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Name Terry Venables
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job England Head Coach
Desc Controversy has a habit of stalking England managers and in Venables’ case it came from the start. He was appointed in January 1994 but amid lengthy legal battles with Alan Sugar and Tottenham over his dismissal as chief executive. Denmark were once again the new man’s first opponents, this time in a friendly. Venables fared a little better than Robson, the goal coming from David Platt


Org England National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2009 12 04 Retrieve

[Terry Venables says England’s Could Have Hand-Picked World Cup Group] It’s a tough game because they will be fit, organised and while they won’t outplay us, they could out-sprint us. It could be a difficult game for us.

Although Algeria did extremely well to get through they are not really on a par with any of those teams. We’ll be expected to do it and we should do it, so let’s be very happy.

They are going to say ‘there are no easy games’ and of course, that is true, but it’s a good a draw as we could have expected. You could have hand-picked that so we’ve got to be very satisfied.

2010 05 22 Retrieve

[Terry Venables Says England Must Believe In World Cup 2010 Destiny] They [England] have got to be actually thinking about winning it. People keep asking me how do I think they will do, will they reach the quarter-finals or the semi-finals? But they have got to be thinking about the final and then winning it. If you don’t really expect to win it, you won’t win it. You have got to think you are going to win as a group of players and a management team

[Venables is also positive about England’s chances in the tournament but recognise that they are minor underdogs] I think there’s a very good chance, although you can’t see much past Spain and Brazil. Brazil know how to win these competitions and, while it was the European Championships Spain won two years ago, the European Championships are often tougher than the World Cup because there are so many strong teams in Europe

[While Wayne Rooney is an understandable focus for the nation’s hopes, Venables believes the whole England team will need peak fitness and form to secure a first World Cup triumph since 1996] I understand the focus on Wayne Rooney, but although he is the outstanding player, he is part of a team. We need all our best players, and the team the manager would like to put out, fit and in form. We have got Ashley Cole back, and it looks like Rio Ferdinand is going to be fit and strong. You need all your best players fit, and that goes for every country

2010 12 03 Retrieve

[Former England boss Terry Venables says Fifa’s selection of World Cup 2018 hosts was an utter sham] The bleeding heart liberals in Zurich, like they did with South Africa 2010, opted for legacy over logistics. Nothing wrong with that, just tell us before we waste all that time and money compiling a bid.

Russia has never staged a World Cup before. And while the head nation of the former Soviet Union would undoubtedly benefit from the legacy of hosting football’s biggest showpiece tournament, they have so much work to do to turn their country into one able to do so.

If the aim by Fifa all along was to give 2018 to a nation that had never held a World Cup before then fine. I just wished they would have told us and the FA at the outset. It would have saved us £15 million and a lot of heartache.

Instead, the selection process became a charade - in fact a complete and utter sham. England never got the 2018 World Cup, because we were never going to get it. It was what the French speakers in Zurich call a ‘fait accompli’. And thanks to Fifa’s secret agents we may never know exactly why we were refused the chance to host the tournament.

I only know it is a great shame. A shame for England. A shame for football. And shame on Fifa

2016 04 03 Retrieve

[Quote on Sir Bobby Charlton] He had a grace, and a change of pace, and a strike of lightning. Both change of pace, and from his boots; the power in his shooting was immense

2016 05 19 Retrieve

[Rooney must play where he’s told to play] It depends how the manager decides he’s going to play him. It’s no good saying ‘Well I want to do this, I’m this player’, you’ve got to be a bit more flexible. The interchange of positions is very important, standing-still football is for Subbuteo

[Venables – a two-time manager of the Eagles – insists that Alan Pardew’s men have every chance of lifting the cup for the first time in their history] I think they can do it, yes, especially with the way things are. I think that it’s going to be a really top game. Pardew has done a great job, but you’ve got to see out the whole thing. It’s a marathon, but I think he’s done very well.

The FA Cup should still be coveted, for me. It is our heritage really, it was the same for your parents and grandparents too, and you want it to stay

You used to come out from the back of the goal at Wembley as well, which was brilliant. I remember me and Brian Clough going there in 1991 [between Tottenham and Nottingham Forest] and we were holding hands coming out in front of the teams! That’s been lost, and it’s a bit of a shame for me because it’s just a normal stadium now.

When I was at Barcelona we had a Clasico on FA Cup final day and we had to fly to Madrid to play, and our team said ‘Can we watch the English cup final before we go?’ They used to say ‘Why are they walking out from the back of the goal’ but it was about the goosebumps. That’s the history involved in the cup final

2018 02 06 Retrieve

[Venables expects Madrid interest in 100-goal striker] To get his 100th Premier League goal is a considerable achievement, well worth all the praise. It is confirmation of his status worldwide as a goalscorer of distinction who can operate under the most intense pressure, as he showed with his nerveless second penalty in front of The Kop. That’s why he’s a wanted man and that is something Spurs will have come to terms with.

There is obviously talk of Real Madrid and I took Gary Lineker and Mark Hughes to Spain when I was manager at Barcelona. Gary joined me in Spain after he won the World Cup Golden Boot in 1986. He produced goals, he scored 21 in 41 games in his first season - a fine return. The fee was under £3 million. Now, with market forces, Harry is being talked about as a £200m signing!

The fact that Real Madrid need more firepower to match Barcelona’s surge means the world’s top goalscorers will be targets. Spurs may have a fight on their hands. I hope Harry stays here. We don’t want another of our Premier League talents being lured by Spain’s big two. Spurs will have to match his ambition and they will also need to move quickly with a contract offer, especially with some of the money being thrown around by Manchester City and Manchester United.

You can’t ask Harry to settle for less… not for a player of his class

2018 04 28 Retrieve

[Venables salutes genius of Barcelona’s ‘Dickensian character’s] Look, if we’re in the playground now and we are picking sides, you could pick between Salah, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, Salah would be third pick. A good third, mind. Cristiano with his muscle and showmanship, like a gladiator. Power. He’s some player. But it would still be Messi as No. 1 for me. sThose shorts of his look like they should swallow him. He’s like a Dickensian character. But he’s a genius with a ball. I’d pick him as No. 1 every time.

[Ex-England boss Venables said of the Catalan] He doesn’t need me to tell him what to do because this man is special. But I would like to see him stay, to win more trophies, to create a dynasty. He is faultless as a coach. Faultless. As a coach, as a teacher, as a man.

People say he has won because he has been at Barcelona, Bayern, now City, but you can’t just buy titles and success, not playing the way his teams play. Long may it continue

Players are drawn to Spain, to Real and Barcelona, so he is very important to our game in England. Because we have the No. 1 coach. [Jurgen] Klopp too is impressive. He could win the European Cup and I do hope this happens. He’s behind Guardiola, but so is everyone else. Pep is a giver, a leader of the orchestra. I hope everyone can see that and appreciate it. I am thrilled to watch him succeed, it completes the set for him.