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Name Tony Ferguson
Nickname El Cucuy
Gender Male
Job UFC Fighter
Desc xxxx


Coach Eddie Bravo

2019 09 03 Retrieve

[Tony Ferguson to Conor McGregor: I get next title shot, so you can go fight Mark Wahlberg] No way man, the fans wouldn’t have it, they’d put up too much of a fight. He’s been fighting old men lately - he’s trying to fight Mark Wahlberg. Maybe that’s the fight for him. The dude’s got a couple of things, making his money, doing his thing. I don’t know if he wants to fight anymore, but he is not my concern

[it’s not something that is now at the top of his list because the mouthy Irishman is now irrelevant in the fight game] He is like one of those ex-girlfriends. I stopped worrying about that dude. At first he was in line trying to go for the title, and once he became irrelevant I stopped caring about him. Now he’s mentioning my name? Get the fuck out of here dude, come on

2019 12 03 Retrieve

[Tony Ferguson lambass contract negotiations with champion Khabib Nurmagomedov] It was out of nowhere, you know, no talks. The manner that they did it really wasn’t the way I wanted it to go – it was really unpleasant. I put my fans in the grey … it was as smooth as a bumpy road but we got there

They wanted to get this thing done really fast even though it was four months away. I’m happy with the way things are going, it’s the beginning of a whole new relationship. I’m only fighting once a year, dude, when I used to fight six times a year. The casuals don’t understand that when you beat everybody, there’s no more fish [in the sea]

2020 05 04 Retrieve

[UFC 249: Tony Ferguson sends Justin Gaethje chilling warning ahead of Florida showdown] I train like a f** vicious dude. I’m always preparing for three to four people. And that’s why I’m ahead of schedule

I haven’t had this confidence in a long f** time. It took the training and I needed an opponent. He’s not getting out of the cage

[Ferguson said of his opponents] They sign on the dotted line. They know what they’re getting themselves into, because El Cucuy’s gonna get your a. I’m a f** contracted killer out there

The fight’s gonna play out one way. My hand raised in victory. And I’m gonna defend my belt