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Name Willy Sagnol
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org France National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich

2014 02 24 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane’s son chooses to play for France rather than Spain] The player has decided to wear the blue jersey. Enzo Zidane can still change in the future but it’s his current wish to play for the French national team

2017 02 17 Retrieve

[Leonardo has much to prove on his return to Paris Saint-Germain as the club’s new sporting director] Leonardo has done good things. He got Marco Verratti and that is very good, but today you are in a dynamic where you are in a much more targeted recruitment.

To judge Leonardo, we must judge what he did. In Milan, they spent €200 million not to qualify for the Champions League and they found themselves out of the spotlight of financial fair play. Leonardo’s last two experiences as a sports director, it was a lot of expense and not the expected results

2017 06 09 Retrieve

[Sagnol is relishing the chance to learn from the Italian coach, and bring his family back to the city where he enjoyed great success as a player] I’m delighted to move back to Munich with my family. It’s a great honour for me to be chosen by Carlo Ancelotti, one of the best and most experienced coaches in the world, and I’m really looking forward to working in his coaching team

2017 07 02 Retrieve

[Carlo Ancelotti’s new assistant Willy Sagnol says he has returned to find Bayern Munich a ‘much bigger’ club since his retirement in 2009] FC Bayern became much bigger as a club. The last time I was here in this room was for my farewell as a player. Yes, Bayern became bigger, much bigger, but it’s the culture that has remained the same. That’s the most important thing

I think if the FC Bayern Munich wants to give me a contract all the other options aren’t that important anymore, compared to Bayern. For me personally, the opportunity to be back in Munich and work together with one of the best coaches in the world was simply the best solution for my career

2018 03 08 Retrieve

[Sagnol says PSG ‘a collection of individualists’ and unable to match ‘absolutely disciplined’ Real Madrid] Real presented themselves as a team in the second leg, Paris did not. PSG was just a collection of individualists, while Real acted as an absolutely disciplined team

[And Sagnol does not feel the remaining players can be blamed for feeling the absence of the former Barcelona man] In a sense, a team is naturally dependent on such an exceptional player

If Dani Alves belongs to the players’ council… that’s too much responsibility for him, not on the pitch, but in the group. It means that something is missing, a [naturally] grown hierarchy, continuity. This club is young and suddenly has a lot of money, and just wants to lose no time, but skipped a few steps on the way up.

Money certainly does not matter, Chelsea took 10 years before the many [Roman] Abramovich millions brought great success in Europe in 2012. As a fan, I think the project is great. [We] 50 per cent love, 50 per cent hate PSG, and when you have such top players, you always experience pros and cons, often out of jealousy

2020 01 26 Retrieve

[Neymar, Kylian Mbappe and the other Paris Saint-Germain superstars who made the trip to watch the Milwaukee Bucks face the Charlotte Hornets in Paris have been slammed by former France international Willy Sagnol] The first thing that a top athlete must do is sleep. They have the right to do anything but it’s been going on for seven years, when you’ve got guys like Verratti who can only play for an hour.

We had the same debate last year. I don’t want to lock them up. I just want them to say that at some point: ‘Football is my work, my tool is my body. And when I ask it to do certain things, I’m not superhuman’.

2020 01 30 Retrieve

[Neymar & Mbappe’s PSG have had too many late nights but their NBA jaunt has nothing to do with it] I don’t want to lock them up. I just want them to say that at some point: ‘Football is my work, my tool is my body. And when I ask it to do certain things, I’m not superhuman. They have the right to do anything they want but it’s been going on for seven years, when you’ve got guys like Verratti who can only play for an hour. The first thing that a top athlete must do is sleep

2020 04 12 Retrieve

[Sagnol reveals how German giants lost out to Real Madrid in Varane pursuit] When I was at Bayern, one day a friend called me and said ‘you absolutely have to go to Lens to see a super interesting little player’. After just one half, I saw how mature he was at the time. He played as a defensive midfielder in the first half and was moved to central defence after the break.

I had some connections in Lens and within 48 hours, I managed to get a price, with the added possibility to make a small friendly match with the receipts which would go to Lens. In all, his price would have gone up to between four and five million.

When I gave the dossier to the sports management, I was told that it was still a bit expensive for an 18-year-old player. Two months later, he left for Real for ten million. Varane has no regrets about going to Madrid at all, I’m sure he’s super happy, but for a recruiter, failing to get management to understand these things is frustrating when you are sure you have a central defender who could have stayed at Bayern for 10 to 12 years!

2020 04 19 Retrieve

[Willy Sagnol reveals the impact Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt in 2006 World Cup final defeat] You enter the changing room, you have lost, you have a lad there who talks and apologises. But you don’t hear it! You are deep in disappointment, in your world.

[Sagnol added that he found it difficult to accept Zidane’s apology and also joked that he smoked 250 cigarettes in ten minutes immediately after the defeat to Italy] I did not want to accept his apologies, or talk to him. Now was not the moment. I had to go to the bathroom, smoke 250 cigarettes in ten minutes. This is how I escaped

[However, Sagnol revealed that he and Zidane eventually managed to make up] We did not speak for almost two years. In 2008, after the European Championship, I had to get married. My wife told me to invite him. I called him but he couldn’t come to the party at night, but it made me happy to see him arrive for the morning. We had an aperitif together

2020 04 28 Retrieve

[Sagnol feels Man Utd would be happy to sell star midfielder] All of the conditions are there for Pogba to go to Real Madrid. Florentino [Perez] wants it, Zidane wants it, Pogba as well. I think Manchester United would be happy because they wouldn’t have to pay his high salary anymore, and they would have money to invest in new players. Everything is prepared for it to happen. I just hope we see the Pogba of France and not the Pogba of Manchester United

2020 05 31 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich should be wary of signing Leroy Sane from Manchester City, legendary full-back Willy Sagnol has told his former club] He doesn’t correspond at all to Bayern in terms of his character. He’s someone whose form is very inconsistent and who is very withdrawn. For me, he doesn’t suit the club at all. He’s had a lot of problems at Manchester City and with the national team

[Sagnol even went so far as to suggest an alternative to Sane, who had been on the brink of signing for Bayern last summer before his Community Shield injury against Liverpool] We’re talking about a cost of €80 million (£72m/$89m). In that case, I would prefer to put another €20m down and sign Kai Havertz

2020 06 04 Retrieve

[Former France international Willy Sagnol says Mbappe could become a king at Liverpool] This club [Liverpool] has a big advantage. With Klopp you have a coach with whom every player in the world would like to work. Mbappe would have to adjust under him. He demands a lot of defensive work from his strikers, which Mbappe is not yet good at. But he can learn that, especially from a guy like Klopp. No question. Mbappe could become a king with Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool