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Name Tom Ince
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Huddersfield FC
  Blackpool FC
  Liverpool FC


Father Paul Ince

2017 08 20 Retrieve

[Huddersfield determined to make an impact] People wrote us off last week at Palace but we made a statement. We couldn’t just rest on our laurels. We’re here to show people what we’re about. Today was about winning. I think we worked hard, that’s what the manager requires. If we work hard as a team we’ve got enough quality to score goals.

I think we fully deserved it. Newcastle huffed and puffed but we showed the energy and work rate required to win the game. The boss … [is] very big on pressing the ball, especially at home with the atmosphere and the amount of fans that turned up. We have to give them something to get behind. We try to defend from the front first and foremost and then we get our reward when we win the ball high up the pitch. It’s all about worth ethic this team, spirit and work ethic

2017 10 12 Retrieve

If you are a young player waiting for a chance at a top club, what do you do? Stay in the top facility, enjoying all the best travel, wearing all the best sports gear? Or do you say I am going to be brave and step away even if that means going to League One or the Championship? Harry Kane is the prime example. He went on loan, went back to Tottenham and the rest is history. Credit to him. When people saw him at Norwich or Leicester, who saw his next step? He backed himself and now people forget the doubts they might have had. I think more are seeing it that way. Look at Tammy Abraham and Nathaniel Chalobah. They have done the right thing for their career by leaving Chelsea

My dream was to play at Anfield but I could not waste time feeling my way was blocked. You have to take decisions and do what is best for your career. I did not want to leave. I was training with the first team. But I needed to go and show what I was about

I had been to Notts County on loan and that was the eye opener. It was League One, but it was the atmosphere and feeling of playing against grown men who are doing this because it is their life, to put food on the table. I was 18, playing in front of 10,000 or 15,000 who have paid to watch you. It was better than playing in front of 20 or 30 fans in a reserve game. There is no sense of reward, inspiration or even motivation if you do not have that game at 3pm on a Saturday to look forward to. I did not want to go back to that

Reserve football is not what it used to be. It’s the young lads rather than older professionals coming back from injury or suspension. There used to be more competition to it

Young lads have to look at it and ask do I waste my time and hope, or do I take the initiative at 18 or 19 where I have to get experience because reserve team football does not prepare you for anything? You can play 100 reserve games and not have a clue what has hit you after one Championship game. If there is no entry into the first team, back yourself at a club where you will play and then you have plenty of time to get back to that highest level. The alternative is you will get to 23 or 24 and think ‘what was I doing all those years?

People always say ‘how can the FA help, how can the Premier League help’, but it comes down to the player. Do you back yourself to get to where you want to be in four years? Go and get first-team football at the highest level you can, open your eyes and make brave decisions. It might seem at first you are thinking ‘what am I doing here, giving up a position at an Academy at a big club where it is all rosy?’ But down the line you will get to where you want to be. It is a tough call, though

[Ince feels similarly about England. He was a regular for the Under-21s but felt selection as an over-age player in 2015 was counter-productive. He pulled out of that year’s Euro Championships] You have the Under-21s and the bridge to the first team, but there is a limbo period with that next step. You need to show you can do it at elite level. Germany and Spain are so good because it seems their whole system through the Under-17s to the senior side blends. England are trying that now, which is the right way

At that time I had already been to two tournaments, was 23 - 18 months older than most of the group - and I felt I needed a summer break and to consider my next career move. I did not turn down my country - you think my dad would let me do that? I just felt stuck in that limbo where I had to progress to a higher level

England’s Under-20s have done fantastic things but who is playing for their clubs? The England youth set-up has been really successful this year, but it must be frustrating for so many of those lads they are not getting regular football. A lot of them must be thinking ‘what do I do?’ You get success, you feel confident and you want more, but it is not easy. It does not just need bravery from the players, but managers. But managers are sceptical

Liverpool was very close but the Blackpool chairman did not want to be out of pocket because Liverpool owned a percentage of the sell-on fee. He made it difficult and they would not let me go. That was disappointing because I felt I would have been given a chance under Brendan Rodgers. When Inter were interested in me I stood in the San Siro and the English boy inside me told me to go to the Premier League

I had a taste of the Premier League with six months at Crystal Palace but it did not work out. Tony Pulis played a different way and I did not suit it. At Hull it was similar. I started the first few games but then the manager went a different way

2017 10 23 Retrieve

They build up the game quite slow, they like to get it out wide and we felt that if we could win the ball the back and try to exploit the space in behind – the space the full-backs leave because they go so high – then we were able to do that.

Of course it’s a shock to the system for them because obviously they’ve come here expecting to win. But we’re happy with the three points and it’s a great day for the town