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Name Vladimir Putin
Spelling Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Gender Male
Nationality Russia
Ethnic Russian
  Slavic Russian
Job President of Russia
  Russian Politician
Desc xxxx


Political Party United Russia

2014 04 17 Retrieve

[Vladimir Putin admits for first time Russian troops took over Crimea] It’s all nonsense, there are no Russian units, special forces or instructors in the east of Ukraine. They acted politely, but resolutely and professionally. There was no other way to hold the referendum in an open, honest and honourable way and allow the people to express their opinion

They are sending tanks, armoured personnel carriers and cannons there! Have they gone nuts?

[He expressed hope for the success of Thursday’s talks in Geneva that bring together the United States, the European Union, Russia and Ukraine for the first time since the Ukrainian crisis erupted] I think the start of today’s talks is very important, as it’s very important now to think together about how to overcome this situation and offer a real dialogue to the people

[Putin repeated his argument that regions in eastern Ukraine historically had been part of the Russian empire and called Novorossiya before they were handed over to Ukraine by the Bolsheviks in the 1920s] God knows why

[Facing questions about more Western penalties to follow the first rounds of sanctions over the annexation of Crimea] They badly want to bite us, but their opportunities are limited

[He even tried to infuse a bit of warmth to the chill over Ukraine, picking up a question from a six-year old girl who asked if he thinks President Barack Obama will come to rescue him if he was drowning] He’s a decent and brave man, he would do it

2016 08 19 Retrieve

[Vladimir Putin had predicted success for the Russian athlete half a year before the Olympics] When I asked who was our greatest competitor at the Olympics, many said the Japanese. We have a lot of respect for the Japanese since they are the founders of this sport. Then I asked one of our athletes where he was from. ‘I’m a Kabardian,’ he said [Kabardians are a people from the North Caucasus]. The Kabardians will be better than the Japanese, with all respect

2018 03 18
Vladimir Putin speaks during a meeting with supporters at his campaign headquarters in Moscow, Russia

2019 09 13 Retrieve

I want to congratulate you [Khabib Nurmagomedov]. It was a decent fight against a strong and tenacious rival [Dustin Poirier]

You [Khabib Nurmagomedov] had a convincing victory. I watched the fight, you submitted him [Dustin Poirier] with a rear-naked choke, it was a classic choke hold [Vladimir Putin himself is supposedly a black belt in judo] You did it in the correct way, without squeezing his throat, but holding him on both sides of the neck, as it should be. It was all fair

2019 10 14
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman attend a meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2019 12 27 Retrieve

[Russian president Vladimir Putin had previously suggested the country would appeal WADA’s four-year competition ban, suggesting the sanctions were political] Punishment cannot be collective and affect those people who have nothing to do with certain violations