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Name Tite
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazil Head Coach
Desc Taking influence from the best coaches of European football, Tite is the first genuinely progressive coach Brazil have had in a generation. With two years wasted under Dunga, a coach who firmly belongs in the past, Tite has made an instant and impressive impact. Qualification looked genuinely precarious when he was appointed, but he made Brazil the runaway leaders of the round robin South American qualifying


Org Brazil National Team

2016 08 27 Retrieve

[Brazil national team coach Tite declines to exclude Neymar from the captaincy candidates for his squad] Neymar told me he didn’t want to be captain, and I spoke with him and told him to enjoy this time with his family [winning the Olympic gold medal]. Later, we will have time to think about that. Leadership has a technical aspect and Neymar gives technical leadership and he communicates like a leader. He leads by example. There are a number of factors that need to be considered for leadership so I don’t want to get into the details. I am not going to give a definitive answer as to who will be captain. My inclination is that it could be Miranda or Daniel Alves, or even Neymar, as he was before

2016 10 15 Retrieve

[Tite ​takes a cautious approach after A Seleçao jumped to the top of the South America Russia 2018 qualifying table] Just because we are the leaders, that does not mean that this position is guaranteed. It gives us confidence and we were consistent again, but it was just another step

2017 01 28 Retrieve

[Tite speaks after a friendly with Colombia that raised more than £300,000 for families of the Chapecoense players and staff who were killed in a November plane crash] The result is the least important thing today. Today, we should be thankful to the Colombian people, to the Brazilian people, to Chapecoense. This match was about humanity more than competition

2017 02 25 Retrieve

[Tite praises Argentina rival Lionel Messi] Yes, I would have wanted Messi to be born in Brazil. Regardless of the great rivalry between Brazil and Argentina, one only rivals who he admires. And we have an admiration for the Argentine. Messi is awesome. His creative ability is extraordinary, outside of normal patterns. He manages to see what others don’t

2017 06 13 Retrieve

[Australia 0-4 Brazil. Full-backs Alex Sandro and Rafinha largely impressed, as did substitute Taison, whose pace gave Brazil an extra dimension following his introduction] It was the time for everyone to have their opportunities. We had a performance and a result in this game. Against Argentina, we had only the performance and not the result

2017 11 25 Retrieve

[Tite speaks about how his successful start managing the national team] By challenging the players to achieve excellence, to be better and better regardless of whether we’d qualified or not. By challenging them to be better than the opposition, to be more competitive, more loyal. When you demand performance, players raise their game technically. But if you put all the emphasis on results, that brings their level down. We can’t control the final result but we can control performance. I’m a coach who demands performance of the highest level. Maybe that’s the fuel the national team needs to keep on developing

2017 12 02 Retrieve

[Tite gives his take on the modern game] Technique is the most important thing in today’s game. That’s what the ability of coaches to organise their teams tactically, make them balanced and get their ideas across to players depends on. Physical fitness is also a key factor, especially when it comes to challenging for the ball and switching direction. Another factor, and perhaps the most important one, is mental strength, the ability to handle pressure and the mental demands of getting a result, which are always there. The ability to deal with pressure is hugely important. Success hinges on these four things

2018 02 03 Retrieve

[Tite speaks about scheduling a World Cup preparation match with Germany] The time has come to confront our ghost. This is how we prepare for a World Cup. Let’s face Germany in Berlin, the first time we’ve met them since the 7-1. That happened and, once we accept it, it will hurt less. That is the truth. Now we are writing a new chapter

2018 03 17 Retrieve

[Tite tells his take on star player Neymar’s recovery from injury] Neymar’s father said the primary concern is the athlete’s health. It is the same thing all us think. Health comes first. You don’t pay for winning like that - whether it’s the World Cup, whether it’s the Brazilian national team. Paying the price with someone’s health or rushing someone’s recovery, we don’t do that

2018 09 15 Retrieve

[Tite on goalkeeper Neto, who made his senior international bow nearly a decade after his first call-up] When I told him, a huge smile came across Neto’s face. He said thank you very much, but he didn’t have to thank me for anything

2019 05 28 Retrieve

[Neymar was involved in an altercation with a fan after PSG’s Coupe de France final defeat to Rennes in April. Tite had spoken prior to the announcement of his intention to talk to Neymar about the incident] Neymar made a mistake, which was his fault. I will speak with Neymar about it. I will speak with him about manners. I will speak with Neymar as the Brazil coach, but also as a human being. It will be about manners and principles

The most important thing is to have an exchange with Neymar, as I did with Douglas Costa [when the Juventus player was involved in a spitting incident]. Any problems regarding a player’s behavior will be treated as a matter of education

2019 07 02 Retrieve

[Brazil manager Tite believes Lionel Messi is unstoppable] We spoke not only of the individuality of Argentina. They have grown in collective terms as well. The collective enhances individuality. You don’t cancel out Messi, no, you can slow his actions, but you cannot neutralise his actions. Just as Philippe Coutinho does not neutralise himself, Roberto Firmino, David Neres. They will, at some point, be decisive.

[Tite praised the support his team had received in the city and hopes fans can replicate it at the Estadio Mineirao] If the fans can bring all the affection they have given us when we arrived at the hotel to the stadium, it will leave me and all the players gratified and strengthened. [Belo Horizonte] was the place of the greatest affection, greater empathy. More than Porto Alegre, which is my land

2019 07 02b Retrieve

[Tite says he is just as nervous now as he was during his early matches in charge of the national team] I couldn’t sleep properly, I’m not Superman, I’m the way I am and I can deal with that. Yesterday I woke up at 3.15 am, I was thinking about what I’m going to do. As a coach, I always have a notepad next to me to write something down. That’s the reality of being a coach, not just me, (Argentina coach Lionel) Scaloni too, all of us

[Tite said the Argentina team are more than just a collection of individuals] Argentina make the most of those individual talents linking them into a coherent unit. You can’t eliminate Messi, you might be able to reduce what he can do but you can’t neutralise a player of that level, just as you can’t neutralise (Philippe) Coutinho, (Roberto) Firmino, Willian, David Neres - at some point, they will produce something

2019 07 03 Retrieve

[Brazilian coach Tite has revealed just how much the semi-final clash between Brazil and Argentina on Tuesday has been weighing on his mind] I couldn’t sleep properly, I’m not Superman, I’m the way I am and I can deal with that. Yesterday I woke up at 3.15 am, I was thinking about what I’m going to do

2019 07 03b Retrieve

[Tite says Lionel Messi is an alien but Brazil were able to neutralise him in their Copa America semi-final defeat of Argentina] I talked to Scaloni, maybe after he spoke to you [the media], but Messi is an alien. Messi is exceptional. He deserves such consideration, that reverence he deserves. And to neutralise such a player, with your actions on the field, you can’t stop him. We had to tinker with the structure of the team, so we brought Firmino a little further back to close the midfield to reduce his actions, and also to explore our speed. We scored and then got less possession of the ball than we normally do, but we brought effectiveness and we were decisive. It’s another step, happy, but it’s another step to the final and tomorrow [Wednesday] we will see the other opponent.

[Brazil were without Richarlison, Filipe Luis and Fernandinho against Argentina but Tite hopes the trio may be available for the final] Filipe Luis is already recovering from the injury, but as for the physical aspect, he could not withstand the 90 minutes, even more with a possibility of extra time. And on the other hand, Alex Sandro has come in very well. Fernandinho is in a process of evolution, maybe if I needed him during the game, he would come in. Even with some restriction. And Richarlison, I do not know, but he’s had a good recovery time for mumps. I believe the time has passed

2019 07 08 Retrieve

[After Lionel Messi recently claimed the Copa America was set up for Brazil, Selecao coach Tite has hit out at the Barcelona star, claiming he needs to show more respect and accept when he is beaten] The one I treated as extraordinary, as extraterrestrial, needs to have more respect and accept when he is beaten. We were harmed [by referees] in several games. We played fair against Argentina the whole time. I am being honest. He put huge pressure [on] because of his reputation.

[While unhappy with Messi’s conduct, Tite did concede the Argentine captain shouldn’t have been sent off against Chile] He was expelled in an unfair way. It was Medel. For him, it was a yellow card, at max

: 2019 07 31 Brazil manager Tite is also among the 10 nominees that have been shortlisted for Best FIFA Men’s Coach of the year, with the Seleção winning the Copa America on home soil to bag their first title in 12 years earlier this summer

2019 08 08 Retrieve

[Brazilian star Gabriel Jesus has been handed a two-month international ban by CONMEBOL for his behaviour during the Copa America final last month] the player is suspended to play official and friendly matches with his national team in that period of time

[They decided that Jesus broke Articles 7.1 and 7.2 of the Disciplinary Rules for] behaving in an offensive, insulting or defamatory manner of any kind

2019 08 16 Retrieve

[Brazil coach Tite says star player Neymar would never be left out of one of his squads as long as he was fit to feature] What I will say is that, concerning to a player with such a level and quality as Neymar, we would never leave him out of this group. We talked about three aspects that we can make public, not all the conversation but these things we can. Firstly, his moment and how he felt. He said he was happy, feeling okay and he had been working normally. I asked about his emotional situation because this influences the athlete’s performance. He said he was calm, that he knew things were taking their way and that he was waiting for PSG to give a definition of his situation. The third aspect we talked about was how he felt about playing before our matches, because there’s an optimal time to play as long as he’s available

[Philippe Coutinho was reportedly included in Barca’s offer to PSG for Neymar, and though the playmaker has struggled to cement a place at Camp Nou, Tite is confident he will soon rediscover his best form for club and country] He’s had highs and lows. He started the Copa America, more precisely the first two matches, being the star of it. And then he drops a bit, but gets back to his level. He’s a great player and hopefully he’ll get back to that pattern from Liverpool. But it’s normal, sometimes, when you change clubs. I’m sure that getting back to his former level is his goal and ours too

2019 09 06 Retrieve

[Brazil boss Tite labelled Neymar as one of the top three players in the world and declared the Paris Saint-Germain forward is ready to make his long-awaited return from injury] He has recovered from the injury that as everyone remembers removed him from the Copa America. If he wasn’t fit, he wouldn’t be with the national team. We are not irresponsible to force a situation when it concerns the athlete’s health. Me and the coaching staff will be very attentive to his development. He is ready, he is capable of doing what the team needs

Fifty per cent of goals scored by Brazil with Neymar on pitch are because of his goals or an assist he makes. The team needs him and he needs the team. From individual technical quality, I put Lionel Messi on top and Cristiano Ronaldo, because they are of another generation. From there I put another generation: [Neymar] and Eden Hazard are two extraordinary players for me. One advantage Neymar has over Hazard is that they think alike but he executes faster. He’s unstoppable

[Vinicius Junior is also back for Brazil’s friendlies with Colombia and Peru after missing out on Copa America selection because of an ankle injury] Vinicius Junior’s irregularity is something natural for a boy of his age. I spoke a lot with him during these days and he is an amazing lad that has extraordinary talent. He has six or seven gears and incredible speed. When we see him playing in Madrid, we overvalue his ability to mature. Things are happening very quickly in his life. At times we forget that he is only 19 years old. We have to give him time and take care of him. He still has to perfect a lot of things, but his natural talent is bigger than everything he needs to improve on. He also has to work hard on an emotional level and look after himself. He has a charisma like no other and everyone loves him. He has earned everyone’s love

2019 09 07 Retrieve

[Tite admitted Neymar’s performance in the 2-2 draw with Colombia surprised him as he revealed he has a relationship of truth and loyalty with the unsettled forward] I said, ‘I’ll take him off’ for the sake of physical preservation. But I saw that his physical responses were strong, intense, and coordinated. I could see him growing. As the end of the game approached, he produced more and more. He keeps his technique light and creates space. He was above my expectation

[PSG coach Thomas Tuchel has yet to include Neymar in any of his four matchday squads in Ligue 1 this season, but Tite gave a glowing assessment of the forward’s condition] We talked yesterday about monitoring the performance of Neymar from 45 minutes. A player starts thinking and cannot perform [when fatigued]. But he was thinking and performing. It surprised me

[After scoring Brazil’s second goal, Neymar wrapped his arms around the Brazil coach] It is a reaction of true loyalty. We have a relationship of truth and loyalty. We say what we think is right, what is wrong. It is a transparent relationship. I don’t analyse other facts, other situations. But I can say that we have a real relationship

2019 09 08 Retrieve

[Brazil boss Tite is confident Philippe Coutinho can keep up the good work in the German top-flight] He has played twice in the Bundesliga. I hope it will continue and help him to realise and develop his full potential.

2019 09 10 Retrieve

[Tite refused to reveal whether or not he has given life advice to Paris Saint-Germain superstar Neymar following a turbulent off-season] Whatever is good for Neymar, I will never say publicly. But we can do it here in the national team. In the areas that are competent to us, the 10 days we are here, we always try to create situations that are good for him and for selection. Not primarily for one or the other. Because I also understand that he is top three worldwide

[Brazil beat Peru 3-1 in the Copa America final in July and the two nations will meet again in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Previewing the clash] If I were on the side of the Peruvian national team, I would have a feeling of revenge but with loyalty. They don’t have to beat us up but play to show that they are better. We have to play a great game, since we have been working under pressur. The ideal would be to have friendly against European teams, but there is a calendar problem and sometimes it is incompatible

2019 10 11 Retrieve

[Tite critical of Brazil after Senegal draw] We were below what we can do. The squad played less than what it can play. It was less competitive than what it can be. The squad can give more than this. This wasn’t a good game. We need to get results. When we don’t, criticism emerges and I have to be mature enough to absorb it.

[Asked about the Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar’s performance] He is getting back to his normal patterns. We are also making adjustments for him in the 4-4-2 system, as we’re doing within the whole team

[Prior to the match, Tite voiced his displeasure at having to take players away from their clubs with Brazilian sides still in action over the international break] When the national team plays there shouldn’t be club games going on. I choose my players and I do it with a heavy heart

2019 10 13 Retrieve

[Tite was far from happy with the Selecao’s performance in their 1-1 draw against Senegal and he is demanding a marked improvement for the game against Nigeria] We were below what we can do. The squad played less than what it can play. It was less competitive than what it can be. The squad can give more than this. This wasn’t a good game. We need to get results. When we don’t, criticism emerges and I have to be mature enough to absorb it

2019 10 13b Retrieve

[Tite commended Brazil’s second-half improvement against Nigeria despite being left with a disappointing 1-1 draw and four-match winless streak from Sunday’s friendly in Singapore] The result was insufficient. In terms of results, the Brazilian team always wants to win and seeks to win. But especially in the second half, we had a great performance. We had ball possession and creativity. It’s no use having possession of the ball without creating, but we did. It was not effective [enough] to score

2019 10 13c Retrieve

[Tite is adamant Neymar had shown no sign of injury before Sunday’s 1-1 friendly draw with Nigeria, in which the forward was withdrawn after 12 minutes due to leg discomfort] No, not at all. It would be irresponsible and incompetent of me [to play him if he was a doubt]. I would have to receive the complaints of the coach and the president of PSG if that happened

2019 10 25 Retrieve

[The Copa America holders enter the match without a win in their past four outings - all friendlies - and Tite is looking for an improvement as preparations continue for next year’s World Cup qualifiers] I was not satisfied with our performances and results. But we have played in three competitive competitions. In the first, we formatted the team. The second, we reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup. In the Copa America, we won the title. Now we are at a new stage of the preparations, preparing for the qualifiers

2019 11 16 Retrieve

[Brazil’s narrow loss to Argentina on Friday was overshadowed by a touchline exchange between Tite and Lionel Messi] I complained because he [Messi] should have been shown a yellow card and he told me to shut my mouth and I told him to shut his mouth. I don’t want to answer anymore on it. You need a strong referee because he’ll swallow you. It should have been a card, I was right to complain

2019 11 19 Retrieve

[Tite says you can’t compare Messi to Pele] Pele is incomparable. Anybody who wants to compare Pele to any other athlete…do you know what I do? I hear but I don`t listen. It’s as if this person doesn’t know the history of this man’s quality… this guy was phenomenal. Once I said that Messi is extraordinary. I meant he’s extraordinary to the present time and among humans, with his creativity. Pele is out of normal patterns and I’m not saying this because I’m a Brazilian. You can’t find a defect. If somebody comes to me and starts to make comparisons, for me it has no credibility

[During that run, which began following Brazil’s Copa America victory over Peru, Tite’s side have drawn against Colombia, Senegal and Nigeria while losing to Argentina and Peru] I’m not desperate to win. I’m happy to be where I am. I’m aware of the pressure but I have no desperation. I don’t have any of this. What I do want is to make a great game

We know about Korea’s strengths, on their important victory against Germany [in the World Cup] and we respect them. We know about their individual forces, not only Son Heung-min, but others and the team as a whole

2019 11 19b Retrieve

[coach Tite says Brazil can feel the confidence Liverpool midfielder Fabinho has brought to the squad] Fabinho has built a positive growing. All the times he played, he played very well. And he brings confidence from his club to the Brazil national squad. In a natural way, and we can feel it. It’s not that you can only see it, you can feel it. Fabinho is playing his normal football in a role that he also has at Liverpool

[Tite was criticised by Rivaldo after the loss to Argentina. However, Tite would not be drawn into firing back at Rivaldo] I respect opinions, I don’t give opinions on them. I learnt to respect them. And I also have a very clear opinion on Rivaldo. He was a great player and the image that comes to me is of him controlling the ball on the chest and scoring in Barcelona. The most beautiful thing in this world. That’s my opinion

2019 11 19c Retrieve

[Tite rejected criticism of his decision to play Rodrygo Goes for just two minutes in Brazil’s 3-0 win over South Korea on Tuesday] It’s one thing to throw Rodrygo into a system that’s already structured, like Real Madrid. It’s another thing to put him in a team that is being reassembled, even if he was doing the same job in the same position. It was so hard to organise for the team for today and they responded well. They were close to scoring a fourth and a fifth. It was a chance for Fabinho, Renan Lodi and Militao. They earned the chance and asserted themselves. Could it have been Rodrygo? Yes, but I preserved the continuity and the good moment of the team in the game

I talked to Rodrygo and said he had to be very proud of his behaviour. As a person, as an example. I asked him to give a hug to his parents for the education they gave. Say thanks to Jair Ventura, the coach who launched him. He is an example for a lot of young boys who would like to be in his position. He must think I am a little crazy, because I was talking and I do not know him, this is our first meeting. But I saw that when he scored the first goal [against Galatasaray] he went to hug [Karim] Benzema, who assisted. When he completed the hat-trick, I saw the television camera was focusing on him and he didn’t look at the camera. He took the ball and kissed it and stood there. He becomes an example for a number of boys. Football is a transformation agent, both for good and for bad. He’s like that, and I ended up telling him to hug his parents. I don’t know them, but they deserve it.

2019 11 19d Retrieve

[On Friday, Lionel Messi scored the only goal of the game as La Albiceleste beat rivals Brazil 1-0, and he had a heated exchange with Selecao boss Tite] Messi should have been shown a yellow card and he told me to shut my mouth and I told him to shut his mouth

2019 11 23 Retrieve

[Tite on comparisons between Pele and Lionel Messi] Pele is incomparable. Anybody who wants to compare Pele to any other athlete…do you know what I do? I hear but I don’t listen. Once I said that Messi is extraordinary. I meant he’s extraordinary to the present time and among humans, with his creativity. Pele is out of normal patterns and I’m not saying this because I’m a Brazilian. You can’t find a defect. If somebody comes to me and starts to make comparisons, for me it has no credibility

2020 03 10 Retrieve

[Tite on Guimaraes] Guimaraes had a great championship with Athletico Paranaense last year. Guimaraes had a great championship with Athletico Paranaense last year

2020 03 30 Retrieve

[Tite says Neymar is essential but not irreplaceable] Neymar reassures you, because he brings unpredictability to your game. Because he will offer you an individual or collective solution that others cannot, and with him, the potential of a team is not the same, because he will sparkle. The Neymar I am speaking of is the one who was within full mental and physical capacities. Neymar is essential, but not irreplaceable

[After his side’s last eight exit at the hands of Belgium at the World Cup in Russia two years ago] The position has become very exposed, the responsibility is immense and each coach is faced with the same challenge

2020 03 31 Retrieve

[Brazil boss Tite says Guimaraes or Paqueta can be Selecao’s De Bruyne] We currently lack a relay midfielder. A player like Falcao in the past. Or like De Bruyne today, able to play sometimes lower to help Casemiro and make the game start again, sometimes higher to bring more creativity, speed and percussion. Bruno Guimaraes, who just signed for Lyon and was the best under-23 player qualified for the (now postponed) Olympic Games, has enormous potential and can be that player. I also think of Paqueta, who plays in Milan.

[Tite saw De Bruyne’s talents up close when his rasping strike proved decisive in the 2018 World Cup quarter-final between Belgium and Brazil] Of all the matches I have run, this is the one where we have displayed the highest quality. The result is not indicative of our performance