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Name Steven Pienaar
Gender Male
Ethnic South African
Job South African Footballer
Desc Pienaar had already established himself as one of South Africa’s best midfielders abroad when he moved to Tottenham Hotspur from Everton. However, things got extremely difficult for him at White Hart Lane. And when Everton wanted him back, Spurs put a €5.75 million price tag on Pienaar and the Merseyside-based side had to pay up as they needed him back


Org South Africa National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2011 06 01 Retrieve

[Steven Pienaar looking forward to first full season with Tottenham] Of course when you join in the middle of the season you have to get used to your surroundings and the players, so the first five months have been about getting used to everything.

Hopefully it will be a new start for me during pre-season and I will give it my best shot next season. I’m at an advantage because in the games I’ve played I’ve got used to the players and the way they play. In preseason I’ve got a better chance because I know everyone so I just have to go out and push from the start

[Pienaar feels confident in both his and Tottenham’s style of football, and says he is happy to play in for the White Hart Lane club] The squad is good, it’s a good footballing team and the players are friendly, so I’m happy. It’s important when you play in a footballing team to enjoy the ball. It’s like your own child, you have to take good care of it. That’s what the team is doing - they want to enjoy the game and it’s what I like also

2018 03 01 Retrieve

[Former Bafana Bafana and Everton midfielder Steven Pienaar retires from professional football] From day one… the love and everything. I know sometimes, you [the fans] were happy when we won games. Looking back, we let people down a few times. I don’t know what to say to you guys [the fans], but I know the love and I appreciate wearing the [Bafana Bafana] jersey

And also to all the clubs that I have worked for or that gave me the opportunity to wear their jersey, I’m really grateful. It’s been a long [journey]; a lot of ups and downs throughout my career, but like I said, I really appreciate your love, and thanks for everything. God bless you

2018 04 04 Retrieve

[Steven Pienaar makes Everton return] I have felt enormous affection for the club since the day I first signed and I am both honoured and delighted to become an official international ambassador. Everton football club is very special to me and I look forward to further developing our unique bond in my new role and helping to spread the word of its fantastic work. This is a very proud day for me and I am delighted to be returning to a club that made me feel so welcome as a players

2018 06 19 Retrieve

[Ex-Bafana midfielder Steven Pienaar starts coaching] He [Benni] gave me some advice on where to go if you want to do your badges‚ and the people who you work with

A lot of people think it’s easy to become a coach when you’ve been a player‚ but actually there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes‚ and you have to study stuff that as a player you were used to doing. And we take it for granted when we see coaches out there – they have to put in the hours to make sure that the whole team functions.

[Outlining his first step towards becoming a coach] Last week was actually the first time I stood on a pitch and gave some sessions. I enjoyed it being out there. But I’ll have to wait and see if it really is for me. It was the Uefa A and B. I have to continue again next year for the part two. I did it in Ireland because the waiting list in Holland is too long‚ and they only take a certain amount of coaches. In Ireland if you’ve played international football you go straight in

You have to learn if you want to become a coach. You have to put the hours in. And for me the course is a start. If I want to go into TV work‚ be an analyst‚ you need that coaching information behind you. You have to see things that other guys don’t see

[On whether or not he will follow his former Bafana teammates and former players such as McCarthy and University of Pretoria’s Shaun Bartlett, the 36-year-old said he is undecided for now] It depends. Everton asked me a few times if I want to come in and start doing some work with the kids‚ the Under-15s and U-18s. And obviously you need your coaching badges. It would be a great place to start and learn the trade‚ and work with good guys around you. Who knows‚ maybe in the next few months I’ll be standing on a field

2018 08 31 Retrieve

[Steven Pienaar says Manchester City can do well in Uefa Champions League] It’s going to be a tough competition I can tell you because there are strong teams in every group. For me, it is difficult to call it for now. I think it will be like last season where there are teams you picked to well and reach the knockout stages, but end up failing to progress. Teams like Bayern Munich, Paris Saint Germain were tipped as favourites to win it, but they couldn’t mount a serious challenge. So, it’s just difficult to predict now as it is early

I also did not believe that (Real) Madrid would go on and successfully defend it because there were good teams such as Manchester City, PSG, Bayern and so on, but they showed desire and experience to go and win it. If you look at teams and groups on paper, City would win it without a doubt, but you can’t really tell for now because it is the beginning and anything can happen you know.

There are teams like Juventus; they have good quality players and experience. PSG are always an ambitious team and those are the teams you can say they will reach the Last 16, the Last 8 and so on. So, let’s just see and make a call as the tournament progresses

[Speaking about a team capable of shocking the world by marching all the way to the final and dethrone the Los Blancos, the former midfielder backed the Dutch giants, Ajax Amsterdam to surprise many] I hope Ajax can do better than the previous years and shock many. Obviously the club has ambitions and it’s yearning for glory in European football. But, there is quality in the Madrid team although they do not have Cristiano Ronaldo; there are star players such as Gareth Bale and the likes of (Luka) Modric.

I think Bale is doing well from what I have seen so far and I hope he will raise his hand to own that position and score goals to go all the way and defend their trophy, but I would also want to see Barcelona do well in this year’s edition.

They have a new coach and a couple of players who will want to prove it to their manager that they can do the job. So, I am sure the competition will be one to watch for everyone

[The Premier League will be represented by Pep Guardiola’s City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham Hotspur, but Pienaar reckons some will only do well at home] I think like I said, it’s going to be a challenge for some English clubs and it will be interesting in the group stages. English teams are strong at home in the United Kingdom, but tend to struggle away, and a team like Hotspur, I don’t think they will go all out when playing away and yeah, I am not a fortune teller, but I hope EPL teams do well this year. To be honest, City have a great manager and based on their run in the EPL last season, I think they can do well this year and because they have depth – they have a chance in my opinion

[Although many will pick Barcelona to do everything right and lift the trophy] I’m not going to lie to you and say there is an easy group. You see in each and every group there are strong teams and these are teams that are looking to challenge for honours. You see Barcelona have the likes of Inter Milan, Bayern have Ajax in the same group and Real Madrid will also face tough teams in their group. So, I believe it will be difficult to single out one group and say this is the easiest or toughest one - there are no easy groups

2019 01 19 Retrieve

[Steven Pienaar pays tribute to Phil Masinga] Very sad news for South African football, we lost a true football legend in Phil ‘Chippa’ Masinga. He paved the way for all South African footballers in the UK. That goal at Fnb stadium that took us to our first World Cup will always be on my mind. Legend

2019 03 19 Retrieve

[Steven Pienaar against the idea of Stuart Baxter possibly resigning as Bafana Bafana head coach] The guys just have to go out there and not think about playing for a draw. They have to go there and actually win it; that’s the mindset that they need going into this game. If you’re going into the game thinking that a draw will be enough then you are asking for trouble. So, I’m sure that the manager will get it into the players’ mind that we’re going there for a win because that’s important

I think we’re good enough (as a country). We obviously have capable goalkeepers to replace Khune. He’s a big character in the national team and players look up to him. He brings that calmness into the team, but besides that, Ronwen or Darren Keet have to play at that level as well. So, the guys have to support whoever the coach is going to put in and give him the necessary support

Obviously, as a manager, you want to play in competitions and for him, if he doesn’t qualify, that is going to put a lot of pressure on him to continue with the job. But if Safa has a plan to qualify for the next World Cup then they have to stick with him [Baxter]. So, I’m with Lucas [Radebe] on this one. We need to have the coach longer in and give him our full backing

No, it hasn’t been working. So, we just have to stick with the coach and give him our support

2019 09 16 Tweet

[Former Bafana Bafana and Everton midfielder Pienaar completes Uefa A Diploma] I want to give glory to The Most High. For giving me the strength to go through all this stuff

2020 05 26 Retrieve

[Former Everton winger Steven Pienaar has revealed that he once had to escape a hotel fire while room-mates with Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Ajax, but not before the Swedish star asked him to go back and grab his bags first] I usually roomed with Zlatan and Rafa [van der Vaart]. I remember one game at Groningen where we stayed near the town the night before the game. Hooligans in Holland can be quite active, but our hotel was quite secluded and we didn’t think there would be any problems. We had our evening meal and then went to our rooms. We watched TV and went to sleep only to be woken at one in the morning by the club doctor, wearing pyjamas. Very calmly, he told us not to panic but that there was a fire and we needed to take our bags and leave the room. ‘What do you mean, a fire?’ I asked. ‘The team bus is on fire,’ he replied. That’s when I remembered that the bus was parked right below our window. I pulled the curtains back, saw the flames jumping high and thought the bus was going to explode. I picked up my bag. Zlatan was standing there and said: ‘Don’t just leave, you have to get my bag as well!’ We waited outside the hotel for 90 minutes in the freezing cold and weren’t sure when the game was going to be played. Ronald Koeman, our coach, told us that we should go back to sleep. I slept with one eye open. The game was going to be on. Koeman, who was like a father figure for us, said: ‘Look at what they put you through. Have a cold shower, because half of you are asleep, and win the game’. We won 2-0 and Zlatan scored. Zlatan and I would have single beds and there wasn’t that much space between them. Sometimes, for no reason, he’d just start kicking me. I’ve no idea why, but he was a nice guy. We lived close by and we’d play PlayStation together. Good times.

[Pienaar also recalled the famous incident of Egyptian star Mido throwing a pair of scissors at Ibrahimovic] Two young boys who were winners. They were actually good friends. We’d played a Champions League game and they had an argument about who hadn’t passed the ball or something. The argument started on the pitch and carried on in the dressing room. My seat was next to Zlatan. Mido was taking off the strapping from his ankles with scissors. He threw the scissors and they hit the wall between Zlatan and me. Senior players said it was good that we argued, because it showed we had a winning mentality. It came out in the papers and looked like a big deal, but they actually drove home together after the game. We had a tight dressing room

2020 05 30 Retrieve

[Steven Pienaar on rooming with Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Ajax] Zlatan and I would have single beds and there wasn’t that much space between them. Sometimes, for no reason, he’d just start kicking me. I’ve no idea why, but he was a nice guy. We lived close by and we’d play PlayStation together. Good times