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Name Thomas Meunier
Gender Male
Ethnic Belgian
Job Belgian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Belgium National Team
Club as Player Paris Saint-Germain

2019 09 05 Retrieve

[Thomas Meunier has sparked plenty of transfer talk of late, with Arsenal said to be among his suitors, but the Belgian is not planning on leaving Paris Saint-Germain any time soon] It was an intense period, with a lot of interest and discussion. I could have left but it was not done because there was nothing that suited the club or myself. Nothing was 100 per cent for it to work. I have always said that I wanted to stay in Paris. I still have one year on my contract and I still hope an extension can be secured. The situation is a little more complicated because I am no longer the preferred choice in my position, but I remain professional. I feel good there and we will see what happens during the season

[Veteran Brazil international Dani Alves has departed PSG, freeing up a regular role at right-back] I have already spoken with the coach. We are aware that this year will be complicated. But I have always thought that leaving in the middle of the year is a bad idea because I think that the clubs which do business in January are clubs that, for me, act in haste. I have the impression when transfers are done in January that they are not thought out but rather a question of necessity. So for me a transfer in January is a no, even if I spend the first few months on the bench

[Meunier added on a testing period] It’s the life of a professional player. There are very positive times and others that are less so. This is the first time in my career that I’m dealing with a situation a little more complicated than the others

2019 09 24 Retrieve

[Thomas Meunier has refused to give Paris Saint-Germain team-mate Neymar grief despite the Brazilian trying to force his way out of the club in the summer] Whistling is not the answer, I’m happy about what he brings. He did what he had to do during pre-season. He didn’t make waves and even he is convinced he can still play a role at the club. The supporters have the choice and can do what they want, but for me it isn’t necessary to give him a hard time

2020 01 27 Retrieve

[Thomas Meunier says Neymar was the hero for Paris Saint-Germain once again on Sunday night] I’m not going to say that you get used to it. But when he only gets one single goal or an assist, you tell yourself that he didn’t have a good match! In reality, what he does is sensational. It’s the same for Kylian [Mbappe] or Angel [Di Maria], they are always decisive. We will always need them, we are lucky to have them on our team

[Asked if he still wanted to stay] Nothing has changed. Still no news, the management are busy with other players. We will see after February 1, we will sit around the table

They [Lille] were undefeated at home where they had better form than us. It was important to come and show that we are in a very positive frame of mind. We approached the game in a very professional manner. There was a bit of fatigue at the end of the match and we lost the ball too often. But it happens against a very good team with players who threaten a lot. It was not easy to contain them. So we will take the result, the job is done

2020 02 06 Retrieve

[Meunier backs PSG to overcome Borussia Dortmund in Champions League] Fear Haaland? I don’t know him especially. He’s got very good numbers, which underline that Dortmund score an enormous number of goals, but they’re also a team that concedes a lot of goals. On paper, PSG can beat any team. It’s up to us to ensure that we qualify

2020 02 18 Retrieve

[Meunier suggests fatigue was a factor for PSG defeat] We thought [Dortmund] had defensive problems, but the problem is we didn’t create many chances. That’s our fault. We weren’t really sharp in the last 20 metres. I think you could see a little bit of fatigue. We played almost 15 games since the beginning of January and you saw it

[Yet Meunier still claimed PSG deserved a draw] It was really difficult, really intense. The first half physically was really demanding. Maybe we deserved a draw, but Dortmund were really, really good. They played like the home team, like they are used to doing. Since the beginning of the season, they haven’t lost one game here at home. We saw today that it was difficult

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are both interested in signing Thomas Meunier when his Paris Saint-Germain contract expires at the end of the season.] Nothing has changed. Still no news, the management are busy with other players. We will see after February 1, we will sit around the table

2020 04 01 Retrieve

[PSG defender Thomas Meunier dismisses Tottenham links] A free, international player, who plays in the FIFA ranked world’s No.1 team (Belgium) and who is 28 years old, it cannot be a bad buy, even if I get gangrene and I have to cut off a leg! Clubs don’t have much to lose in the investment, and I think they know it. They have everything to gain. Everything that circulates on me on social media versus Dortmund, I don’t understand: I’ve seen so many articles linking me to Tottenham or Inter. I don’t understand this craze. My main objective is always to stay in Paris, but for the moment it’s pretty calm

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Dortmund confirm free signing of full-back Thomas Meunier from PSG] Borussia Dortmund plays exactly the football that I want to play: exciting, authentic and natural. BVB are known for their enthusiastic fans and the atmosphere during the game with PSG at Signal Iduna Park really influenced my decision

2020 06 25b Retrieve

[Dortmund confirm free signing of full-back Thomas Meunier from PSG] I am ambitious and, like when I was in Bruges and Paris, I would like to win titles with Dortmund