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Name Zinedine Zidane
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
  Real Madrid Coach
Desc Zidane has had comfortably the shortest career to date of any manager on the list and that is a testament to the impact he has made on the game in such a short spell. Under Zizou in 2017, Real Madrid became the first club to retain the Champions League in 27 years. One year later, the Frenchman became the first manager ever to win three consecutive European Cups with the same club - a feat we may never see repeated again. Now back at the club with whom he has had such success, Zidane will hope to add to his legend


Org French National Team
Club as Coach Real Madrid
Club as Player Real Madrid


Son Luca Zidane
Teammate Youri Djorkaeff
  Emmanuel Petit
  Patrick Vieira
1998 07 12
World Cup 1998 final where France defeat Brazil 3-0. Zinedine Zidane score 2 goals with assist from Emmanuel Petit and Youri Djorkaeff. also final goal came from Emmanuel Petit with assist by Patrick Vieira

2008 11 03 Retrieve

[Zidane says Lippi Was My Most Important Trainer] Everyone in their own way played a role. However, if I only remember one coach it will be Marcello Lippi. It was he who made me aware of my own quailities. He told me to listen to him because he was the coach and that he knew I would make this team win

[Zidane then spoke about former Juventus head Gianni Agnelli, who passed away in 2003] Whatever he told me, I am not angry, it was one of those rare cases. He had charisma, he was a great gentleman, and it was he who made Juventus go. Now, I miss him very much

2010 04 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane said about Eden Hazard when the Frenchman was just about to return to the Bernabéu as presidential adviser and Hazard was 19 and playing for Lille] I would take Eden Hazard with my eyes closed… the star of the future

2013 10 23 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Steven Gerrard and Alex Ferguson] Alex Ferguson is obviously one of the most successful coaches the game has ever had. But I did find his comments about Steven Gerrard very strange. To say he is not a top player is wrong. For two or three years, Steven Gerrard was the best midfield player in the world. Even now he is playing at a high level for ­Liverpool and England

2013 11 05 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Paul Scholes] My toughest opponent? Scholes of Manchester. He is the complete midfielder. Scholes is undoubtedly the greatest midfielder of his generation. There is no doubt for me that Paul Scholes is still in a class of his own. He’s almost untouchable in what he does. I never tire of watching him play. You rarely come across the complete footballer, but Scholes is as close to it as you can get. One of my regrets is that the opportunity to play alongside him never presented itself during my career

2014 03 08 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on son Enzo Zidane’s selection for the France U-19 team] I am proud that he can wear the French jersey for the first time. He wanted it and he deserves it. It is not only because he is called Zidane but [because] he does beautiful things on the pitch. In any case, he is delighted to be picked and I am as proud as my dad was with my first selection

2014 11 01 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Paul Pogba’s progress] What Paul is doing at the age of 21 is huge. If he can keep up his current development he can become one of the best players ever. He is a combination of Claude Makelele and Patrick Vieira.

2015 01 03 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Paul Scholes] I have said in the past that at his peak he was the best in the world. I think it was the summer of 2004 I was having a conversation with Florentino (Perez) and I told him I wanted him to partner me in midfield for Madrid. I know the club tried twice but he wouldn’t leave Liverpool. Not many players turn down Real Madrid but I think that tells you a lot about the loyalty of the man

2015 01 24 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Paul Pogba] I have not tried to convince [Paul] Pogba to join Real Madrid because I don’t know him on a personal level. But the best players always go to Madrid in the end

2015 02 14 Retrieve

[Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane on his expectations when the UEFA Champions League returns] (Bayern-Real) would be the logical final, but logic has no place in football

2015 02 21 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Pep Guardiola] Bayern were always a good team but now the club has arrived on a global level, and that is mainly due to Pep, who has given the club an extra touch of class. He is doing a fantastic job, as he did at Barcelona. I’m fascinated by how he works and I can learn a lot from him

2015 05 21 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Steven Gerrard] He’s a player that I really thought a lot of, I had a lot of time for him and rated him. I can’t say that about everyone. Why did I like him so much? Perhaps there was something about him that reminded me a little bit of myself. He made a lot of noise out there on the field but was quiet off it, meaning that he was someone down to earth and grounded away from the game who just said what needed to be said. He preferred to do his talking on the field, using his voice, his combative spirit and above all his ability on the ball that could make the difference in a game. I would have really liked to have played alongside him. But he has always remained loyal to his own club, Liverpool, the club of his heart. That also is another characteristic that is particular to him, I don’t think there are too many players who have spent their entire career playing for just one club. That is a great strength of his too. It was never possible, because of course he stayed with Liverpool, but I would have loved to play with a guy like him. It’s simply that he’s one of the few players, and I must come back to his combative spirit here, who is a superb technician, who is great on the ball, but who mixed in those fighting qualities with everything he did

2015 08 20 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Thierry Henry] Thierry Henry is probably technically the most gifted footballer ever to play the beautiful game

2015 11 Retrieve

[Zidane recommends Eden Hazard signing, just as he had done in 2010] After Cristiano and Messi, Eden is the player I like the best. It’s spectacular seeing him play

2015 11 10 Retrieve

[on David Beckham] He is a tremendous player and he has contributed so much to the success of Manchester United. He is a world-class performer, so any team would want to accommodate him

2016 01 09 Retrieve

[Real Madrid and Gareth Bale give Zinedine Zidane the perfect start] Gareth can be very happy about what he did tonight. It is not easy to score three goals. So what now? Continue like this. We played the ball well and created chances. We will improve, too. I’ve only just arrived; you have to give us time

2016 01 10 Retrieve

[Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale saddened by Benítez exit but basks in Zidane acclaim] Gareth should be very happy with the way he has played; it is not easy to score three goals. For him to carry on like this.

I understand that he can be annoyed with the departure of Benítez because he was an important coach for him but he is going to have the same affection [from me] as with Rafa. He is important for the squad, fundamental for the team. He is phenomenal and what he has been doing recently is fantastic. I’m going to give him all my affection and support so that he plays well

2016 02 13 Retrieve

[on Jose Mourinho] When we have the chance of counting with a manager such as José Mourinho, a person who knows how to properly develop a project in order to make this club a lot stronger, attacking Mourinho is attacking Real Madrid! I go to the Valdebebas training center many times, and I see his daily work with the players. Everything he does is meant for the club to keep improving and to create the conditions to win. He’s allowing this team to build a strong character and a big group spirit

2016 02 14 Retrieve

[on Jose Mourinho] Of course I would, just like any other football player who has been coached by him. He’s a tough coach, that’s true, but he teaches players the true meaning of winning and what it takes to do it. He’s a natural-born winner. People can dislike his methods, but I can assure you that he does everything in his power to protect his players, as he always has the right speech to put himself in front of the bullets when needed

2016 02 20 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Francesco Totti] Everything he has done so far in his career has been spectacular and what he has done for Roma is really special. Hats off to him! Let’s see if he continues playing next season but for those of us who love football, seeing him on the pitch is always a pleasure

2016 02 27 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on settling into his role at Real Madrid’s coach] As a coach I think I know what the players need, the moments in which they require you to be present. Simply being next to them can be enough and you don’t have to say too many words on certain problems. Sometimes, communicating well is knowing when to shut up. And that’s something I do well. I know what I want. It’s difficult, but I’m capable of getting it.

2016 03 09 Retrieve

[on Francesco Totti] Everything he has done so far in his career has been spectacular and what he has done for Roma is really special. Hats off to him! [. . .] for those of us who love football, seeing him on the pitch is always a pleasure

2016 04 02 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane spoke to the press ahead of Real Madrid’s visit to Barcelona] Playing in El Clásico is the most beautiful thing that exists in football, and I’m very happy that now I’ll be able to experience it as a coach

2016 04 25 Retrieve

[Ronaldo has been nursing a thigh problem and Benzema a hamstring injury. However, Zidane stated that if neither suffered reaction during the final training session at the Etihad Stadium on Monday they would be in the starting XI] The idea is that we want them to play. I think they’ll be fine but we’ll test. I think they’ll play. They’re 100%.

[…] I’m not going to tell you whether a draw is a good or bad result. It’s a 50-50 game. You can prepare all you want for a big game and then it can turn out totally different to how you envisaged it. The important thing is to give 150%. We can definitely win it. In 2014 there was the same atmosphere in the dressing room [when claiming La Decima]. I noticed the players were really focused, aiming for that goal. We’re in the final straight and we’re ready for anything. My idea is always we’re in this together, that’s why I bring the whole squad. We are united

City are a great side. If you leave them space they can hurt you. The players get between the lines and cause problems. We need to try and stop that happening

2016 04 26 Retrieve

[Zidane is a serene presence] I’m calm before and after a game but during it I can be more animated.

2016 05 03 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane exudes calm but expects Real Madrid to suffer against Manchester City] This will be very, very, very difficult. It will not be like the last game against Wolfsburg: we won’t score two goals in 15 minutes. We will suffer for 90 minutes … or 120.

When you coach Real Madrid you imagine that you might go a long way in the Champions League. I’m happy. Not because of what may happen [on Wednesday night] but because of what is happening day to day. That’s what satisfies me. We want to get to the final, the players deserve it, but we have to work for it. And I’ve always said that we’ve achieved nothing yet. We’re in a good moment, but it will be competitive. And, yes, it will be failure if we don’t get there

Cristiano is fine, 100%. He will be there [on Wednesday night]. Karim [Benzema] and Casemiro are different. Karim had a scan and there’s still a touch [of injury] and I don’t want to take any risks. Casemiro is not an injury as such but there’s swelling and I don’t want to risk it.

[Asked if there was any risk with Ronaldo, Zidane replied] None. This is not two days, it is a week. Ronaldo recovers quickly, he looks after himself well. But this is not a matter of two days. It’s good to have him. He makes the difference, his stats show that. I would have liked Case and Karim, too

[Although Mateo Kovacic could replace him, no one really does Casemiro’s job] Casemiro is Casemiro but there are others who can do the same. Well, not the same, but players who can do the job. The person there tomorrow will have the same ideas Casemiro does

[If it is Kroos, he will have to defend more, Zidane agreed] Yes, but not just Toni. When we don’t have the ball we will all have to defend. It’s not about just Toni. It’s not just the midfield or just the defence; it is all of us. And we will have to try to keep the ball so that they can’t attack us. I will prepare the same way as always: know the opponent, know where they can hurt you, and know what we can do. It’s not the right time [to motivate them with rousing speeches]. They know what we’re playing for.

I hope we can produce 90 minutes of football like we played in the second half [in Manchester]. We have to think about pressing high, having the intensity you need in a semi-final, but we have to know we’ll suffer. There will be difficult moments and we need to be calm, have patience. We can’t think that because we’re at home this will be easy. No. We know we have an opponent who will make it difficult for us. They’re playing for a place in the final, too.

2016 05 26 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane and Real Madrid revel in affinity before European Cup final] There’s pressure but I like that. I will approach this with patience, tranquillity and determination. We’re going to play a final: everyone who likes football wants to have the feeling of living a final with their team

[Facing him will be Diego Simeone, a coach who Zidane insists has everything. And what does Zidane have?] A lot to learn. But the desire I have to learn is huge, so I will improve, for sure

I know the feelings that a player has [for a game like this] […] We have worked well; we’re in a good moment. It’s a lovely game to play … and well, that’s all

2016 07 18 Retrieve

[Real Madrid’s Zinedine Zidane admits he is a Paul Pogba fan] I am happy with the squad I have got and it’s difficult to improve on it. Do I like Pogba? Of course, he’s a very good player and every club wants the best players but right now he’s at Juve and we have a large squad already.

There are still lots of players yet to join up with the squad and with the Euros going on we couldn’t do anything. We have three games coming up and that’s the focus at the moment

[The Real striker Álvaro Morata returned to Madrid earlier this summer on a buy-back option from Juventus and is said to be on Chelsea’s radar. Zidane gave no indication he was ready to offload the player in the near term] He is another member of this team. He’s back and I’m happy to have him. He is an academy product and truthfully we are, and me above all, happy to have him with us. Later we’ll see…

We have a large squad and all the players will be important. Álvaro will be one more of the team.

[Zidane also batted back questions over the roles of the Colombian midfielder James Rodríguez and youth product Jesé] A large squad gives you a few more problems but that comes with the territory as Real Madrid coach. I have to play the most competitive side I can and I’ll do the same thing this season.That’s my responsibility.

2016 07 27 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane hints at Real Madrid interest in Paul Pogba] I don’t know if he will come. Until 31 August anything can happen. Everyone is interested in Pogba. He is a great footballer and when you are Madrid you always want the best. But now he is not a Real Madrid player, he is a Juventus player. I can’t say anything more

2016 07 30 Retrieve

[United have been pursuing Pogba all summer and would contemplate a £100m fee or more for the 23-year-old] I don’t know if he will come. Until 31 August anything can happen. Everyone is interested in Pogba. He is a great footballer and when you are Madrid you always want the best. But now he is not a Real Madrid player, he is a Juventus player. I can’t say anything more

2016 08 04 Retrieve

[Despite not being at full strength, Zidane has been impressed by what he has seen in his team’s preparations so far] Overall I am delighted with the work we have done this pre-season. But we must continue because it’s going to be a long campaign and we have to continue to work in this manner. We need to get better as a team

2016 08 05 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Cristiano Ronaldo being one of a kind] He’ll always be Cristiano. You’re not going to see another Cristiano. He’s been and he is an important player to Real Madrid. He’ll stop some day like everybody but right now he’s with us and he’s good with us

2016 08 13 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane praises Sergio Ramos when speaking to the media after Real Madrid’s UEFA Super Cup final victory over Sevilla] Sergio Ramos is our captain, an important player and he’s always there to earn us the trophy. There were no special instructions for him. With a player like Sergio, he’s always been the difference. We’ve seen it before. He’s grown as a player, too. In this final, he was there just where he needed to be

2016 11 06 Retrieve

[Despite the player’s current inconsistency, Zidane expressed his delight at the possibility of Ronaldo extending his stay at the club] Nothing is up with Cristiano, we always want him to score and at Alavés he scored three and that’s that. He always wants to score but it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t once in a while. I think he’s playing well, working hard for the team. He obviously always wants to score but I think he’s relaxed about it. I’m happy because he’s the type of player who deserves to finish his career at Real Madrid. He’s unique. His dream is to retire here, wearing this great white shirt, just like I did

2017 01 07 Retrieve

[The Best FIFA Men’s Coach nominee Zinedine Zidane gives a humble response when asked about the award in a news conference] I think it would be perfectly reasonable for someone else to win it. I’ve only just arrived, this is all new. I have to keep working and show an awful lot more and that would be perfectly reasonable to me

2017 04 29 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane thinks Cristiano Ronaldo could play any position] Ronaldo has always played on the wing, but he has the quality to play in several positions. He could play as an out-and-out striker as he’s a great player. And almost 400 goals as a winger - that’s something we can’t forget. It’s an amazing achievement, but he’s so good, he could play anywhere

2017 05 03 Retrieve

[Unique Cristiano Ronaldo benefits from Zinedine Zidane’s guidance] He knows himself that sometimes he has to not play. It’s not just this year; it’s an accumulation over the years. He knows that himself because he is intelligent

2017 05 13 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane heaps praise on Karim Benzema for his role in Isco’s pivotal away goal at city rivals Atletico Madrid in the semi-final, second leg] I didn’t know how Benzema managed to come out of the corner. I honestly can’t remember how many players he left behind. Football is not just about who gets the goals, look at what Benzema did. He has a lot of quality and offers more than just goals. He’s a team player

2017 06 04 Retrieve

[Asked who would be the star if he had played with Ronaldo, Zidane replied] I could play quite well but him for sure. He scores goals and that’s the hardest thing of all

2017 06 04b Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane hailed an historic day for Real Madrid as the Spanish champions became the first club to retain the Champions League with an emphatic 4-1 victory] You can say today is an historic day for all Madrid fans, for the players and for myself. I feel extremely happy because the truth is it’s been a special year, you couldn’t dream of anything better. We won the league on the last day and we know it’s very difficult to win a Champions League final for the second year running – we’ve managed to do it.

[Zidane admitts that Madrid struggled in the first half, when Juventus played with no shortage of belief] We started with difficulties but I think in the second half we were clearly superior. We kept the ball, pressured higher up and physically I think we won the game there as well because of the determination we showed

2017 09 21 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane rues missed chances as Real Madrid lose at home to Real Betis] The ball just didn’t want to go in for us. If you score one chance it’s a totally different game but when it doesn’t want to go in, results like this can happen. We need to remain calm but it’s just two points from nine at home

I feel for the players, the effort they’ve put in. When the opponent scores like that at the end it hurts. Next time we have a game at home we have to ensure that we do everything we can to win and change this bad run

We played better than Betis but the result is what matters. I would prefer to play badly and take the three points. We had possession, chances. Last year we won some games we didn’t deserve to and this year it looks like the opposite but we can’t go mad about it

2017 09 26 Retrieve

[Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale score as Real Madrid beat Borussia Dortmund] We had chances. We had a spectacular game, a brilliant game. I am delighted for Ronaldo and Bale. The side worked hard. The midfield worked very hard. I am extremely happy because they played a tremendous game

2017 10 28 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane reflects on his and the club’s recent achievements] Fighting for silverware is in the DNA of this club. Believing that we’re going to win a trophy is what motivates me, my staff and my players, because we mustn’t forget that they’re the ones competing every weekend out on the pitch. Believing in victory is what drives this sport, and it’s what makes it so magical

2018 04 04 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Isco in Tuesday’s Champions League quarter-final win against Juventus] Isco was very important between the lines. Everyone played great but Isco was excellent

2018 04 07 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane jokes after Cristiano Ronaldo scored a bicycle kick in their 3-0 win against Juventus in Turin] Cristiano does things sometimes that only he can do. It can be said that it is one of the most beautiful goals in the history of football. It’s maybe not as beautiful as mine in Glasgow

2018 04 24 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Jupp Heynckes personality] He is a coach I have maximum respect for, for what he had done at Bayern and at Madrid too. He has done great things, he’s admirable. I only have good words for this man. And Bayern is not just a good team, it’s a great club

2018 01 13 Retrieve

[Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane speaks about his future at the club] Zinedine Zidane isn’t a player at Real Madrid anymore. That Zidane no longer exists. Now it’s down to Zinedine Zidane the coach to carve out a career. I’m not protected by what I’ve done as a player at this club. I know that one day it [the coach’s job] will come to an end at Real Madrid, so I make the most of it and I do everything I can to be successful. I say to myself, ‘if I’ve got ten days left here, then I’m going to live those ten days to the max; if it’s six months, I’ll live those six months to the max’. I don’t think beyond that. I know I won’t stay [in the job] for ten years

2018 05 02 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane says it was better for Real Madrid to suffer in win over Bayern] It’s better this way. It was a mad game but a lovely one. You have to suffer in football. You can’t reach a final without suffering and it’s even better like this. Well, maybe not for the heart. But it is.

[Asked what his team have that means somehow they always find a way through, Zidane replied] It’s not just the team, it’s the club. It’s a history that comes from a long way back and now it’s a history we are writing, just as those other teams did. This team never surrenders. We know it is hard but we believe in what we do and keep fighting. I feel very good, because when you do something like this it’s very nice. We like football because of this kind of emotion. We still haven’t won anything, but we’re in the final and that’s enormous. We can be happy because it’s not normal to be in the final for a third year in a row.

2018 05 05 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane speaks after leading the club to a third successive UEFA Champions League final] In football, you have to suffer. You cannot be in the final without suffering, it’s even better, more beautiful when you win like that

2018 05 12 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane addresses rumours that Neymar will join his club and whether the Brazilian and Cristiano Ronaldo could work well together] Good player are always compatible. I remember one year they said I wasn’t compatible to play with Youri Djorkaeff. We won the World Cup together. So good players can always play together. On the pitch there is a chemistry. I don’t know if we are negotiating for Neymar. What’s worrying us is what is going on at the moment. I haven’t asked Neymar personally because I don’t get involved in these things. We have to finish this season, the rest will come after

2018 05 22 Retrieve

[Real Madrid’s manager expects a clash of styles in the Champions League final and is fully aware of his opponents’ front three] I don’t know him personally, I’ve never spoken with him but I’ve seen his work and it’s formidable. He has shown it over the years, not only at Dortmund but also now with Liverpool. I respect him a lot for what he’s doing in the Champions League and Premier League. I don’t think we play the same kind of football as a team. Everyone speaks about the three up front [Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané] and says they’re less at the back, but they’re a team unit. They’ve got to the final and deserve to be there, just like us

[Inevitably talk turned to Cristiano Ronaldo and Salah but Zidane was unequivocal when asked whether he would swap the Portuguese for Liverpool’s Egyptian forward] Cristiano is the best; he shows it every year. Sometimes pressure gets to players and it spurs others on. He is certainly the latter. He’s of maximum importance to us. We always have the same desire and nobody can say we don’t. We’re in a third final [in a row] and we have the chance to do something historic and win it three times in a row. You can’t say Liverpool have more hunger than us; it simply isn’t true. Nobody can take our hunger away from us. We’re Real Madrid […] We always want more and will always give our all to get more

2018 05 25 Retrieve

[Real Madrid ready for chaos in Champions League final] Today and tomorrow will never happen again; we will live other experiences but never this, so we have to make the most of it. And if there’s a bit of pressure, no problem. It’s life, it’s better like that – a bit of emotion. We’re humans and humans are pure emotion. With pressure it’s even nicer

[For Zidane it is a recurring theme and, when he was asked if he felt valued as a manager, he replied] Yes, Well, sometimes not but that’s life

We have had chaos before and we will have tomorrow for sure. Football is simple: there are two teams and you have to know how you can damage them and control how much they damage you. We have to try to minimise that [chaos] as much as possible and suffer as little as we can. But we will suffer

[Zidane claimed that in a final there is no favourite, describing the game as 50-50] Don’t worry. In the dressing room we don’t think that. People can say what they like but we know that’s not the way it is. We’re not favourites and nor are they.

2018 05 31 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane announces his departure as head coach of Real Madrid] This is the right moment for everyone, it might seem a bit strange, but it had to be done for the good of everyone, the players, the club, and myself. This team must keep winning, and it needs a change after three years, another voice, another method of working. I think it would be difficult to keep winning if I stayed

[When he retired as a player, he later admitted, that he did so earlier than he originally imagined: Real had not won anything for three years, their worst run in half a century, and he felt responsible for that. He was tired of it all, sure, but he might have held on had he not experienced failure from within] I wanted to transmit serenity, work, commitment. But there is a moment when, after three years, it is hard to keep doing what you do. I want to win and, if I don’t see clearly that we’re going to keep on winning, then it is best to change and not do anything stupid

[He described the decision as for everyone’s benefit] After three years [Real] need another discourse, another working methodology, and that’s why I took this decision. I think it’s the moment to go and I also think the players need a change. They’re the ones who fight on the pitch. It’s not easy for them; it’s a demanding club, a club with a huge history and the players are always squeezed, we always want more and more and there is a moment when you think: ‘Well, what more can I ask of my players?’

[He cannot be unaware of the criticisms made of him during a season in which Real finished 17 points behind Barcelona in La Liga and were knocked out of the Copa del Rey by Leganés] I felt – I’m not going to say the word, but you know. There are complicated moments in the season when you ask: ‘Am I still the right person?’ I don’t forget the hard moments too. There are lovely moments and we ended with a spectacular moment but there are hard moments that make you reflect

2018 07 11 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Paul Pogba] The word ‘mistake’ is not something you would normally associate with Alex Ferguson’s time at Manchester United. But I do think it was a mistake letting Paul Pogba leave.

2019 03 Retrieve

[Zidane has sought to stir the transfer pot in the past with comments on Pogba, with the 1998 World Cup winner prepared to state in public that he would welcome the chance to secure a prized signature] I really like Pogba and you know that. I know him very well, he’s a different kind of player and he can provide many things because of his skills. He knows how to attack and defend. However, he’s not my player. He plays for United and we have to respect that. He’s always said that he likes Madrid

2019 03 16 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane addressed the media after being unveiled as Real Madrid coach for a second spell] I know this is a special day for everyone. I’m very happy to return here and that’s the most important thing. I will be starting work tomorrow to put this club back where it deserves to be

2019 04 02 Retrieve

[Asked if he could imagine a Madrid squad without Varane] No, and besides, I don’t want him to go. None of us want him to leave. He’s still young, he’s been here for eight years, and he’s doing well. It’s life, but he seems fine to me. He hasn’t said anything about wanting to leave. But if you know something I don’t […] What counts is what the player tells me and right now he is at the best club in the world. He has won a lot here and he seems okay to me.

2019 04 14 Retrieve

[With Thibaut Courtois injured and Keylor Navas having just returned from the international break, Zidane explained his decision was made in order to give the latter a rest] Next season there will be no debate about the goalkeeper – it’s going to be very clear. At the moment, there are three good keepers and we are going to finish the season with them.

[Early signs suggested Zidane would put his faith in Navas] Thibaut is going to play again and the third goalkeeper is Luca Zidane. That’s three good goalkeepers but Madrid should have three or four great goalkeepers. You cannot contest four, five or six competitions with just one great goalkeeper

2019 04 14b Retrieve

[With Courtois currently injured, one cannot make assumptions about who Zidane prefers in the long-term, but his words certainly suggest Navas’ game time is more out of respect than preference] I like Courtois [as well as Navas]. Thibaut has shown he is a great keeper but I want Keylor to feel important too. I don’t forget what he has done. He has played less but he has to play.

2019 05 18 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane refused to reveal whether goalkeeper Keylor Navas will be staying with the club next season was irritated when asked if team selection is entirely up to him] It’s my decision, obviously. If I don’t do what I want with my team, I leave

2019 06 11 Retrieve

[Madrid spurned the chance to go clear of Barcelona at the top as they were held 0-0 by Real Betis at home, despite racking up a total of 22 shots over the 90 minutes] We won’t score five goals every day. We have had chances. The goal is the only thing that we have lacked

2019 06 21 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Gareth Bale imminent Real Madrid exit] He wasn’t included in the squad because the club is working on his departure… that’s why he didn’t play

2019 07 23 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane denies disrespecting Gareth Bale, and claims the Welsh forward was left out against Bayern Munich because he did not want to play] I have not disrespected anyone. The club is dealing with his departure. Period. The other day [against Bayern], Gareth didn’t play because he didn’t want to. He said the club was trying to negotiate his departure, and he didn’t want to play because of that

[After the 3-1 defeat to Bayern on Saturday, Zidane said Bale would leave the club] I don’t know if in 24 or 48 hours, but it will change. And that’s good for everyone … if it’s tomorrow, better

[Zidane added on Monday that] Bale hasn’t asked not to play tomorrow – so far. [His] situation is known by everyone and will not change. The club is going to do what they have to do with him

2019 08 16 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane is ready to put his faith in Gareth Bale as the forward suddenly looks set to stay at Real Madrid] It seemed Bale was going to leave but today he is here with us. The dynamics are changing, things are changing. From now on I will rely on him as on others. I will rely on all the players who are here. He has his place, he is an important player and I hope all the players will make the task of choosing a team difficult

2019 08 22 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane having previously spoken of the need to show patience with a player still learning his trade] There are many players who have come on pre-season with us from the youth system. Kubo has joined us recently and he is a player for the future, but we will talk about what is best with him and it could be good that he trains with us and plays for the Castilla, we will see. He is still very young and we must be patient with his development

2019 09 27 Retrieve

[Coach Zinedine Zidane never passed up the chance to defend Benzema] I don’t agree with the criticism. What interests me is not just his goals. I like what Karim does for the team, he’s one of the best in this regard, and in the team game - I value that a lot. I’m going to defend Benzema to death

2019 10 21 Retrieve

[Despite this being Real’s first domestic loss, Zinedine’s team has failed to impress this season and is yet to win a game in this year’s UEFA Champions League group stages] The problem is that we have to show every three days that we’re good. That’s the difficulty. We don’t do it. I won’t say that I’m worried because I don’t like the word, but if we want to win something this season, we need consistency

2019 11 02 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane heaped praise on Karim Benzema] Karim as always, doesn’t change much. It’s important that he scores because he needs that as the number nine of Madrid. But he contributes much more than goals and does better for others. I am happy with his performance.

[However, Zidane was pleased with Rodrygo and Jovic’s contribution on Wednesday, suggesting he hoped the goals would help kickstart their careers at the Santiago Bernabeu] The truth is I am happy for both of them. Rodrygo has personality and is getting better in the team. And Luka [Jovic] is happy because he needed that [goal] and, although he does not play much, it’s important [to make an impact] when he has minutes replacing Karim [Benzema].

2019 11 07 Retrieve

[Rodrygo Goes says he is progressing faster than he expected at Real Madrid after scoring a perfect hat-trick on a ‘dream’ night against Galatasaray] We are delighted for him. When he has the chance to play, he plays well, and today he did it again. He has to stay calm and we mustn’t put pressure on him. His great display today does not surprise me at all because he has already shown in training that he is a great player

2019 11 13 Retrieve

[Madrid press shout for Real hero Karim Benzema to be recalled to the France squad] From a football point of view, he’s the best. I think he should definitely have a place in the French national team. It’s beyond my role here, but he should definitely be called up

2019 11 25 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Raul Gonzalez] That it’s been 25 years since his first appearance means we’re all getting on a little. I played alongside him and he was an important player for this great club. I’m sure he’ll coach Real Madrid one day

2019 11 26 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane on Vinicius Junior] Vinicius is 18 years old and is the future of Real Madrid, I’m sure. But everything comes in its own time. He’s in the process of doing things the right way but I am counting on him

2019 12 06 Retrieve

[Real Madrid boss Zidane has no problem with Gareth Bale’s golfing habit] I’m going to give you my reply, the club might say something different. As Real Madrid manager I’m not going to stop my players doing anything in their free time. They’re mature enough and they need to know what they need to do

[Media reports suggested Hazard is set to miss El Clasico against Barcelona on December 18 due to the injury] It’s always bad news when a player gets injured. Of course he’s upset that he’s unavailable. It might be a bit more concerning, the injury, than we first thought. We will have to see, but he will be back with the rest of the players soon

It’s a very bad piece of news that we’ve lost Eden Hazard to injury as we have some very big games coming up. He had been playing very well and I’m sure he will again in the future. It’s not good when you have players out injured, especially a player like Eden Hazard. He was in great form. We’ve seen him play very well, he had reproduced that form that we had seen before in England. It’s a setback and hopefully, he won’t be out for long

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Zidane expects ‘much better’ from Real Madrid despite Espanyol win] Today, we have to be happy because we continue on a good run. Of course, we can do much better, but we played a very serious game, respecting the opposition, and that is the most important thing

I think we controlled our own game, even though we were missing a bit of fluidity. Despite this, I’m happy because we scored two goals and didn’t concede

[He added that he continues to feel pride at coaching Madrid in his second spell in the post] I am fortunate to be here with them. It is they who are fighting on the pitch and we have a very good squad. There is still a lot of work and let’s not forget where we came from

[Asked about Fede Valverde’s lively display] Fede has a place for many years here because he is demonstrating what he has, he is an important player, like everyone else. He is very young; when he plays, he doesn’t have any trouble with the ball and without the ball. And when he plays, he does well

[Modric still has a major role to play for Madrid] Modric knows that occasionally he’ll miss a game. But physically he can hold up very well

The important thing is his work. What he has done, he has done well, both in attack and in defence. I don’t ask anyone for goals. That is a consequence of what the team does

2019 12 09 Retrieve

[While Vinicius’ creative qualities remain without question, he has been struggling for end product this season] The important thing is his work. What he has done he has done well, both in attack and defence. He started the game very well. Today he has had to play and he has done quite well, although everyone likes to score. The important thing is to score one and then get into some rhythm. These are things that come with confidence. I do not ask anyone for goals. That is a consequence of what the team does. Today it was [Raphael] Varane’s turn, for example

2019 12 11 Retrieve

[Real Madrid boss Zidane jokes ahead of Champions League draw] If we play Liverpool, we will eliminate them. We can’t do anything about the draw

[Madrid were far from their best in Belgium but Zidane insists he was happy with his side’s performance] We are happy with the victory and with the way we played. We had difficulty with our game since they usually play with five at the back and, today, they played with four. It took 10 or 15 minutes for the players to adjust. The second half was better in every area

[Luka Jovic was chosen to start in attack alongside Rodrygo and Vinicius, but the Serbian was again unable to make an impression] I don’t think he feels lost. He has played little and a player needs to play a lot to be well. I think he has done well and has to continue working as he does. It’s a problem of mine, not yours. He needs to continue working and, every time he plays, respond. It’s not easy because he doesn’t play much, but he knows the situation. He needs to play, it’s true

2019 12 12 Retrieve

[Zidane explains decision to leave Gareth Bale on the bench for Club Brugge clash] Nothing happened. I had to make three changes and I chose the others. That’s it

[Zidane went on to express his delight over Vinicius’ performance] We are happy for him [Vinicius], Rodrygo and Luka. We must continue, because we are in a good moment, at a good level. We must continue like this, in this line

[Zidane attempted to shift some of the blame for Jovic’s lack of form in his own direction] He [Jovic] does not feel lost. He has played a good game, but the truth is that he has played little and a player has to play a lot to be well. He has to keep working as he does because the problem is mine, not his. He has to work and respond when it’s time to play. He’s happy about his game and we’ll see if he plays more, because he needs it, that’s true

2019 12 14 Retrieve

[Madrid boss Zidane plays down transfer talk of Mbappe] Mbappe plays for PSG. I can’t comment on what goes on there behind the scenes. That would be a lack of respect on my part. You know that I know him very well, but I have to have respect

[Zidane insisted his team was focused only on beating Valencia and would not be distracted by the upcoming match at Camp Nou] We don’t even talk about it. We are not interested in what will happen on Wednesday. We are only interested in tomorrow’s game. Valencia are playing very well, getting very good results, they’re through to the next stage of the Champions League. What we want is to give the best version of ourselves and to try to continue growing as a team. That is what interests us

[Zidane offered no clues over his starting XI but promised Gareth Bale had not fallen out of favour] I don’t think Gareth’s role is less important now. He is one of us and I will count on him, but I have 25 players and they are all important to me. I follow the squad’s progress day by day and everyone puts in. Bale is as important as the others

2019 12 15 Retrieve

[Zidane salutes Real Madrid’s mentality after last-gasp equaliser in a 1-1 draw at Valencia on Sunday] This shows you what we are, we fight until the end. We fight and what we want is to get a good result. We never give up. We got it [the equaliser] with the courtesy of Courtois and Karim. I’m glad for them because it has been a tremendous effort from everyone

You have to be proud of the game. When in such a difficult stadium, you concede a goal a few minutes from full-time, you can fall apart, but we still thought that something could be achieved, and we achieved it

2019 12 16 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane says Thibaut Courtois made the decision himself to go up for the late corner that saw Real Madrid snatch a last-gasp draw with Valencia] He decided to go up and this shows that we wanted more, that we never give up. The equaliser is something that we put a lot of effort into. This is Real Madrid, a team that never gives up. They believed they could do it and they did. With everything we did, I think we deserved to score a goal that compensated with the effort of the team. Football is like this and you can’t complain. You have to accept what football gives you. A point is little reward. In the end, we got a big result, but it’s a shame because we had a very good first half. They were better going forward in the second half and it was even.

[Madrid were without Casemiro, who was rested against Valencia] He wasn’t meant to play and those that did did very well. Casemiro had played lots of games and I’m very happy that we did everything without him. We drew, but I think we deserved a bit more. He’d played 21 matches and he had to rest, but I was only thinking about the Valencia game

2019 12 16b Retrieve

[Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane praised the desire of Courtois and his side to secure a precious point] He decided to go up and this shows that we wanted more, that we never give up. The equaliser is something that we put a lot of effort into. This is Real Madrid, a team that never gives up. They believed they could do it and they did. With everything we did, I think we deserved to score a goal that compensated with the effort of the team. Football is like this and you can’t complain. You have to accept what football gives you

2019 12 17 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane is aware of the threat a Lionel Messi-led Barcelona outfit will pose in Wednesday’s Clasico] You can enjoy it, yes. It’s a football game. We play XI against XI and the substitutions. This is the most important thing. We know who we are up against. We know they have Messi but we also have our own weapons. We just want to have a good match. The important thing is to be prepared […] and we are. I am not worried about anything. We are all happy to be able to play in such a game. I remember when I played [in Clasicos] and it is a match that you live for. We’re just concentrating on the match

We have to focus our energy on the pitch and believe it will go ahead. It is the only way to prepare for it well

[The Frenchman went on to address continued speculation surrounding Gareth Bale’s future at the club] This is a thing of the past. Bale is with us and is one of us. He is an important player for us and has already shown this. Tomorrow he will be prepared like everyone else. I have no doubts about it

2019 12 18 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane said Wednesday’s 0-0 Clasico draw between Barcelona and Real Madrid was not good enough] The result isn’t good enough for me. We could’ve done something more, but that’s football. If you have chances, you have to score them, and this is what we were missing in certain instances. We played a serious match, we were focused for the 90 minutes. It was a good Clasico, a good football match. It only lacked goals. We have to be happy with the match because it’s against a very good opponent

Everyone played well. Bale hadn’t played much and he had a great game. Toni Kroos and Fede Valerde in his position, Raphael Varane, Sergio Ramos […] everyone [played well]. The team put in a great shift. When you play a game like that in this stadium […] we deserved a bit more

2019 12 18b Retrieve

[The next Clasico is set to take place early next year at Santiago Bernabe, with Zidane impressed by what he saw from his side at Camp Nou on Wednesday] I am very happy for the attitude. We played a great game, we just missed a goal. We deserved a little more. This is football, when you have chances, you have to put it away. We have lacked clarity in the final leg and we must congratulate the players, because it is not an easy field. We have played many games in which we have scored a lot of goals. Today we have lacked clarity in the final stretch. My players have to be very happy with what they have done. The important thing is the attitude, what we did for 90 minutes, taking possession of this team that did not like to run after the ball

2019 12 19 Retrieve

[It would have been Gareth Bale’s third goal of the season, but those red and blue offside lines - which are becoming a familiar sight in the Premier League when VAR is called upon - showed Mendy was leaning off] He has shown he is an important player. He is offside just, he would have liked to have scored the goal, but it didn’t happen, the important thing is he had a very good game like everyone else

2019 12 20 Retrieve

[Quote on Zlatan] He has an ego, but on the field he behaves like a champion. It’s part of his character. No-one will change his personality, like Cristiano Ronaldo. Sometimes he shows an arrogant side, but when you know him he’s not like that at all. He’s quite nice

2019 12 21 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane is in confident mood ahead of Real Madrid’s trip to Barcelona for the Clasico] We know that we face a great team and that they have Messi, but we also have our weapons. Going to the Clasico together is something […] different. I remember when I was a player. You live for these kind of matches. I’m not worried about the Clasico. I’m happy to be able to play a game like that. There’s a lot of talk […] but what people want to see tomorrow is a good game

2019 12 21b Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane lavished praise on Pep Guardiola after Real Madrid were drawn against the ex-Barcelona coach’s Manchester City side in the Champions League] Yes [it will be special]. I played against him many times. I respected him as a player and I respect him as a coach. I think he is the best in the world and has demonstrated that throughout his career. Of course, I really want to face him, to play against him and his side. Not just myself but all of us here

[Zidane has overseen three Champions League victories] I don’t know if my career will last long. It will depend on what I feel. I am atypical, because what interests me is the day to day, how I am with the people who work with me. We will see, but I’m sure I won’t be going up to 60 or 70

[When asked aboit rumoured target Paul Pogba arrive from Manchester United] I can only talk about my players. They are doing well. Fede is part of the heritage of the club and we are glad he is with us

2019 12 23 Retrieve

[Asked if Zidane would request a new striker] No. Absolutely not, I don’t see the need to sign a striker

[The stalemate against Athletic Bilbao is the fifth time Madrid have fired a blank in La Liga this season] I’m annoyed by this. My players have left everything on the pitch. I’m looking at the positives and the good thing is that we’re doing well. Three points from nine [available in the last three games] isn’t much.

As always, when we play a game like we did and have chances [to score], I’m annoyed for the players. For the effort that we put in, we’re annoyed that we didn’t score the chances that we had. If you have chances, you have to score them, and we’ve had lots of the ball in the last three games and very few goals. It’s not bad luck or [a lack of] conviction - the important thing is creating chances. We created so many chances… we’re going to continue; it’s going to go in [eventually]. Now it’s not going in, but we can’t let our heads drop. We have to think that it’s been a very good year. We’re ending a bit flat but we’re looking forward to starting 2020. I don’t think [the lack of goals] is a problem, but everyone has their own opinion. We’re calm. What we’ve done in the last four or five months was good

2020 01 03 Retrieve

[Zidane wishes Pogba well as Real Madrid transfer talk lingers around injured Man Utd midfielder] How can I reply to this? I’m not going to reply with anything really. Paul is a player of another team. The important thing for him, because he’s injured, is to get back playing, and that’s it. I wish the best for him. The most important thing for us is the players that I have and to think about the game tomorrow

[Brahim Diaz and Mariano Diaz have each been linked with loan moves away from Madrid in the window] The important thing is to speak to each one of the players - that’s what I’m doing. There are players who haven’t been playing minutes, and that could be a problem. We’ll talk about it, as always. They’re all here, they’re all training, trying to train well. Until January 31, anything could happen, a lot of things could happen. We’ll see

[One player who will not be figuring for Real any time soon is Eden Hazard] Yes, he’s 100 per cent out of the Supercopa. He’s not travelling. And, at the moment, he’s in a normal process of recovery. I hope that just after the Supercopa, bit by bit, we could see him with us again

[Discussing his squad heading into 2020] Every player is important. I’ve got a very good squad with a lot of good players, and I’m going to use what I have - some [players] more than others]</b>. Squad rotation depends on the game, it depends on a lot of things. What I’m looking at is just the next game tomorrow, where we have two or three players out. All the players, apart from those two or three, are available. That’s good for me. I’d prefer to have everybody available. I have injured players, but the season is long and I’m going to need every player. That’s my message

2020 01 04 Retrieve

[Hazard ruled out of Real Madrid’s Supercopa de Espana campaign] Yes, he’s 100 per cent out of the Supercopa. He’s not travelling. And, at the moment, he’s in a normal process of recovery. I hope that just after the Supercopa, bit by bit, we could see him with us again

[Discussing his squad heading into 2020] Every player is important. I’ve got a very good squad with a lot of good players, and I’m going to use what I have - some [players] more than others]</b>. Squad rotation depends on the game, it depends on a lot of things. What I’m looking at is just the next game tomorrow, where we have two or three players out. All the players, apart from those two or three, are available. That’s good for me. I’d prefer to have everybody available. I have injured players, but the season is long and I’m going to need every player. That’s my message

2020 01 04b Retrieve

[Real Madrid’s comfortable win was secured via a double from Raphael Varane and an injury-time strike from Luka Modric] It’s a difficult place to go and get a result and we did it. It was an important and hard-fought victory. We achieved a good result. We knew that we had to come and play against a difficult team, but we did it. We started the year well after everyone was always telling us that we start badly. It’s important for us to pick up points because it’s a very difficult league title race. The players were plugged in from the first minute with great intensity. The goals from Varane today showed that we have lots of resources to score

2020 01 07 Retrieve

[Zidane backs struggling Luka Jovic to shine in Supercopa] The feelings are good, despite the absences. There’s a very big squad and the rest are here to respond. Jovic is an obvious option. He is the future. He has to be calm. He is learning. He’s a boy who wants to learn a lot. He’s very good. He’ll get a lot of goals. We’ve backed him and you have to be calm with him

[on Wednesday’s semi-final against Valencia in Jeddah] We adapt to everything and now we’re here to play a Supercopa match. Every game is different. Valencia also have absences. Our mentality doesn’t change at all. We’re happy to be able to play in this competition. In order to attack well, you have to defend well, and that’s what we’re doing. If we’re strong at the back and we don’t let in many goals, we have the quality to cause problems for any opposition

2020 01 09 Retrieve

[Zidane credits dominant Isco for his Real Madrid resurgence] I had no role in Isco’s recovery, I’m just glad about it. He has personality and wants to play. He doesn’t shy away from responsibility

[Zidane suggested the tactic could be used again this season as it allows Madrid’s full-backs more space to attack against teams defending in deep blocks] We put in all the ingredients to win the game and it’s a deserved victory. We’re working well. Emotionally, we’re doing well. We have all the ingredients to play good games. That’s what we did against Valencia, against opponents who are very good. We pressed high very well. The second half was much more direct and I’m happy because it’s not easy against a very good team, who know how to play well. We can be pleased.

Today, the option was to put Isco and Modric on the inside to have more runs from the full-backs. It was the option for today. We can play with wingers, but we did it the other way around, with more central players and using the wings with our full-backs. It worked for us. We prepare really well for games, we understand them very well. We’re all together. In the end, it’s the players that play, that give everything on the pitch

2020 01 09b Retrieve

[Bale missed the semi-final with a chest infection] At the moment he (Bale) is not ready. He did not train this week. We have to speak to doctors, but the important thing is what the players did and we’re happy with the game. The team is working hard to be playing at this level and it’s great to see the dynamic in every single game. In yesterday’s press conference I said we had to be at our best, and I don’t know if we were, but we’re pleased with the performance. I’m happy with how everyone played. I’m thrilled for Isco getting his goal, he needed that recently; Kroos’ inventiveness was fantastic, and Modric’s effort - that’s his speciality. It’s what a manager wants to see, for his players to be in great shape. We should be happy, but we haven’t won anything yet. We have to rest now, and tomorrow we’ll start preparing for the final

2020 01 11 Retrieve

[Zidane suggested he has learned from both his time away from the game and the club’s recent, relative struggles] Yes, I think I’m better. I feel like I have developed. In life too, as a person. You learn from situations, from the people around you. I make sure to listen to the people who are alongside me, and my aim to is to keep on progressing

[Atleti beat Barca 3-2 in Thursday’s second semi-final and Zidane is expecting a difficult encounter] They’re a side who have always shown how strong they are. They defend well, but they also attack very well, too. Both Atletico and Barcelona are very strong teams, so we were always going to have to be on our mettle. There are no secret formulas. I believe firmly in this squad, we’ve got the best players around. They just have to show that - that’s the key. There are always difficult moments for teams, particularly after winning a lot, and that’s what happened to these players; but to get back to [a position to win trophies] it’s all about hard work and patience. We want to give our fans something new to shout about and we’re working hard to do that

[Zidane said the speculation surrounding his Barca counterpart Ernesto Valverde came with the territory] That happens to all of us as coaches. What he’s going through is something we all go through as coaches

2020 01 13 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane said winning nine trophies in nine finals is what Real Madrid are about] In the end, we’re all together and we prepared the matches well. I don’t know why we’ve won nine out of nine. It’s because that’s what this club is like. It hasn’t been easy, we’ve been patient, calm. At half-time, we didn’t know how to get closer to goal, but we had patience. We believed until the end, like always. Winning a trophy is never easy and even less so against Atletico. Both teams had chances. We’re still in lots of competitions. We have to be happy, but there’s still lots to come. We have to keep working. We’ll rest a bit and play again, as we can’t think about dropping [our level]. Now, we’re going to enjoy ourselves, but there’s still a long way to go in LaLiga Santander, the Champions League and the Copa del Rey.

[The match-saving tactical foul thwarted Atletico and eventually ensured Madrid triumphed as Fede Valverde was named man of the match] He was given man of the match and I’m happy for him because he did a great job. I’m sure that he wants to share it with his team-mates. He did what he had to do, he made a crude foul but he did it well. And in the end, the important thing is that he’s apologised to Alvaro

2020 01 18 Retrieve

[Zidane backs VAR over controversial Sevilla disallowed goal v Real Madrid] What I can say is that I saw the incident and it’s a block, there’s a foul, the referee saw it on VAR, and he gave the foul. For the second, there’s a hand, he doesn’t give it. I can’t explain anything, and I never get into evaluating these things. It’s for the referee to decide. Sometimes these things go against you and sometimes in your favour. It’s a difficult job. It’s for them to decide. For me, there’s a block, it’s a foul and it’s really normal

[When asked about Sevilla chief Monchi’s comments] I don’t think the referee was that decisive. He did what he had to do. There’s a hand for their goal, but that wasn’t given. What can I say? I’m not going to get into it. It’s a complicated game for everyone. We played against a good team, but the result is logical for what happened on the pitch. What he said is his responsibility. It’s not for me to say anything. In the end, it’s the referee who decides. What he said seems a little strong to me, but I’m not going to prevent the Sevilla sporting director from speaking

[Zidane praise Casemiro, who scores twice in the same game for the first time in his career with the club] Good, because in the end he got two goals and that’s not usual. I’m happy for him. We can make the difference in attack with any player

2020 01 21 Retrieve

[Madrid boss Zidane confirmed Alvaro Odriozola’s imminent departure] Odriozola has the opportunity to leave, but nothing’s official yet

2020 01 21b Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane expects a difficult Copa del Rey tie against minnows Unionistas de Salamanca] We have to be totally concentrated, we have to do what we’ve been doing until now. We have to be ready for the game. Our players have started out playing on pitches like this, me as well. Difficulties out on the pitch that you’re not used to. Mentally we’re prepared and in a sporting sense as well. We know where we’re going to play and what to expect. Perhaps it’s 10 or 15 years ago but we’ve all played on pitches like this, so we’re prepared. We have to do what we have to do. We have to be ready, it’s a cup game and we have to give everything. We know the situation, know where we’re going to play, but it’s a game of football and our duty is to be ready. We’re like that not just in every game, but every training session. From day to day we have to be ready for these types of games. It’s a very important game

From my experience in France it was always one game and that’s it, so my custom is to play one game. Now it’s here in Spain and we have to accept that, it’s one game and out. So you have to accept it and go and play it like that

[Zidane did not reveal which clubs are interested in signing Alvaro Odriozola, but he confirmed the full-back could leave Madrid this month] He has an option to go and play elsewhere but nothing is official yet, we’re going to wait and see. The option of Alvaro going is a possibility, it’s not official. I’m not going to get rid of one to sign someone else. We’ve got a big squad and an option could be [bringing back] Vallejo but we don’t know yet

2020 01 23 Retrieve

[Real Madrid coach Zidane confirms Gareth Bale has suffered another injury] He’s twisted his ankle a bit. I don’t think it’s much but, as always, we’ll see tomorrow. He couldn’t go on.

[The Los Blancos boss insists he was satisfied despite flirting with a premature exit against the third-tier minnows] It was a tough night at a tough place to come and play. We struggled with moving the ball and we didn’t see much great football, but that was down to the pitch, not more than that. We’re pleased because in the end we’re going through to the last-16 and that’s what we came to achieve

2020 01 25 Retrieve

[Zidane will ‘always defend’ Bale as Real Madrid star faces accusations of exaggerating injury] I always defend my players. It’s not that I need to. They train every day, they work hard and want to defend the Real Madrid badge. So I don’t share the same opinion. It’s true he’s had a few injuries but you can’t do anything when a player is injured. Hopefully he can string together more games, a few training sessions, get minutes under his belt and get back into playing and training at the same pace as his team-mates. When he is fit we want him to come back and be in good shape. It is a shame. He is not happy because he wants to be training with the side

[Zidane also refuted the suggestion Bale had exaggerated his injury as to not play against Vallodolid] I am always worried when a player is injured, it’s something I don’t like to see. I have 25 players here and it is tough to me because I have to pick a side, but I don’t want players injured. Gareth’s injury isn’t serious, a slight sprain and he’ll be back soon. You’re entitled to think what you want, but when I am with the player, I have spoken to him and he wants to be with the team and wants to play, but the other day he suffered a slight injury

[Another Madrid player who is recovering from injury is Eden Hazard] I can’t confirm a comeback date as he has just started training with the ball. There is very little or no pain there now. He will no doubt improve and hopefully be back with the team soon. It is excellent for the player to be able to train with the team, it’s good for his morale and confidence, but I can’t confirm a date

2020 01 26 Retrieve

[Zidane focused as Real Madrid claim La Liga lead] Defensively, what we are doing, we are doing well. It is our strength. We defend all and when we lose the ball we recover it very high, and if we keep it we have a good chance of scoring. Nacho scored and that is part of football. We know that we can improve in this aspect. Nacho is a professional. When he has to compete he does well. I’m glad for his goal; he doesn’t usually score them but from time-to-time we can also create chances for defenders

For us, nothing changes. We are happy with the victory, the work done having fought until the end, but nothing changes. There are 17 games left and we will continue fighting until the end. I don’t want to talk about being champions because there is still a lot left to play. It changes nothing to be leaders, they are three important points but nothing more. There are a lot of league games left and it will be difficult for all teams, including us

2020 01 28 Retrieve

[Zidane defends Real Madrid’s style of play as Los Blancos attackers struggle] I don’t think the Bernabeu would accept a thousand passes without a shot. Everyone has their own style of play. I played at the Bernabeu and what the fans want to see is their team give their all on the field. It has always been that way. When fans see the team sweat for the shirt, that’s the most important thing in the end because you can’t always win. I always say the same - I will not change. The important thing is the club have given me the chance to train these players. It is a great team and I am lucky to be here. Two months ago things were not going well and there was a lot of criticism - that is not going to change. What we want is to continue what we are doing.

I don’t think it’s a lack of motivation. I think the motivation is very high. We must accept that Madrid have won 13 Champions Leagues and we want to change our history in the Copa del Rey. Zaragoza are going to make it difficult for us. We want to give our all on the field. We will not be surprised by them because we know it will be difficult - it is always that way

[Asked if Bale could return to the side in midweek] I have a list of players and later you will see. Everyone wants to be available for the coach. Hazard has started working on the pitch again, but not yet with the team. We will see this week how he is managing his recovery. Before attacking, we must defend and be intense, we are doing quite well but you always have to be ready to prove it.

2020 01 30 Retrieve

[Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane has thrown his support behind Luka Jovic after the striker coming up short yet again] I’d like him to score, but he’ll get there if he keeps working. He’s young, he’s just arrived and the good thing is that he’s in a team where there are a lot of big players and he has to adapt. The delicate moment will be good for him – when he finally scores, everything will change

[Zidane admitted he was happy to see Toni Kroos performing well yet again] I’m happy for him. Toni is an example and he’s very good, but we have to highlight the work of the whole team. In the end, it’s important for a coach to see a complete performance from everyone. We can change players and, in the end, everyone does well

2020 01 31 Retrieve

[Zidane quashes Bale rumours amid Tottenham return talk] Gareth Bale is here with us and I am counting on him. I am not contemplating this possibility [of letting him go]

[Zidane said recently after seeing the 30-year-old pick up another untimely knock] I always defend my players. It’s not that I need to. They train every day, they work hard and want to defend the Real Madrid badge. It’s true he’s had a few injuries but you can’t do anything when a player is injured. Hopefully he can string together more games, a few training sessions, get minutes under his belt and get back into playing and training at the same pace as his team-mates. When he is fit we want him to come back and be in good shape. It is a shame. He is not happy because he wants to be training with the side

2020 02 01 Retrieve

[Zidane takes blame for Real Madrid’s first half struggles in Atletico derby] I was not happy with what I saw on the pitch in the first half. But it was not the players’ fault, it was my responsibility. So I changed Isco and Toni [Kroos], but it could have been another two. A change was needed. Five in midfield has worked before. But not today, we found it hard to get into the game, were not good with the ball. But in the end when things are not working, you must change it, I am here for that too. We began the second half in a different way, opening up the pitch, pressuring up high. We were better in everything, we deserved to win and take the three points. We cannot always play really well from the first minute

[Zidane would not be drawn on any talk of a potential domestic and European treble] No. We are just happy to have won a difficult game today. We have many difficult games left, in the Copa, La Liga and Champions League. We’ve won nothing yet, just the Supercopa, and the path is very long

2020 02 03 Retrieve

[Zidane has been sensitive to Mbappe’s hints as he explained when asked about the player’s admiration] Now he’s the example. We are examples for those who play football. I’ve been an example because some people liked the way I played

2020 02 03b Retrieve

[Zidane has backed Luka Jovic to make a success of his time with Los Blancos] He is the future. He has to be calm. He is learning. He’s a boy who wants to learn a lot. He’s very good. He’ll get a lot of goals. We’ve backed him and you have to be calm with him

2020 02 05 Retrieve

[Asked if Madrid could take advantage of their Clasico rivals’ plight] It’s never like that, it’s not about that. They’re not going to be weak, they’re a very competitive team. We’re not thinking about that for one minute. They will compete with us until the end of the season. Good players are always good

We have good momentum, we have to keep going in the same way. There’s a long way to go yet, we haven’t won anything yet and that’s what it’s all about. You can be happy when you’ve won something, but we haven’t won anything yet

[Zidane anticipates a tough match against a side who sit eighth in La Liga] It’s like a final. It’s not like a quarter-final, It’s just one game. I don’t think they’re going to come here and give an inch. We have to be really focused, switched on right from the start. It’s a really good team, as they’ve shown all season. They play really good football. It’s a team that’s going to come here and try to do things well

2020 02 05b Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane eagers to exploit Eden Hazard in seasons to come but is clearly cautious about rushing his return to action] We are happy to have Eden Hazard. He had a bad injury and as time has gone he has got better. We are happy to have a player like Eden and we will try to make the most of him during the many years he will be with us. The Madridistas are very happy too

2020 02 06 Retrieve

[Zidane defends Real Madrid team selection after Copa del Rey defeat to Real Sociedad] I put out a team that thought I could do well. I don’t think we were wrong with the team, but there is a rival who played very well and that has cost us. Here we are all together, when you win and when you lose

The second half was better than the first and we tried until the end. Even when it was 1-4 we tried. The opponent played very well and in the first half we had a lot of difficulty with their pressure. We also had defensive mistakes

This hurts, yes, you have to tell the truth. But you have to think about Sunday. You have to recover because the effort has been great

2020 02 07 Retrieve

[While defensively poor on Thursday, Zidane stressed team selection wasn’t to blame for the performance] I put out a team that thought I could do well. I don’t think we were wrong with the team, but there is a rival who played very well and that has cost us. Here we are all together, when you win and when you lose

2020 02 08 Retrieve

[Zidane denies problem with Gareth Bale at Real Madrid] Yes, and I’m happy with all the players I have here. I know the answer you’re looking for, but I have 25 players at my disposal and I have to pick a team. There’s no issues or underlying problems and I’m sure he’s going to keep working as he has been and he’s going to be a part of this team

The most important thing is he wants to be here, wants to work hard, wants to train. There are times when he’s not named in the matchday squad but I wouldn’t read between the lines. I understand everyone has a point of view but he’s going to be a player I’ll lean on from now until the end

[What might be said in private between Zidane and Bale remains the subject of conjecture] We talk regularly, but I’m not going to tell you what I tell my players behind closed doors. He hasn’t been in the last few squad lists – I have to choose. We know what he can bring to the side – he has to be fit and ready and I want him to be in the best shape to play. I have to pick a team, a squad, and the players are battling for a place in the squad and the starting XI. I have to choose the players every three days. You might think there’s a problem but no, that couldn’t be further from the truth

2020 02 08b Retrieve

[Zidane finds Marcelo criticism from Real Madrid fans ‘upsetting’] It’s upsetting because he gives his all when he plays – not just Marcelo, all the players do – but this isn’t going to change. I can say it’s upsetting, it’s not good because they go out there and play to their maximum.

The fans who were there saw that. The fans have a role to play – they could be upset when we get knocked out, but I know they know we’ve given 100 per cent. I think Marcelo gave his all the other day. The knives come out when you lose. When we lose, everything gets analysed. The important thing is my players give 100 per cent and he did, I think. He’s been an important player for many years and I’m sure he’s going to continue to be important until the end of the season. It’s very difficult with 50-60 games to play your best football always, so there are ups and downs. There’s a long way to go and everyone is needed until the end of the season

[Marcelo’s fellow Brazilian Casemiro was another to sit out the Sociedad game] We have one player in that mould. But we have other players who can come in and do a good job. People analyse too much the issue of if Casemiro plays or not. We all know what he brings to the side when he plays in that central position, but we need to play well when he’s not available

2020 02 09 Retrieve

[Zidane angrily dismisses claims of Bale rift] The problem here is that there are some people that want me to have a problem with Gareth. That is simply not the case, and it never has been. He has not played in the last three games, but he performed well for 70 minutes today. We have many players here and it is not easy to balance that

[Madrid’s final goal was scored by Luka Jovic, who smashed home on the half-volley] I’m glad for him, I needed him, he is a pure striker to whom you can say that he plays well, but if he does not score a goal he is not happy. He has to improve, but I’m glad for his goal, it will come in handy

2020 02 09b Retrieve

[Zidane surpasses Mourinho to go third in most La Liga wins as Real Madrid coach] I’d like Luka Jovic to score, but he’ll get there if he keeps working. He’s young, he’s just arrived and the good thing is that he’s in a team where there are a lot of big players and he has to adapt. The delicate moment will be good for him – when he finally scores, everything will change

2020 02 10 Retrieve

[Zidane calls for Isco to step up] I don’t think anything has changed. Isco’s an important player in this squad. He’s a player that always gives everything when he plays. He’s a good footballer. I like the way he plays. He’s technical and skilful. He’s very important for us. He had a brilliant game like everyone else, but above all I am happy about his goal, because he needs to score more goals

[Zidane was happy with how his team performed on Sunday] I am very happy. It was a complicated rival in their tough stadium but we knew how to control the situation. A deserved win in a very difficult place to play

2020 02 13 Retrieve

[Zidane takes selfie with fan despite involvement in minor car accident] [Fernandez says] As soon as I saw him, I recognised him and said, ‘I would have liked to have met you in other circumstances, but this one is not bad either. I told him that we could have a selfie, because otherwise people wouldn’t believe me if I was hit by Zidane[’s car]. He very kindly said yes. He took off his hat and we took the photo

[Fernandez received a call from the coach’s representatives thanking him for his assistance] The representative said that he was very grateful that Zidane was [heading to] training and was in a hurry, so he thanked him for not entertaining him by asking for signatures, shirts or tickets

2020 02 15 Retrieve

[Zidane says Eden Hazard is 100 per cent fit and ready to return when Real Madrid take on Celta Vigo in La Liga on Sunday] We all know how important Hazard is and that’s why we signed him. He’s a great player. We’re very happy he’s back with the group. He hasn’t played for three months and it’s not easy. It will also depend on the game and the rhythm but physically he’s absolutely fit and available to be with us. We know how much he can help us. It was tough not having him for almost three months due to injury. He’s also very happy to be back. It’s true we have to take it easy, we should give him time, and that’s what we did to make sure he’s 100 per cent fit when he is back. He is ready to play tomorrow

The most important game is the one that we’re playing tomorrow and after that we’ll just plan the following week. In the next month we’ll have very important games and in each game we’ll have to give it our all because they are all crucial. We’ve done well up to now but we have to continue like that if we want to win something important at the end of the season. We know the situation and every game will be a tough one, but we’re ready for that challenge

I don’t really know what’s going to change or what’s going to happen. I can only talk to you about football and about games we’re going to play. They are a very strong team, very competitive team and this is something that is not going to change. But right now I’m focused on our game tomorrow. They are a great team regardless of the situation they are going through. The games against them in the Champions League will be tough. As far as the ban goes, I cannot talk about that, it’s not my job. What I want to stress is Manchester City are a great team, a very tough opponent

2020 02 16 Retrieve

[Zidane happy to have Eden Hazard back in Real Madrid lineup] We made a great effort [after conceding early] but we’ve lost 2 points tonight at home. Changes can be discussed after the game. [Gareth] Bale was good today while we had planned to let Hazard play for quite a few minutes. I’m very happy with the return of Hazard, that he’s back with us, he’s played 70 minutes very well. Celta is a great team that doesn’t deserve to be so down in the table

2020 02 21 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane defended Gareth Bale’s performance against Celta Vigo] I think Bale played a good game and we have to keep thinking that there’s a long way to go and we have to think about what we all do on the pitch to improve it

[Marcelo also retains his spot] I don’t think he makes us weaker defensively, because he was good at the back, but you always bring out stats. I’m happy with everyone for how they play and when they play

2020 02 21b Retrieve

[Zidane steers clear of Sterling transfer talk amid fresh rumours of Real Madrid raid on Man City] I can’t talk about a player who isn’t mine. He’s a very good player, no doubt about that

[One player hoping to impress is Rodrygo] Rodrygo hasn’t been in the last three squads, but we know he’s an important player for us and when everyone is there, you have to select a squad. That’s all it is, because we’re happy with him. He’s shown he’s very good

Sergio’s renewal looks easy to me. I want Sergio with me. He’s our captain, our leader and an example as a player. He’s very important for all Madridistas, for the players […] He should go, of course [to the Olympics]. I will support him. It’s very beautiful to play for your country

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[Zidane laments Real Madrid form as he confirms Hazard injury] Hazard got hit on his bad ankle. He has been hit in the ankle from the injury. We’ll have to do tests but it looks bad. We failed at the most important thing in football and that’s to score. It’s screwed up because in a week we’ve dropped five points, but this is football. We didn’t deserve that today. We went from more to less. They made their shots count. We can’t look back now. My players gave everything and I’m annoyed. Losing five points in two games is a bad moment for us. We’re playing for everything this week. We’ve got to keep our heads up. We’ve had good moments before and now we’re in a bad one but we’ll come out of this

2020 02 23 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane insists two results without a win is no excuse to let heads drop] Noting worries me as this is football and these things happen. We’ve had very good moments this season and we can’t down tools or let our heads drop because of two results. We have to think that we can take this forward with us with strength, excitement and energy. It’s a bad run, but we have to think about next week, when we’re playing for everything. We started well, away from home, by creating chances, but we lacked goals and that’s the most important thing in football. After those two games, we know that we have to win at home. We’ve going to do everything to get back to the top spot [in La Liga] but we have Wednesday’s game first. We have to try to get back to winning again

2020 02 23b Retrieve

[Eden Hazard suffered a broken ankle against Levante on Saturday] I think it’s a knock to the same area where he suffered his last injury and it does not look good

2020 02 25 Retrieve

[Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane credits Pep Guardiola with inspiring him] He always proved that. First with Barcelona, then with Munich, now with Man City. That’s my opinion. Some people can think other coaches are better but for me, he is the best. Obviously we are inspired by what he’s done. That motivates us even more. We’re not afraid of playing against Guardiola or his teams. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve spent a few days with him when he was at Bayern, talking about training, how to manage a team, and he was quite honest, quite open, and I learned a lot talking with him

I’m no one to say if he needed to have surgery or not. There are competent people who know about it. He likes to play football and he’s not going to be able to so I can tell you what I see in his eyes, he’s not happy. Now is a bad moment for him and I believe that for a few days it’s going to be like that. I don’t know if he’s going to have surgery or not. All I know is that he’s not happy. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know if the season is over for him, but I hope not

2020 02 25b Retrieve

[Zidane unsure if Hazard will play for Real Madrid again this season following ankle break] I can’t tell you. It is hard to say. We don’t know if he will be operated on, but he’s obviously not happy. He had been out for almost three months and then played two games and picked up an injury. Obviously it is very bad news for him, but I can’t tell you if he’s going to be back before the season is over

‘m not the right person to tell you what should have been done and what shouldn’t have. Obviously we are not happy about his injury. It comes at a bad moment and I feel bad for him because he wanted to play and help us and now he’s out again. It is sad of course. I just hope when he’s back again he’s absolutely fit. That’s what he wants and what we want. But it’s a tough moment for him. I can’t tell you what I see in his eyes but I can tell you he’s not happy. It’s very important for him to stay positive but it is a bad moment for him. It won’t be easy and he will feel like that for some time. He loves being with us and helping us - that won’t change - but knowing he can’t play right now is very bad news for him

2020 02 25c Retrieve

[Blancos boss dismisses any Pep rivalry] This is not Zidane vs Guardiola, it’s Real Madrid vs Manchester City. Guardiola’s shown it at Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Man City. There are a lot of good coaches, but I think it’s him [at the top]. I talked with him in the past, he was very honest with me and these conversations were very good. We can talk about a Clasico [because Guardiola is City’s coach and used to be at Barcelona] but the only true thing is that this will be a nice match. We want our supporters to be proud of us so we must do our best for them. What people want to see is a game of football between Madrid and City. It’s an attractive game

2020 02 26 Retrieve

[Kylian Mbappe has revealed how Zinedine Zidane personally greeted him at the airport] When I was 11 years old, I got to go to London for a few days to train with Chelsea’s youth team. I was so excited and shocked that I didn’t even want to tell my friends from the neighbourhood where I was going. When I came back home, my friends saw me and said, ‘Kylian, where were you last week?’. I said, ‘I was in London with Chelsea.’ They said, ‘Pfff, no it’s impossible.’ I said, ‘No, I swear, I even met Drogba’. They said, ‘Pfff, you’re lying. Drogba doesn’t meet kids from Bondy. It is not possible!’

Right before my 14th birthday, I got an incredible surprise. My father received a call from someone at Real Madrid, inviting me to come to Spain for a training session over the holiday break. It was a shock, because they actually told my father, ‘Zidane would like to see your son.’ At the time, Zizou was the sporting director. Of course, I was over the moon. I was desperate to go. But it was not so simple, actually, because scouts were starting to come to our matches (Mbappe’s local team AS Bondy), and I was getting some attention from the media.

When you’re 13 years old, you don’t know how to handle it. There was a lot of pressure, and my family wanted to protect me. But it was actually my 14th birthday that week, and what I didn’t know is that my parents were organising everything with the club so that they could take me to Madrid as a present. Quite a surprise for me! And believe it or not, we didn’t tell anyone where we were going. I didn’t even tell my closest friends, because I was too nervous. If things didn’t go well, I didn’t want to come back to my neighbourhood and disappoint them.

I will never forget the moment that we arrived at the training centre from the airport. Zidane met us in the parking lot by his car, and it was a really nice car, of course. We said ‘hello’, and then he offered to drive me over to the field for training. He was pointing at the front seat, like, ‘Go on, get in.’ But I just froze and I asked, ‘Should I take off my shoes?’ Hahaha! I don’t know why I said that. But it was Zizou’s car! He thought that was really funny. He said, ‘Of course not, come on, get in.’

He drove me to the training pitch, and I was just thinking to myself, I am in Zizou’s car. I am Kylian from Bondy. This is not real. I must still be sleeping on the airplane. Sometimes, even when you are really living something, it feels like a dream

2020 02 27 Retrieve

[Real Madrid Lost 1-2 against Manchester City at the Bernabeu] We had a good game for 75 minutes. We’re annoyed by the defeat, but the tie lasts 180 minutes. Now we have to take the positives. There aren’t many positive things in the result, but we had a good game apart from the last few minutes. We were good for 70 minutes. Now we have to go there and win if we want to go through. We needed 10 more minutes of concentration in a very difficult match and, in the end, we paid for it.

2020 02 27b Retrieve

[The home side threw away a 1-0 lead in their 2-1 defeat at the Bernabeu] We’re gutted to have lost, but we know the tie is over 180 minute and no matter what happens that’s the way it is. Even if we’d won. We did the hard work scoring, and then in 10 minutes they scored two. That’s football. We can’t change it. We need to focus on the positives. In a result like that there aren’t many positive things, we played well but for the last 10 or 15 minutes. Now we need to go there and win if we want to go through. They are mistakes and you pay when you make mistakes. That’s it. But mistakes are a part of football and that’s the way it is. We gave everything on the pitch, we lacked 10 minutes of concentration more. It was a very physical, even game and at the end we paid for it

2020 02 26 Retrieve

[Asked last month about the sacking of Ernesto Valverde by Barcelona] At big clubs, that’s how things are and nothing will change. I know that if we lose two games, I will be criticised

2020 02 27 Retrieve

[A Gabriel Jesus header and cool penalty from Kevin De Bruyne sealed a thrilling 2-1 comeback win for Manchester City at Real Madrid, who had captain Sergio Ramos sent off in the first leg of their Champions League last-16 tie] I’m not happy that we play well and with ten minutes left we change, and we make errors which hurt us. We needed 90 minutes of total concentration - especially against a team like City. We know that there’s half this tie left and now it’s simple - we have to go to City and win

2020 02 28 Retrieve

[The last face Real Madrid fans will want to see following the defeat to Man City midweek is that of Lionel Messi, who can effectively end their season] I see Sunday’s game as an opportunity for us to turn our fortunes around. It’s a bad moment for us, I agree, but on Sunday we have a great chance to change that.

2020 02 29 Retrieve

[El Clasico: All pressure on Real Madrid] This is a delicate time for us because we have not won the last three games in our stadium, but we know things like this can happen and we have to keep a positive mindset. We will only come out of this situation by staying strong and by not listening to what people say about us. We will need our fans on our side from the first to last minute. I can understand why our fans are upset but we need them, and they need us, and at the very least we will give everything on the pitch. I said if we lost two games I would get criticised and that is what is happening. All I can do is keep fighting with my players. My players are the best around and we’re going to try and turn things around. It’s a delicate situation but we’re going to try and win something

2020 02 29b Retrieve

[Zidane unsure if title challenge will determine future ahead of Real Madrid’s Clasico clash with Barcelona] Well, that’s someone else’s decision. I know what I need to do…but you can only have one title winner. You [the press] have a job to do and I have mine to do. We’ve had some bad results, but I have the strength to go on and the players to do so

It’s delicate. It’s true we’ve not had great results but this happens. We know we can change this. We’re good enough and, with the fans behind us from the start

I understand our fans could be upset but we’ll give 100%. All our games are important. There are three points up for grabs, but it’s a special game and we’ll do what we can to win it. When a team drops points, people over-analyse. We are still working hard and looking forward to turning the tide. Both clubs are first and second in the table. Neither side is a disaster, we’re the top two. It’s a great chance to turn the momentum. I’m a positive person and my players will go out to win. I could sit here for half an hour and talk about how the game could go. As I’ve said, we’ll give it our best shot

[Barca talisman Lionel Messi will once again provide the greatest threat to Real] We all know how important he is, he’s their star player. We know what they can do and what we need to do

2020 03 02 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane has called on Vinicius Junior to learn to handle any criticism] It was good, he scored an important goal in an important game and I am happy for him. His effort is not only with the ball but also defensively he did a great job, that is what I want to highlight, that solidity that we managed to defend all together. He has good conditions but we don’t control what is said outside, sometimes the criticisms are complicated and he has to live with that, this is Real Madrid

His effort is not only with the ball but also defensively he did a great job, that is what I want to highlight, that solidity that we managed to defend all together. He has good conditions but we don’t control what is said outside, sometimes the criticisms are complicated and he has to live with that, this is Real Madrid

Everyone can say, Mariano Diaz is the third striker of the team and today he had a chance and he did well. He is one more and I count on everyone, he did not have many minutes so far but I am glad for his goal

We deserve the victory for everything we have done, the offensive and the defensive. It’s three important points after a complicated week, we had a chance to change that but it really doesn’t change anything, we have to go on and we’ll fight until the end. We were happy for the game, it was a complicated week, we knew that today we had a good opportunity and we fulfilled what we had worked, we thought that this could be carried out with a good game and we did it with some difficulties for the rival but it is a deserved victory. Nothing changes, we will have other difficult moments and they will criticise us again, it is not new

2020 03 07 Retrieve

[Zidane plays down Juventus talk but offers no guarantees on Real Madrid future] No, no … no one has contacted me and I don’t know anything. You know what it’s like, people say a lot of things

[Zidane admits that he cannot say for sure whether he will still be at Santiago Bernabeu next season] It’s not like that. Knowing what comes next doesn’t exist. I feel supported by the club, yes, that’s clear. The people that work here, we’re all pulling in the same direction. But after all that, I know how this works. I’m coach of Real Madrid today but tomorrow that could change

[Zidane said of his stricken star] I spoke to Eden Hazard after the operation to see how he was, and he’s fine. He was really annoyed after the injury, but now, as the operation has gone well, his mood is getting better. Let’s hope he can be back with us soon. I can’t say when, it’s possible that he’ll be back before the end of the season

2020 03 07b Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane says Juventus and France have not approached him] No. Besides, I’m only here. I’m here every day and I’m happy to be experiencing this with my players and every day I make the best out of it. No one has reached me, I don’t know anything about that. A lot is always said about me and about the players. Here there are no players with those above others. I always try to make all my players feel important because that’s what I think. There might be different opinions on the players depending on what they have achieved but it’s not about that. It’s about being ready, being involved and knowing that every player adds. They all bring something in and I think that’s what they all try to do

[Zidane also confirmed Eden Hazard’s surgery on an ankle injury] I think he’s feeling well. The surgery went very well, according to what the surgeon had planned and what everyone expected. Everything was planned and the surgery went very well. Right now he’s happy with how the surgery worked out. Regarding his leave and when will he be back, I can’t tell. I don’t know if he will be back before the season ends. I hope he will join us before the end of the season. It’s possible. I hope he will have the chance to play with us before the season ends

2020 03 07c Retrieve

[Vinicius is benefiting from Hazard’s latest injury] I am so glad for Vinicius to get his goal. He has worked hard to get back into the team in recent weeks, and deserved the goal. To score such an important goal against a rival is fantastic for him

2020 03 08 Retrieve

[Zidane: I’m to blame for Real Madrid’s worst game of the season] We didn’t get anything today, and I’m to blame for it. I have to look at what happened; we’re going to fight the league to the end. I am with my players till the death. I am responsible here. We will analyse what happened and move on. We played badly,. Many mistakes. We lacked everything, play, possession, aggression, our worst game of season. Didn’t deserve to win. We can’t be happy. We started badly, and could not correct it. I’ve no explanation at moment, we just lacked a bit of everything. I am to blame as motivation, This is my responsibility. We didn’t generate anything today. We’ve lacked everything, especially ball possession, we never lose so many balls, that’s been our main problem tonight

I will defend my players, if I have something to say I will tell them. I don’t point fingers. We’re all in this together. None of us was good enough today. It wasn’t just defensively, but we were poor offensively and didn’t create any runs to disturb their back line. What irritated me most was how we lost the ball so many timesg

2020 03 26 Retrieve

[Zidane on Luka Jovic] Jovic knows he has to work, he has to adapt, these difficult moments will make him come good

2020 03 28 Retrieve

[Zidane essentially put his faith in his entire squad and was rewarded spectacularly] You can talk all you want about tactics or techniques, but if you don’t have the players on your side, you won’t have the collective motivation to put a system in place or the players to make it work

was a player for 18 years, I dealt with lots of coaches, lots of very good players, lots of egos. I know dressing rooms very well and I know exactly what goes through the head of a footballer. That’s very important for me but it’s not the only thing. There’s a lot of work and a philosophy behind this. I’m not the best coach, I’m not the best tactically, but I have something else: passion and hope. That’s worth a lot more

2020 03 31 Retrieve

[Federico Valverde is the perfect player for the modern game, with Zidane saying in October] Fede is a modern player, with a fantastic engine. Not only in attack, because he puts in just as much work in defence too. That’s important in today’s football. I’m delighted for him, he’s getting game time and he deserves it

2020 04 05 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane stresses it was his desire to make the club successful again] I want to put this club back where it belongs. It has been difficult from the outside looking in. I have been living here in Madrid, doing my things. But I have recharged my batteries. I’m ready to coach this great club again

[Zidane was linked with a possible move to Juventus last month] No, no… nobody has contacted me and I don’t know anything. You know what it’s like, people say a lot of things. Knowing what comes next doesn’t exist. I feel supported by the club, yes, that’s clear. The people that work here, we’re all pulling in the same direction. But after all that, I know how this works. I’m coach of Real Madrid today but tomorrow that could change

2020 04 12 Retrieve

[Mbappe faced Real Madrid in the Champions League group stages this season with Zidane declaring his love for the French attacker last year] You know that I have known him for a long time. I am already in love with him, firstly as a person, because he came to do a trial here a long time ago. On Tuesday he comes as a rival. What matters to me is what we are going to do and we are going to prepare for it. We know the player and we must be prepared

2020 05 20 Retrieve

[Zidane warns Barcelona of strong La Liga title challenge] This week has been very good because we can work more in small groups. We can do more tactically, physically and technically. The team looks better this week and next week will be much better. We have to think positively because we are lucky to be back at work, to be here on the pitch and it looks good to me. The players are thinking that now they have to make the most of it, to enjoy it. We have 11 matches left and we are going to prepare ourselves to finish the season well, strongly. In the end, the important thing is to give everything to win something. We are here, this is the DNA of the club, trying to win things. I’m happy to be working with my players again. It’s the most important thing after 60 days. We are all happy to be back at Valdebebas. We’ve planned a way of working with the fitness coaches and the players are also happy to be able to train, to be together and enjoy doing what they like to do, which is play football

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane is thrilled to have Eden Hazard and Marco Asensio fully fit again] The good thing is they had the same time to prepare as the rest of the team. Asensio’s injury was a bit more serious and required longer rehabilitation, but both are available, they’ll be there for the team to help us and it’s good news to have them back.

On Hazard, I’m happy he’s back and fully fit, he has re-joined the group and he can play and help us. The bad news is Jovic’s injury. He injured himself at home. It was unfortunate, obviously, because now it will keep him away from the pitch. We don’t know how long for, but we’ll see. It’s bad news of course – we hope he is back as soon as possible and before the season is over

I don’t think anyone will benefit immensely. It’s a different rule, we have to adapt to it and if we have five substitutes then we’ll adapt to that. As I say, I have 23 players available and I’ll try to adapt to it. The circumstances are strange and obviously we have to take that into account, but we adapt to whatever we need to adapt to. We’re ready for everything

2020 06 14 Retrieve

[Wales forward Gareth Bale could feature for Real Madrid when they return to La Liga action against Eibar on Sunday] We’ve got 11 cup finals ahead of us and we’ll be trying to give our all to win La Liga. We’re used to playing at the Bernabeu but we’ll adapt to the circumstances. We’ve trained there, the dimensions are the same and we’re ready to play at the Di Stefano

2020 06 14b Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane was happy to see Eden Hazard impress as Real Madrid made a winning return in La Liga] We knew Eden would lack a bit of rhythm to play the whole game. In the end, he played an hour and played well, too. They gave him a good knock, a scare, but that’s football. He said he was fine at the break, that he was glad he had been hit, and wasn’t afraid. He’s happy with what he did and we’re happy, also

[Toni Kroos broke the deadlock in the fourth minute as Madrid dominated the first half] It’s a completely different thing to what we were experiencing before. We have to adapt. We started the game well, but it was difficult in the second half. I don’t think it was physical, because we are well prepared. It was a bit of everything. I’ll take the first half – that was dominant. It’s an important win. Maybe we relaxed in the second. There was no one thing in particular. We had to make the changes: [Dani] Carvajal sprained his ankle, Ramos had discomfort too, Hazard because he hadn’t played for a long time… I don’t think it was the changes that made the game change

2020 06 14c Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane says Eden Hazard is fine after suffering an injury ‘scare’ during Real Madrid’s 3-1 win over Eibar on Sunday] We knew Hazard would probably lack a little sharpness if he played the whole game. He played for an hour, and played well, and he took a hit, which will do him good. He’s had a knock, a scare, but that’s football. He was fine at half-time, he was happy and he’s not afraid. He is happy with what he’s done and we’re happy with his work and that of the whole team. We have players up top who can always make the difference. I think when Hazard laid it to Sergio, he could have scored himself too, but he’s altruistic, so he gave it to Sergio. It’s unselfish and I love to see things like that

2020 06 16 Retrieve

[Real Madrid’s forgotten man: How can James Rodriguez turn around his faltering career?] All my players are important. In the end the same thing always happens. I will count on all of them. We have 10 games left and the Champions League, I need all my players. They have to be ready. We can’t do anything, the calendar is set. That is why we have a big squad.

2020 06 18 Retrieve

[Zidane backs Real Madrid to adapt to new Champions League format] We are living a special moment and everything will be special. We know the format, how it will be, but we still do not know where we will play the return leg against City. We will adapt. If it has to be in Lisbon or Manchester, we will play. First we are going to try to progress against City. The important thing is to play again and we are happy, but this formula for the Champions does not seem bad to me. I like it. It’s okay to decide everything in the same place

[Zidane does not believe Madrid have an issue upping their game against the lesser sides in La Liga] We had a game where we started very well, we scored two or three goals in half an hour. We found it difficult afterwards to maintain throughout the game, which is what happened against Eibar. This is a very difficult league. I have emotions and I can be a bit upset when things don’t go well, but we scored three goals and we played with intensity

2020 06 18b Retrieve

[Real Madrid ‘happy’ with Hakimi progress but Zidane offers no guarantees over future] We know the season that he is doing, and I am happy for him, because in the end he needed to go out, play, make many games, and that is what he is doing. I think that all of us here [at Madrid], and they there [at Dortmund], we are happy with Hakimi.

Nobody from Bayern or Real Madrid spoke to me about a possible move for Achraf to Bayern. We are totally relaxed and calm about the future of Achraf. He has a great relationship with Real Madrid and there is currently no reason for any talks because Achraf has a contract with Real Madrid until 2022. We’ll see what happens when he returns to Madrid in the summer. There is no problem with Zidane at all. Achraf gets along with everyone at Real Madrid. And Zidane has known Achraf since he was a child. He likes him as a person and as a player. For me, Achraf is the best in his position.

2020 06 19 Retrieve

[Zidane singles out Benzema and Hazard as Real Madrid put pressure back on Barcelona] It was a great goal, for the move and the finish – I’m delighted for Karim’s goals. This was a really good game from Hazard. Physically, he was good and played 80 minutes. Sometimes you might think he’s starting to look tired, but then he picks up the ball and sprints away.

[On the title race] We know that it will be like this until the end, but today we can be happy because of what we’ve done in the game. They are the ones fighting; we have to enjoy and congratulate the players because it was a complete game and then think about the next game against Real Sociedad.

[Barca will face third-placed Sevilla on Friday] We depend on what we are going to do, knowing the situation. I’ll watch the game, but I don’t have the idea in my head that Barcelona will slip up; we have to think about ourselves

2020 06 19b Retrieve

[Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane was delighted to see Asensio return to the pitch and make an immediate impact on the game] This means a lot for him. We’re happy to see him back on the pitch. After so many months out, to come back and score a great goal in his first involvement makes me really happy. He was already happy just to get out on to the pitch and then he was able to score straight away, which shows he is already involved

2020 06 19c Retrieve

[Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane singled out both Benzema and Eden Hazard for praise following the important victory over Valencia] It was a great goal, for the move and the finish – I’m delighted for Karim’s goals. This was a really good game from Hazard. Physically, he was good and played 80 minutes. Sometimes you might think he’s starting to look tired, but then he picks up the ball and sprints away

2020 06 20 Retrieve

[Zidane dismisses Pique claims that referees favour Real Madrid] Nothing has changed. We have a game tomorrow and we have talked about 11 finals. We will give everything and without thinking about anything else

[Asked about Pique’s comments] Say one thing or another. What interests me is tomorrow’s game. I have my opinion, but I will not comment on it because it can happen the other way around. The truth is that what encourages us is tomorrow’s game. Nothing else. I don’t believe they are favouring us

[Real Sociedad are contending for the Champions League places but have been held by Osasuna and beaten by Deportivo Alaves in their two games since the restart. They sit sixth going into Sunday’s game, level on points with fifth-placed Getafe and two points behind Atletico Madrid in fourth] I don’t know if they are playing worse, the results have been worse, but they can get you into trouble at any time. Tomorrow is another final

2020 06 22 Retrieve

[Zidane ‘bothered’ by referee talk after Real Madrid win] What bothers me is that in the end we only talk about the referees, it seems that we have not done anything on the field. But we are not going to control the controversy. We won on the field and I think the victory is deserved

There is a penalty and I think that for the goal, Karim touches it with his shoulder. These are things of the referee and as always I do not get involved, he does his job and nothing else. I have to respect these things and think only about what we did. It is a deserved victory, which is the most important thing for us.

[Zidane was satisfied to leave Anoeta with three points] A win, three points at a difficult stadium. We had a complicated match to play until the end. We were playing well, creating chances but this doesn’t mean anything. We saw how complicated the last 10-15 minutes were. But the feeling I’m left with is the effort and the intensity and the attitude we had from the start. And in the end, we leave a difficult stadium with three points. It’s a deserved victory

2020 06 23 Retrieve

[Zidane unconcerned by Real Madrid’s fixture list complaints] Everyone does their job here, I do my thing. I have my opinion, one day are the schedules, another the referees, there is always something. My job is already quite complicated, my concern is [Wednesday’s] game, it is a final, there are eight games to go and it is very important. It is what interests me. The calendar is what it is, what we have to do as a team is to only think about resting. The games are what they are, eleven games in a short time and we have to take care of these details

I don’t know, there are many people, Madrid is an important club that is talked about every day. Everyone can comment, in the end, it’s not about that. I don’t get into whether it’s right or wrong. Each person does his job, it is a difficult task. I only think about preparing the games well. That is what interests us, nothing else

We will see tomorrow, there are many games in a few days and the recovery is important. We will see, it is day to day. We have not done many things today, we will see [on Wednesday].

2020 06 23b Retrieve

[Zidane insists Hazard and Vinicius can play together for Real Madrid] I don’t see it as impossible, not that, but we try to make the player as comfortable as possible. His position is Eden, but it doesn’t mean anything. I like to put the players in their place, but in a match they can play together. I have no doubts about that. He [Vinicius] is 19 years old, he must learn many things safely, tactically, et cetera, but he’s a boy who wants to work and that’s what he’s doing. He did great the other day, not just offensively. The good thing is that we have a very good player for the present and the future of Real Madrid

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Zidane wants Ramos to retire at Real Madrid] Sergio belongs here as a player. He’s been here for years and he should retire here. It’s what I think and I’ll stand by it

We need to have the ball. The setup isn’t the most important thing for me, it’s more about what we do on the pitch with the ball. We can do better, but I’m satisfied with what I saw and what these players are doing is not at all easy. That’s four wins in a row, but the standout feature for us today was our defensive solidity all round. We can get better going forward and that’s what we’ll try to do.

We were a bit tired by the end today but that’s not just Real Madrid, the same goes for all the teams. It’s a strange situation, we’re back training after 60 days and with the heat and everything. But we have to keep going and all we can do is be more alert with the players, we want to keep moving forward strong. We’re all more or less in the same boat. The important thing is that it’s four wins for us, but that’s a credit to the players. We’re training well and we always want more. The players’ attitude has been phenomenal, so too has that of the players who are not playing as much, and this is what makes the difference in the dressing room. We have seven finals left, the players have to recover well and continue with what we are doing, we haven’t won anything

[Bale, despite working hard, largely failed to impress against relegation-threatened Mallorca] We’re happy with what we’re doing and Gareth is an important player, he’s always shown that. The important thing is to play like we’re playing. The players change, but the important thing is that the dynamic doesn’t change. As always, there are players who are going to have more minutes, but that has been the case all along and it’s not going to change.

2020 06 25b Retrieve

[Zidane reveals Ramos has been working on his free-kicks] He’s been looking for a free-kick goal. He’s worked on it a lot in training. He’s our leader, our captain and he always leads the way

[Ramos said people shouldn’t be imagining things after Madrid moved back to the summit] I’m not going to get involved in these things. Ramos has already spoken. I have my own views. We have to rest and think about the next game

2020 06 25c Retrieve

[Hazard vs Vinicius: Zidane’s latest selection headache remains unsolved] I don’t see it as impossible, but we try to make the players as comfortable as possible. His (Vinicius’) position is Eden, but it doesn’t mean anything. I like to put the players in their place, but in a match they can play together. I have no doubts about that

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[When asked if he thought Ramos would become a club icon when he played alongside the centre-back] It was clear that he could achieve what he is achieving, because he already had quality and above all personality. He always wanted to win and make history in this club. I am not surprised by what Sergio is doing. We are lucky to have him in Madrid and I hope that continues until the end of his career. I am not going to coach another 20 years, I am going to retire sooner. Anything can happen

I was a better footballer than a coach, but there were better footballers than me as well, although I’m happy with what I’ve done. I’m not going to coach for 20 years, I don’t know how many. I don’t plan anything, what encourages me is the day-to-day. Then I will do other things. In my head I have always been a footballer, I had 18 or 19 years as a player and when I was asked if I was going to coach, I would say no. In the end I was, but it’s demanding – I don’t think I’ll be here for another 20 years

[he was eager to assure fans that he is in no rush to leave, adamant he is still happy] No one should interpret what I say. The reality is I’m managing the best club in the world and I’m happy, regardless of what happens here. But I know that when we lose the press will be out, the knives will be out, that won’t change. We are winning now, but like I said, today we’ve yet to win the title. We must continue working, training hard. Everyone is going in same direction. We cannot control external matters, only what we can control. We shouldn’t worry about what goes on outside Real Madrid and I think my future is the least of concerns at the moment

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane believes Karim Benzema’s incredible assist in Real Madrid’s win over Espanyol may be one of the plays of the season] It doesn’t surprise me. He is a player who invents things. And then Casemiro is there. It can be one of the plays of the championship. It was a good play, but the most important thing is the goal afterwards. Casemiro gets it right. We are very happy

2020 07 15 Retrieve

[Gareth Bale: Zinedine Zidane says everyone is united at Real Madrid amid transfer speculation] My God, what a question, man! We think about tomorrow’s game, and Gareth the same. He is one of us. You try to put things between us but you won’t be able to. Every day you ask the same. You can, you have the right to ask, but everyone here is united. We all think the same way, Gareth, James (Rodriguez), everyone here. We all want the same thing.

2020 07 15b Retrieve

[Real Madrid trophy wins are usually marked by masses of fans flocking to the Cibeles fountain at the heart of the Spanish capital] Football is a way to forget and escape from day-to-day life and we are thinking about our fans who cannot come to see the games. We know they are looking to us and they can be proud of what this squad is doing. It will be one of our most difficult matches. It’s a very tough rival, a very good team.

2020 07 18 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane casts doubt over Real Madrid future] I have a contract here but you never know what will happen. I am not talking about what’s going to happen next season or the following year. I have a contract, I am happy here, and I am happy with what I am doing but you never know what will happen in football. That’s why I feel so relaxed with my future because in the world of football things could change overnight. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. I am happy with what I am doing here and we will see for how long

[Zidane’s side face a second-leg last-16 tie against Manchester City, who won the first leg 2-1 in Madrid back in February] We know how difficult the match is going to be. The first leg was already complicated, so it is going to be pretty much the same in the second leg. It doesn’t change what we want to do. We are going to fight until the last minute, the last second of the tie, don’t have doubts about it. Then, nobody knows how it will end