players blow off the cobwebs with a behind-closed-doors win over Hamilton] It is a long time not to play football, so the first game back you are always looking at what you got out of it and we got some real valuable minutes into the players’ legs. It was a really good workout. I thought Hamilton very professional and made us work for the win. But the win is not important, it’s more about getting players through the first game, getting the cobwebs off and getting them a feel for real football, because it doesn’t matter how much you rehearse on the training pitch, until you get your kits on and see the referee, pre-season gets parked up and its for real. I’m pleased with a lot of it but there is still a lot of work to do. I thought we were slow out the blocks, that can be normal. Players are a little bit rusty and the cobwebs are on there. We conceded a sloppy goal but we showed character and courage to get back into the game and we should have won it with more goals.

[Gerrard is happy to be back in a more normal pre-season environment following restrictions imposed on the squad through the lockdown] The first two weeks were quite frustrating because we had to work in small groups, had to do three and four sessions a day and non-contact. That is not normality. But it was nice to see the players, get back into the routine at the training ground and get that step closer back to playing football. The last couple of weeks have been better because we have been able to train properly, do a lot of tactical stuff, 11 versus 11, and you can see signs of how we want it to look when it comes to that first game. We are a lot more content and happy now, working for real

2020 07 18 Retrieve

[Nice 0-2 Rangers: Steven Gerrard’s side seal Veolia Trophy] I’m pleased for Jamie Barjonas. This is the first time since I have been in a first-team game that he has really shown personality. We know he has got that, we think he is better than what he has shown. So he will stay around us a bit longer and we’ll try and get him a few more opportunities.

I want to bring academy players in but first and foremost they have got to commit to the football club. If you don’t commit to the football club you won’t be seen anywhere near me. And you have got to be good enough. So they have got to train every day like it means the world to them to play for Rangers.

I have been hearing a few things down at the academy that there’s been a bit of ego about. So they won’t be around me. I will only play the players who show me on a daily basis that they’re good enough to be around us and Nathan Patterson, Jamie Barjonas and Lewis Mayo have shown that since the first day. So they deserve the opportunities they have had

[Gerrard’s men clinched the trophy before Lyon faced Celtic after following up their midweek win over the hosts] It’s been a successful trip, not necessarily because we won the competition, that wasn’t the important thing. We have come here for fitness reasons, we have come here to get ourselves in better condition and we have come here to rehearse how we want to play and how we want it to look. So an awful lot of positives to take in terms of the team and the squad