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Name Vinicius Junior
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Real Madrid
  Flamengo FC

2019 08 15 Retrieve

[Real Madrid’s Vinicius Junior says he was nervous when Zinedine Zidane first returned to the club following nine months away] He speaks every day with me and does everything to make me happy, like my team-mates on the pitch. Zidane is a big idol for everyone, he was a legend as a player and now he is a legend as a manager. I was nervous when he entered the locker-room the first time after his return. We are confident and ready to play a better season than the last one. We should not overrate the results in the pre-season

[He said of his return to fitness] I have to find the rhythm. Mentally, I feel even better than last season, I enjoy being here and playing with joy, that’s the most important thing.

I had many offers before I joined Real Madrid, including from Germany, but it has always been clear to me that if there’s a chance to go to Madrid then I’m going to Madrid. Joining Real Madrid was the best thing that could have happened to me

[Despite not having played together for long, the youngster has formed a fruitful relationship with team-mate Karim Benzema during his brief spell in the Spanish capital] He gives me a lot of advice on how to behave on the pitch. He is a great player, but also a great person. He is a friend, like every other teammate

2019 02 06 Retrieve

[Next up for Vinicius is his first Clasico] It does not scare me, I play in Madrid, in the best team in the world, I do not fear anything. I play where the coach believes is better, I will do everything to help, on the right, the left or in the middle, I will continue working to win with Madrid.

We have returned better in 2019. It is our best moment since the beginning of the season.

2019 03 06 Retrieve

[Vinicius Junior out injured until tail end of the season as Real Madrid woes pile up] After the tests made today to our player Vinicius by the medical team of Real Madrid, he has been diagnosed with a torn ligament in his right calf. Further evaluation pending

2019 05 23 Retrieve

[Vinicius Junior says I had a great year despite Real Madrid’s struggles] It was a great season for me. I started at Castilla, but I knew that could happen and that’s how it was. Then I went to the first team, I started playing and I learned a lot

It was a shame that we did not do well in any of the three competitions, but the team had won three Champions Leagues in a row. Unfortunately, it can happen.

We all hope things will go better next season. I’m sure we will win again. We have to rest, but I’m ready

2019 09 04 Retrieve

[Vinicius Junior revealed Zinedine Zidane had told him he could enjoy a long career at Real Madrid] Zidane always tells me to be relaxed and to keep growing because if I do so, and because I am so well treated by everybody, he says I’ll be playing there for a long time. Much like Marcelo and Casemiro, who have been there for a long time

[When asked about playing on the right-hand side for Madrid, Vinicius said he was happy to play on either wing] When I was playing youth football, I did this a little and now I’ve come to play on the right at Real Madrid. I think it’s important for me and for my career, so that I can play well on both sides. Of course, I find the right side more difficult as I’m not so used to playing like this, but I’m trying to improve day by day, at each training session with Real Madrid

[Vinicius hopes he can take his chances and impress Zidane at Madrid early in the season] The beginning of the season is also a bit difficult. New players always are tested and Real Madrid now have plenty of players. We are playing more and Zidane always talks to all the players, he gives opportunities to all of us at the beginning, so that we can have a good season

2019 09 04b Retrieve

[Why the international break has arrived at the perfect time for Vinicius Junior] I’m happy to be here at such a young age, alongside all these great players, some of whom are ten years older than me. I’m here to learn. Not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine that, at 19-years-old, I’d be a Brazil international and a Real Madrid player. I’ve come here to evolve, to work hard and enjoy these 10 days

2019 09 26 Retrieve

[Vinicius was also delighted to get on the scoresheet, netting for Madrid for the first time since February] The players know that I was trying hard and there’s nothing better than getting back amongst the goals before a derby. It’s an honour to speak with Roberto Carlos and I’m happy because he congratulated me. I’m very happy to score again at the Bernabeu. I’m excited because since my injury it’s been difficult, I was finding it hard playing again and I wasn’t doing well in games. I wasn’t as happy as last season and it’s a massive weight off my shoulders. I’m very happy when I’m scoring goals to start all over again.

2019 10 12 Retrieve

[Vinicius talks about his life at Real Madrid] Marcelo always gives me advice about what I should be doing, on and off the pitch. He’s always joking around with me and life’s always good when he’s around. I feel as if I’ve got a special bond with Karim Benzema and I learn things from him. He talks to me before games and tells me what I have to do for the good of the team

[He talks about the relationship he has with the Madrid faithful] It’s really good to have that connection and bond with the fans. They know that I can go on to be one of the best players at Madrid, that I’m young and that I’m really happy. I see the Vinicius Jr of the future being at Real Madrid. I always have to thank God and my family. My family means everything to me and when they’re happy, so am I. I think that I manage to pass on my infectious personality to everyone around me and that’s why they love me so much

2019 11 05 Retrieve

[Vinicius: I had offers from Barca but I chose with my heart] I thought it was not true, I thought they were just rumours from the newspapers. I had proposals from Madrid and Barça too. My father told me that I had to choose and I had to follow my heart.

[It was] incredible. In Brazil there is nothing like it, it was a very special day. I was very nervous on the day of the presentation because I had to speak Spanish and I was not yet studying. In addition, Ronaldo came only for the presentation A football legend like him. I was very happy. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

When I arrived it was very difficult because it was a change of life. I thought I was not going to get it, because it is difficult to be away from the people you love. When my family arrived everything was quieter. Now I live alone. [Casemiro and Marcelo] helped me a lot, since they had been through the same thing that I was going through. They always give me advice on how to do things well on and off the field

[Vinicius says he now expects to remain in Madrid for the long-haul as he looks to lock up a more regular role under Zidane] My family is everything to me and they always do everything possible to make me happy. If I play football better. I see Vinicius of the future in Madrid for a long time, who will win almost everything here and it will be very big. I can spread joy to the people around me

2019 12 12 Retrieve

[Vinicius Junior says he is working hard to follow the path of Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling by becoming a more regular goalscorer] I don’t play to score. I play to help the team. Sterling at City also had trouble scoring goals. I left Brazil very early and I’m working hard to do great things

[Rather than being envious of Rodrygo’s impressive start to life at the Santiago Bernabeu, though, Vinicius is pleased for his team-mate] We’re friends. I’m happy because he is doing things very well.

I want to stay, I have never thought about leaving Real Madrid. My dream is to always play here and make history. From last season with [Santiago] Solari to this one with Zidane, nothing has changed, what happens is that we are now more complete players. Zidane has the support of everyone

2019 12 12b Retrieve

[Vinicius says My game isn’t about goals, but Sterling also had problems at Man City] I don’t play to score. I play to help the team. Sterling at City also had trouble scoring goals. I left Brazil very early and I’m working hard to do great things.

[Vinicius’ countryman Rodrygo Goes scored, as Vinicius himself did, in Madrid’s 3-1 win at Club Brugge on Wednesday night] We’re friends. I’m happy because he is doing things very well

[Madrid will face Barcelona in El Clasico next week, with their security not guaranteed] We’re not thinking about that [the security problems]. We have our minds set on Valencia. We’re all calm in the dressing room

2020 01 04 Retrieve

[Marcelo warned Vinicius Junior about Real Madrid] Marcelo had already warned me: Here, one day you’re Pele and the next day you’re not playing at all. I look calm, but I get nervous inside. On my debut with Flamengo, I was scared to death. I didn’t want to touch the ball

[He has taken in another 15 appearances this season and claims to be enjoying the pressure of performing under the brightest of spotlights] I am this way and I will never lose my joy. I let things happen naturally

2020 02 07 Retrieve

[Vinicius rubbishes PSG links after Real Madrid defeat] There’s no choice, I want to stay at Madrid

I would like to ask to the fans to keep this way up, we are going to fight until the end of the season in order to win La Liga and Champions League too. We were not in good shape, and Sociedad plays football really well, they’re well-placed in La Liga. It was a difficult match. The only Copa one played at home, and we lost. It is hard to lose at home. We were unbeaten at home and we got beaten on the single match we can’t afford to lose. But on the other hand, we keep fighting until the end, fighting to keep in good shape looking forward the end of this season

2020 02 14 Retrieve

[Vinicius Junior says Eden Hazard makes jokes] Yes, he is close to the Brazilians, he likes how we play, he makes jokes like us, like Marcelo who is always joking. He is close to us, but he doesn’t speak Spanish yet. But when he learns, our relationship will be even better

[Vinicius made his senior debut last September in a friendly against Peru] I hope to be in the next squad. I always want to be called. It’s always good to play for Brazil, to be in that environment. And this year we’ll play in the Olympics and it’s good to be around. Me, Rodrygo and [Eder] Militao can play, Casemiro and Marcelo too. We all want to be in the first team, but we’re thinking about the Olympic team as well

[Vinicius want to be called for this summer’s Tokyo Olympics rather than featuring at the next Copa America] I’d like to play both … but it’s better to play in the Olympics, because this will be my last opportunity, in the next one I will be too old. So I want to play in the Olympics and win the golden medal and write my name in Selecao’s history

2020 02 14b Retrieve

[Vinicius takes Sterling inspiration as he aims to emulate Man City attacker] When I played in the youth categories, I was used to scoring a lot of goals, but in professional football I’m playing further from the goal and it’s harder to score. But I am only 19 years old, I’m getting better. Karim [Benzema] and all the players who are always scoring try to help. When I start to score, I’ll score a lot of goals, just like every winger here.

Sterling for me is an example. At my age, he played just like me and didn’t score too many goals, and this season he has already scored a lot. Last season, he scored even more. I’m improving a little bit. I’d never played on the right side, but here I had to. And it gets hard for me because all my moves on the left side are natural, I know everything that I should do. But on the right, I have to think more. On the left side, I do everything without thinking

[Man City and Real Madrid come together for their Champions League round of 16 encounter] It will be a great game. We’re always ready, no matter the opponent. Madrid is always a contender in the Champions League. This year we really want to win it. It will be tough, because City are a team that play football really well, they know the game. Pep Guardiola knows the game. We have to pay attention to what can happen on the pitch

2020 02 27 Retrieve

[Vinicius Junior felt Gabriel Jesus’ equaliser for Manchester City against Real Madrid should not have stood] The whole stadium saw Gabriel Jesus push Sergio Ramos. He did the same as me with [Riyad] Mahrez in the first half. They give us bad calls. We are the team with the most Champions Leagues and it will always be that way. It has been a very clear foul and I don’t understand why he hasn’t called it.

[Vinicius remains confident in his side’s ability to turn the tie around in Manchester on March 17] We’ve got to keep cool, we’re going to win there and pull off the comeback. We lacked focus in that final 15-minute period and that’s why they got the two goals. We have to improve. We know that the return leg will be tough, but we’ll pull off the comeback

2020 03 02 Retrieve

[Vinicius hails ‘best night’ as a Real Madrid player after netting in Clasico win] It’s my best night since I arrived at Real Madrid, for sure. I work hard for the team and always hope my time comes. Toni gave me a good pass that we had practised in training and today I was able to score from it. I went to shoot and the ball went in off [Gerard] Pique. Now we have to continue like this, for both us and the fans, who are always there supporting us. I am in the best team in the world and want the fans to be happy

2020 03 14 Retrieve

[Vinicius had three days to decide between Barcelona & Real Madrid before €46m move] It was right after I came back from the 2017 South American Under-17 Championship in Chile. There were already rumours in the press, but I never believed them. Eventually it happened: both Real Madrid and Barcelona put offers on the table and I had only three days to make my decision. I always wanted to play for the greatest club, so that’s why I chose Real. My parents visited both clubs and liked them more. It matched with what I already wanted, and I felt their project was better for me. They give a lot of minutes to the younger players, like me, and were going through an outstanding period of success in the Champions League back then

It was one of the toughest parts, more so than playing consistently. I had to make everyone forget about the price tag. Fortunately, I played a lot of games in my first season. Now I have surpassed 50 matches for Real Madrid – few players achieve that at such a young age

2020 03 21 Retrieve

[Real Madrid’s French goalscorer has taken Vinicius Jr under his wing at the Bernabeu] Karim Benzema [has helped me most], without a shadow of a doubt. He has helped me since day one, advising me on how to make the best decisions, and whenever we play together he tells me to remain calm and focused

2020 05 23 Retrieve

[Vinicius Junior said Real Madrid want to win La Liga as a way to give back to the club’s fans following the coronavirus pandemic] I’ve watched the games again and I think so. I think we were better than them in more aspects. We’ve had very good games until now and we have to recover our best form. We’re really hungry to come back, to win, and we want to win this league title for our fans. People have suffered a lot and we want to give Real Madrid fans something to cheer about in this situation. We know that winning the league isn’t going to be a solution for big tragedies, but it would be something to smile about, something to be happy about

The result against [Real] Betis [2-1 loss was a great shame. Now, we have a mission we can’t fail. We can’t fail and we’re not going to fail. We may have only returned [to training] 11 days ago, but everyone’s rhythm looks good. We’ve still got lots of group work to do because we can’t do it yet, but all my team-mates are very strong and very well. There’s still quite a bit of work left to do, but we’re feeling good

If the Champions League returns, it will be great news not only for football, but for the world. Being able to play games in other countries will be a very positive sign because we’ll be closer to normality. The result of the first leg [against Manchester City] was bad, but we’re Real Madrid. Our obligation is to prepare ourselves well and, if this game comes, when everything is over, every Real Madrid fan can say: they gave everything, we’re proud

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Vinicius savours chance to play with Hazard at Real Madrid] I am very happy with today’s match. We have worked a lot at home to get to our best version. As for me, I think I’m the same as before the break, but it’s true that I worked a lot at home to be physically well. This is like a World Cup with few games and we have to be focused from the beginning. I always try to improve in all aspects. The coaching staff always helps me a lot to improve and I want to continue evolving at Real Madrid. Hazard is easy to play [with] because he is a great player and today was the first time that [Zinedine] Zidane has brought us together. It went very well

[Vinicius said it was important for the whole squad to be ready when called upon by head coach Zidane] We are all ready to enter the field when Zidane decides and we will do our best. We have the best players on the field. We are going to do our best to win the remaining seven finals. We have won four and we are going for the league